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Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

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Online Training Courses

"Autism Spectrum Disorder Training"   
90 min (3.31 CSV 003): LOGIN

Report Writing Series:
  "Using Lead-in Sentences"
             15 Min. (10.01 CSV005) LOGIN
  "Using Headings and Sub-dividers"
             15 Min. (10.01 CSV006) LOGIN
  "Using Lists and Bullet Style Writing"
             15 Min. (10.01 CSV007): LOGIN
  "Using Accurate Words, Thoughts & Logical Progressions"
             Part-1 30 Min (10.01 CSV013) LOGIN
             Part-2 30 Min (10.01 CSV014) LOGIN
  "Using Mind Mapping"
             45 Min. (10.01 CSV015) LOGIN

"The Shooter" Three Part Series: 
             Part-1 20 Min.(10.01 CSV008) LOGIN
             Part-2 15 Min. (10.01 CSV009) LOGIN 
             Part-3 20 Min. (10.01 CSV010)  LOGIN

"Introduction to Human Trafficking" Presented by the Indiana Attorney General:
   Part-1 What is it, The Problem, and Laws.  
             15 min. (T1-03.35_CSV011) LOGIN
   Part-2 Who is involved?:   
             15 min. (T1-03.35_CSV012) LOGIN 
   Part-3 Ways to recognize.: Part-3  
             15 min. (T1-03.35_CSV013) LOGIN

"Statement Analysis" 
             15 Min (T1-06.02_CSV016) LOGIN

"Evidence Considerations"  
             15 Min (T1-06.02_CSV017) LOGIN

"Purpose of Criminal Investigations" 
          Part-1 15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV018) LOGIN
          Part-2 15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV019) LOGIN

"Strangulation Detection & Intervention" 
          45 Min (T1-6.02.02_CSV20) LOGIN

"Electronic Stability Control"
          15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV021) LOGIN

"Figure Four Control Hold from the Mount"
          15 Min (T1-09.01.03_CSV022) LOGIN

"Surviving Low-Light"
          Part-1 15 Min (T1-05.01.05_CSV023) LOGIN
          Part-2 15 Min (T1-05.01.05_CSV024) LOGIN

"Combat Magazine Exchange"
          15 Min (T1-05.01.05_CSV025) LOGIN

"ARRIVE ALIVE - Below 100"
          15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV026) LOGIN

"Fitness and Nutrition for Law Enforcement"

          15 Min (T1-11.01_CSV027) LOGIN

"Reasonableness in Use of Force"
          15 Min (T1-9.01_CSV028) LOGIN

"A brief history of Fingerprinting"
          15 Min (T1-06.02_CSV029) LOGIN

How To Get Credit For Your Online Training

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy offers the following list of class as self guided study for anyone who would like to take them. Indiana Law Enforcement Officers may receive credit for successfully completing these classes.

Please follow the directions below on how to RECEIVE IN-SERVICE CREDIT that will count towards your annual In-Service required hours.

  • You must register for EACH class you wish to take, but can use the same logon and password. 
  • Complete all the class requirements with a passing score.  
  • Print the certificate of completion.
  • Report the training by submitting a copy of the certificate to your department Training Coordinator.
  • The Training Coordinator will report the training through Acadis as part of your annual in-service training using the ILEA course and provider number (35-6000-158-103) as shown on the certificate.
  • You may only take each class once, you will not receive credit for repeating a class.

(It is your Department's responsibility to report the training, not the Provider's)

NEW: Departmental Group Registration

In moving forward and in an effort to simplify the registration process of the Academy’s In-service online training, we have developed a procedure that would allow a onetime departmental registration that would allow Officers access to all of our In-service online training with one login.
Officers would not have to continue to register for every new course that is published. With this new approach, Officer will have access to all the current online content and will receive notification via email of any new content when it is published.
An additional benefit of this system is that it would allow the ILEA to offer Law Enforcement Sensitive materials that are not intended for public viewing, currently all of our online training that is listed on our website is open to public viewing.
To register your the Officers in your department, please have your department’s Chief Executive Officer submit your "OFFICIAL FORMAL" request via email with a list of the Officers to be included to me. The list of Officers must be submitted using this downloadable MS Excel spread sheet. You must provide all the information on the spread sheet and ONLY the information on the spread sheet as it is requested.
We require that you provide the Officers’ PSID numbers as verification that all the Officers listed are valid active Law Enforcement Officer. The system is restricted access for Law Enforcement only and is not meant for access by the general public. Entries without PSID will not be included in the system.
The emails provided will be the Officers’ logins. While it is recommended, the email does NOT have to be a departmental email, a personal email address is acceptable. You must provide individual email address for each officer, you can not use the same email address for more than one person.
NOTE: The ILEA does not MANDATE the use of ILEA online training or any online training. Entry into this group registration does not indicate that any of the content is assigned or mandated by the ILEA. This system is NOT an LMS (Learning Management System) and is NOT connected to Acadis. Reporting of the completed training is still the responsibility of the individual Officer to their Training Coordinator and the Coordinator still must report this training like any other in-service training for the Officer to receive in-service credit.
Please be sure to download the MS Excel spread sheet and rename it to reflect your department’s name, because this will surely help keep things organized on my end.
If you have any questions please feel free call Tom Bertram at 317-837-3234. Email your formal request to

Trouble Shooting for Online Training

Use this link to make sure your computer has the proper components and the Adobe Connect Add-in to be able to view these programs: 

If you experience a problem with these training programs where they will not progress to the next slide, it may be due to an issue on your network. This problem can be resolved by bringing the issue to the attention of your network administrator. Refer them to this link for information on how to fix the problem: The issue has to do with a network firewall port (frequently 1935) that is blocking flash video from the server. 

Be sure to use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your internet browser, some people have experienced problem when using Google Chrome or Firefox . Problems have been notes with audio and video not playing, problem answering quiz question, and certificate not displaying or printing. If you have any of these issues it is recommended that you try using Microsoft Internet Explorer to see if that resolves the issues.

If you have any other technical difficulties or need help, please email and be sure to include your full name, the email address you used to create your login, a contact phone number with a DETAILED description of the problem, or call the ILEA Media Center (317) 839-5191 or call Tom Bertram at (317) 837-3234. Generally it is faster and easier to trouble shoot problems over the phone, so call if possible.