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National Traffic Incident Management

Injury crashes occur every minute in the United States, putting nearly 39,000 incident responders potentially in harm's way every day. Congestion from these incidents often generates secondary crashes, further increasing traveler delay and frustration. The longer incident responders remain at the scene, the greater the risk they, and the traveling public, face.

There is a need to provide Responders with Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training to clear traffic incidents in a safe, well-coordinated manner that also reduces congestion.  A cadre of well-trained responders helps improve traffic incident response.  Better incident response improves the safety of responders and drivers, reduces crashes that occur because of incident-related congestion, decreases traffic delays caused by incidents, and can cut incident response time.

National TIM (Traffic Incident Management) First Responder Training is available in 4 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour sessions. Click the link to our Traffic Incident Management Responder Training page for more information.

Instructors are needed for the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder training!

The INdiana Traffic Incident Management Effort (IN-TIME) is facilitating the deployment of the TIM Responder Training. IN-TIME is recruiting responder-instructors from local and state responder agencies or response companies, to volunteer to become instructors. Additional instructors are needed to get the training out to as many responders as possible. Each new instructor is asked to train 4, 4 hour sessions per year. A commitment form to do so is asked to be signed.

For more information, download our "Train-the-Trainer" Brochure and Commitment form from the links below:

Cable Barriers

For information or training related to Cable Barriers, contact:

Kimberly Peters
Incident Management Program Director
Indiana Department of Transportation
(317) 899-8619

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