Utility Coordination Standard Documents

The following standard documents are related to utility coordination for highway improvement projects. These documents are designed to support the coordination process required to follow the rules established under Utility Facility Relocations on Construction Contracts(105 IAC 13). These documents may be most useful to employees of utilities, consultants, contractors and INDOT.

Standard Documents:

Utility Certification

Utility Coordination Certificate
Revision 06/01/2016

Certification of Utility Coordination Instruction 3/3/17

Special Provisions 107-R-169 - Example 08/10/2015


Initial Notice of Proposed Project - revised 08/08/2017

Request Verification of Existing Facilities - revised 04/18/2013

Request Conflict Analysis - revised 04/18/2013

Request Work Plan - revised 05/04/2017

Work Plan Approved - revised 04/04/2014

Send Agreement - revised 08/30/2013

Return Agreement - revised 08/30/2013

Notice to Proceed - revised 04/26/2013

Contractor/Consultant Approval - revised 05/31/2013

Contractor Work Complete (5 or 15 day) - revised 04/26/2013

Work Plan Complete - revised 03/20/2014

Request Final Bill and Itemized Summary - revised 11/01/2014

Memo Routing for Agreements - revised 07/17/2015

Work Plan & Risk Report

Utility Relocation Work Plan - revised 3/1/2017

Utility Risk Report - revised 12/09/2013


Project Design and Utility Summary Table

Buy America Form INDOT - Revised 3/20/2017

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