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September 2017

Regional Summit on Forensic Science
in the Courts & the PCAST Report

September 22
530 W. New York Street

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law will sponsor this discussion of the practicalities and legalities associated with the September 2016 Report to the President "Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods" (commonly referred to as the PCAST Report). The PCAST Report presents a flawed perspective of the validity of scientific disciplines in the courts but is being used by defense attorneys in an effort to exclude or undermine the testimony of crime lab personnel. This FREE one-day seminar is open to prosecutors and crime lab personnel and will provide an introduction to the report, discuss ways of addressing challenges to admissibility based on PCAST and include a panel discussion on laying adequate foundations to overcome later appellate challenges.

For more information, contact Natalie Robinson


July 2017

National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) Prosecutor Courses

Application Deadline: July 14

The 5 day courses focus on digital evidence, computer forensics and social networks for state and local prosecutors. All costs associated with the course (including travel) are covered by the United States Secret Service. The dates for the courses are October 16-20, December 4-8, and January 8-12 for Digital Evidence for Prosecutors (DEP); and January 22-26 for Advanced Digital Evidence for Prosecutors (ADEP). The deadline to apply is July 14, 2017.

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NDAA Summer Summit

NDAA logoJuly 16-18
Minneapolis, MN

Join the NDAA Annual Summer Summit held this year in Minneapolis. NDAA will present dynamic speakers on a variety of topics.



2017 NAGTRI CEPI National Forensic Science Symposium

July 19-21
Washington, D.C.

2017 NAGTRI CEPI National Forensic Science Symposium Wednesday, July 19 - Friday, July 21, 2017 The National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute’s (NAGTRI) Center for Ethics and Public Integrity (CEPI) invites you to attend the upcoming National Forensic Science Symposium taking place at The Line Hotel from Wednesday, July 19, 2017 through Friday, July 21, 2017. Attendance to the Forensic Science Symposium is restricted to Prosecutors, District Attorneys and Attorney General Staff. International attendees are welcome. The registration fee associated with this training is $795 for Prosecutors and District Attorneys and $595 for Attorney General Staff.

The course is intended for prosecutors who have litigated, or are likely to litigate, forensic science evidence. While it is likely to be particularly useful for those who already have experience with forensics, it will include presentations designed to introduce even entry-level prosecutors to forensic science disciplines that are commonly used in criminal cases, including DNA, latent fingerprints, and firearms tool marks.

This symposium is an intensive three-day forensics "boot camp" for prosecutors. The training will:

  • Introduce prosecutors to issues raised in recent attacks on forensic science;
  • Explain the science supporting forensic science disciplines including DNA, latent fingerprints, and firearms tool marks;
  • Explore some common legal issues in forensic science, involving hearsay/Crawford arguments and Daubert or Frye hearings;
  • Discuss pending legislation that may impact forensic disciplines; and
  • Address ethical issues that may arise in cases including forensic science—from ensuring that your Brady and Giglio obligations are discharged during discovery to avoiding errors in your closing arguments at trial.

Online registration ends July 12. For more information, or questions, please contact Alycia Chau at achau@naag.org.



August 2017

Prosecuting Sexual Assault

August 14-18
Long Beach, CA

Sexual assault cases are some of the most difficult cases prosecutors, law enforcement, victim witness NDAA logoprofessionals, and members of the prosecution team will handle. They raise countless emotions from a multitude of individuals. The press is inundated with stories of social media and its impact on these cases; witness intimidation/ recantation; safety issues on college campuses; sex trade trafficking; as well as backlash against the victims. With the complexities of victim dynamics, the absence of eyewitness corroboration, lack of scientific evidence, delayed reporting, the misuse of technology by defendants for spying and stalking vi ctims, as well as the myriad of artful defense claims, these cases challenge traditional prosecution strategies and also test law enforcement protocols and policy. Swift evidence identification and collection is crucial for prosecution and law enforcement.




Investigating and Prosecuting Drug Cases

September 20-22

NDAA logoWhether it is an ounce of marijuana, a prescription drug case, or a multimillion dollar shipment of cocaine, this course will assist you in overcoming the challenges in the investigation and prosecution of these cases. Investigators and prosecutors are invited to join seasoned faculty and colleagues from across the country to learn about the current trends in drug cases.


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