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Lending Information

Who May Use Videos From ILEA?
The Indiana Law Enforcement will lend DVDs to any Criminal Justice Agency in this State. Other organizations must arrange for a criminal justice agency to obtain the material for showing to their group. There is a small lending fee for this service and all users are expected to comply with the following rules.

Reservation Of DVD's
DVDs may be checked out by email request, in person, by telephone or FAX. All requests must be made on departmental letterhead. You can pick up DVD scheduling forms from the Learning Resource Center. DVDs should be requested 3 to 4 weeks in advance of use. Please have alternatives selected in case those are not available.
E-mail: Our staff will respond as soon as possible. Contact us at: cbeck@ilea.in.gov

When requesting DVDs please include the following:
1. Catalog number (DVD-#)
2. DVD title
3. Date of Showing or Use
4. Name & Address with Zip Code & Phone Number
5. Method of Shipment—U.P.S. or pick up in person
6. Check for using the training material (payable to ILEA)

Usage Charge Or Fee
The charge for using the training material is $4.00 each The purpose of this charge is to provide on-going care of the collection including purchase of replacement dvds. PLEASE PAY AT THE TIME MATERIALS ARE REQUESTED OR PICKED UP, otherwise your dept will be billed in 30-60 days.

Returning Materials
Users are responsible for the return charges—shipping & insurance. Due to the high cost of replacing dvds, if lost or damaged in mailing, the Academy requires that all dvds be insured for their full value when being returned. United Parcel Service (U.P.S.) will insure materials for full value & can guarantee overnight delivery. DVDs shipped by U.S. Mail can be insured up to $500.00.

The value of the materials & due date can be found on the invoice enclosed with your request. DVDs must arrive at the Academy by the due date.

Late Or Damaged DVD's
If a user returns dvds after due date more than two times in any calendar year (or damages dvds). it may become necessary to deny that person or agency the privilege of using our dvd services. All borrowers should return materials immediately after use. BORROWERS SHOULD KEEP IN MIND THAT LATE RETURNS CAUSE INCONVIENCE FOR THE NEXT USERS.

Users are responsible for the damages, beyond normal wear & tear, and will be expected to pay for the cost of replacement.

How Many DVD's Can Be Checked Out?
The staff of the LRC reserves the right to set limits on the number of dvds checked out at any time. FOUR items charged out can be considered reasonable.

Order ILEA DVD's From:
Learning Resources Center
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
5402 Sugar Grove Road
P.O. Box 313
Plainfield, IN 46168 - 0313

(317) 837-3236
(317) 839-9741 (FAX)

E-MAIL: cbeck@ilea.in.gov

The Law Enforcement Training Board, the Staff & Librarian of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy attempt to make as many print & dvd resources as possible, available to the State’s law enforcement community. However, due to the lack of personnel & the time that would be required to continually review the Learning Resource Center Collection, all loans are made without endorsement of their accuracy. These training aids may depict techniques that are incorrect or no longer considered current. Responsibility for screening & issuing a disclaimer on any video that contains erroneous comments or illustrations rests solely upon the borrower or instructor using the dvd/s.