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Indiana Department of Insurance

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The Indiana Department of Insurance office is located at 311 West Washington Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.  The main telephone number is (317) 232-2385.


Commissioner: Stephen W. Robertson 317-232-3520
Executive Assistant: Dawn Bopp 317-232-3520
Administrative Assistant: Vacant 317-232-2387
Personnel: Katie Dailey 317-232-2594

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Bail Bond Division

Attorney: Robert Hummel 317-232-5063
Senior Bail Bond Auditor: Lynda Gable 317-234-2101
Administrative Assistant: Linda Reynolds 317-232-5249
  • License Bail Bond Agents and Recovery Agents
  • Determine compliance with Indiana Law and adherence to proper procedures
  • Assist Courts in collecting forteitures
  • Investigate and prosecute violations of Indiana Bail Law

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Company Compliance Division

Property/Casualty Product Lines

 Deputy Commissioner: Kate Kixmiller  317-232-3495
 Personal Lines Analyst: Rick Lash  317-232-3496
 Commercial Lines Analyst: Bob Reeder  317-232-2424
 Commercial Lines Analyst: Thomas Faust  317-232-5859
 P&C Actuary: Kathryn Koch  317-234-6622

Accident/Health Product Lines

Policy Analyst: Kim Isles 317-232-2398
Policy Analyst: Bobbi Henn 317-232-5693
Policy Analyst: Paul Hyslop 317-232-2421
Policy Analyst: Vacant 317-234-7993
A&H Actuary: Karl Knable  317-232-2416 

Life/Annuity Product Lines

Policy Analyst: Dr. Mihir Nag 317-232-2420

The Company Compliance Division is responsible for:

  • Rate and form filings review for all product lines of insurance to be sold in Indiana. They are examined for compliance with Indiana laws and regulations. Rates and form are filed either through the SERFF electronic filing format or via paper forms.
  • Maintaining records of policy forms approved for use in Indiana and making those records available to the public.
  • Answering questions related to policy forms, rates, filing procedures, definitions, etc.
  • Billing insurance companies and third party filers for associated filing fees, quarterly.
  • Conducting annual Compliance Seminars to allow a public forum for discussion of IDOI review practices and 317-procedures.
  • Serving as a resource for legislators on any insurance related issues or questions.
  • Serving as a resource for Consumer Protection Consultants with consumer complaints.

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Consumer Services Division

Chief Deputy Commissioner: Bettye Foy
Administrative Assistant: Wanda White 317-232-2426
Senior Claim Consultant: Phil Holleman
Senior Claim Consultant: Terry Bower
Consumer Consultant: Linda Hancock
Consumer Consultant: Dawn Parry
Consumer Consultant: Lana Richter
Consumer Consultant: Tracy Perry
Consumer Complaint Clerk: Heather Yater 317-232-2395
The Consumer Services Division is responsible for:
  • Analyzing and processing consumer complaints
  • Responding to telephone inquiries from the general public regarding insurance matters
  • Conducting face-to-face meetings with consumers and insurance companies to address problems and trends
  • Assisting the general public and other Department of Insurance divisions with research of insurance problems.

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Enforcement Division

Deputy General Counsel: Debra Webb 317-232-2404
Supervising Investigator: Dave Rose 317-232-7138
Investigator: Ronda Ankney 317-232-0687
Investigator: David Cuthbert 317-233-9432
Investigator: Mike Herndon 317-234-5883
Junior Investigator: Kim Green 317-234-8687  

The Enforcement Division is responsible for:

  • Enforcing insurance laws and regulations on behalf of insurance consumers, companies and the public;
  • Investigating and prosecuting insurance companies, agents, and bail and recovery agents in administrative hearings

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Financial Services

Chief Finanacial Examiner: Cynthia Donovan 317-232-2390
Adminstrative Assistant: Michelle Granat 317-232-2390
Manager of Internal Analysis: Julia Conrad 317-232-1992
Life & Health Supervisor: Amanda Denton 317-232-1369
Senior Life Auditor: Janeen Rhoades 317-232-5298
Senior Life Auditor: Angelica Zepeda 317-232-2392
Junior Life Auditor: Rory Coriell 317-232-5250
P&C Supervisor: Pam Walters  317-232-5331
P&C Senior Auditor: Dan Benefiel 317-232-5246
P&C Junior Auditor: Matthew Kruithoff 317-234-6037
P&C Junior Auditor: Vacant 317-232-0685
Field Examiner: Bill Newton 317-232-2390
The Financial Services Division is responsible for:
  • Reviewing various transactions which require the prior approval of the Department, including but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, other affiliated transactions, and dividends;
  • Monitoring the financial condition of domestic companies through analysis of periodic financial data, including but not limited to annual and quarterly financial statements;
  • Conducting periodic on-site financial examinations to monitor the financial condition of domestic insurance companies.

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Financial Services Operations

Financial Services Operations Manager: Annette Gunter 317-232-2428
Administrative Assistant: Michelle Granat 317-232-2390
  • Process and renew applications for preferred provider organizations, PEOs and risk purchasing groups.

Company Licensing: Coral Shelley 317-232-1994
  • Processes company applications for licensure to conduct business in Indiana, which includes insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, insurance administrators, managing general agents, reinsurance intermediaries and school pooling.
  • Renews applications for insurance administrators, managing general agents and reinsurance intermediaries
  • Registers MEWAs

Administrative Assistant: Kathy Mathis 317-232-1991
Deposits/Certifications: Darcy Shawver 317-232-2383
Company Records: Michelle Clark 317-232-5692
  • Maintains a listing of all insurance companies licensed in Indiana
  • Maintains the public files of licensed insurance companies, which include annual statements, quarterly statements, audited financial statements, examination reports and corporate files
  • Maintains statutory deposits of insurance companies for policy-holder protection
  • Monitors insurance company compliance with Indiana Insurance Investment Statutes
  • Maintains fidelity bonds posted with the Department of Insurance by insurance companies

Premium Tax & Retaliatory Fees: Debra Graves 317-232-1993
  • Collects and audits premium tax filings for all licensed companies
  • Collects and audits annual renewal and retaliatory fee filings for all licensed companies

Surplus Lines: Vacant 317-233-9998
  • Issues and renews resident and non-resident surplus lines producer and agency licenses;
  • Maintains the surplus lines producer and agency information
  • Collects and audits surplus lines premium tax filings

Political Subdivision Risk Management Fund: Kathy Mathis 317-232-1991
  • Oversees the Indiana Political Subdivision Risk Management Fund and supports the Commission that oversees the fund

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Legal Services

General Counsel: Tina Korty 317-232-2417
Paralegal: Brandi Tracey 317-232-0143
Senior Litigation Counsel: Wade Fulford  317-234-6064 
Attorney: Meggan Brumbaugh 317-232-2403
Attorney: Debra Webb 317-232-2404
Attorney: Holly Williams 317-232-5312
Attorney: Bryan Shade  317-234-6476 

The Legal Services Division is responsible for:

  • Advising the Commissioner and Department staff on legal issues;
  • Evaluating and defending medical malpractice claims brought to the Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund;
  • Promulgation of administrative rules
  • Providing legal assistance to divisions within the Department.

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Long Term Care Insurance and Indiana Partnership Program

Program Director and Long Term Care Policy Analyst: Rebecca Vaughan 317-232-2187
Program Coordinator: Mary Ann Williams 317-232-4391
  • Serves as a resource for LTC agents, companies writing LTC, and consumers with questions related to LTC issues.
  • Reviews long term care and long term care partnership form filings for compliance with Indiana laws and regulations.
  • Participates in national discussions for new partnership state plans and existing ones.
  • Administration and Registration for Review Agents and Discount Medical Program Organizations

Processes new and renewal applications for: Discount Medical Program Organizations; Independent Review Organizations; Medical Claims Review Agents and/or Medical Claims Review Consultants; and Utilization Review Agents. Maintains current listing of those entities and individuals on the IDOI website.

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Market Regulation

Market Regulation & Collaborative Actions Designee: Debra Webb 317-232-2410
Market Regulation: Bryan Shade  317-234-6476
Administrative Assistant: Vacant 317-233-4243
  • Examining the market conduct activities and practices of insurance companies
  • Analyzing the market data of companies
  • Managing multi-state examinations and collaborative actions
  • Issuing licenses for Viatical Settlement Providers
  • Registration of brokers for viatical transactions

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Medical Malpractice

Manager: Nancy Wilkins 317-232-2401
Administrative Assistant/Certificate Inquiries: Leondra Badgley 317-232-2402
Medical Review Panels: Regina Riley 317-232-5430
Proposed and Amended Complaints: Carol Sullivan 317-232-5065
  • Serves as administrator of the Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund, which includes the following tasks:
    • Processes surcharge payments and certificates of insurance submitted by insurance carriers and/or authorized representatives to qualify health care providers under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.
    • Receives and processes alleged malpractice complaints against health care providers.
    • Receives qualification requests for determination of health care providers.
    • Serves as a file repository for all documents filed in regards to alleged malpractice claims, such as appearances, dismissals, requests for formation of medical review panel, panel chairman and members, etc.

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Office Operations

CFO: Barb Lohman 317-232-2405
Accounts Payable: Heather Walters 317-232-4998
Filing Fee Auditor: Alonza Taylor 317-234-5473
Accounts Receivable: Sherry Barnes 317-232-5857
Stockroom: Charles Johnson 317-232-4999
Project Manager: Kyle Hizer 317-232-5054
Receptionist: Aigner Lacy 317-232-2385

The Office Operations Division is responsible for:

  • Personnel, payroll, budget preparation;
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable;
  • Supply and equipment procurement, equipment maintenance;
  • Coordinating training, maintaining fixed assets;
  • Managing and coordinating the mailroom and reception area.

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Producer and Agency Licensing

Deputy Commissioner: Chet Pietras 317-234-1138
Initial Non-Resident Licensing/Admin Assistant: Beth Miller 317-232-2411
Administrative Assistant: Tina Cain  317-232-0688
Duplicate License/Address Changes: Carolyn Farmer 317-232-2413
New Resident Licensing: Calla Dain 317-232-2412
Renewals/Public Adjusters: Megan Canfield 317-232-5265
CE Coordinator: Dikitra Jefferson 317-232-5858
 Navigator Director: Matt Tapp 317-232-2414

The Producer and Agency Licensing Division is responsible for:

  • Issuing resident and non-resident producer and agency licenses;
  • Invoicing and receiving license fees and license renewal fees:
  • Approving and tracking pre-licensing and continuing education courses;
  • Conducting producer customer service activities, in person, in writing, and by telephone;
  • Maintaining the producer and agency database.
  • Issuing producer certification/clearance letters.

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State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Director: Cheryl St. Clair 1-800-452-4800, Ext. 222
Administrative Assistant/Counselor: Shirley Jones 1-800-452-4800, Ext. 223
State Trainer: Larry Duane Miller 1-800-452-4800, Ext. 224

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is responsible for:

  • Answering questions about Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, Medicare Managed Care, Medicaid, long term care insurance, and the Indiana Long Term Care Program;
  • Providing educational materials and tools to assess senior health insurance needs, including current listings of insurance companies approved to sell Medicare and Long Term Care policies in Indiana;
  • Educating seniors about the Medicare claims filing process, understanding and organizing Medicare paperwork, and the rights of a Medicare beneficiary or health insurance policyholder;
  • Assisting with the Department's review of Medicare supplement and long term care insurance policies;
  • Arranging for speakers to address senior and pre-retiree groups and referring seniors to other appropriate agencies relevant to their needs

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Title Division

Director: Fred Medley 317-234-5155
Senior Examiner: Nicole Lotter 317-234-8280
Investigator: John Logsdon 317-234-5152
Administrative Assistant: Barb Young 317-234-5153
Project Manager - RREAL IN Database: Randall Evans  317-234-5881
  • Oversees and administers title insurance companies and agents
  • Investigates reports of misconduct in title processes
  • Refers violations to the Enforcement Division for administrative action