Discount Medical Program Organization


The IDOI provides renewal requirements of Certificate of Registration for the Discount Medical Program Organization (DMPO) under IC 27-17.

The annual license renewal process can be completed electronically at or submitted by paper.  The following items must be submitted in order to renew as a DMPO:

  1. Application - Each question must be completed in full.  If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet of paper, properly signed.
  2. $250 Renewal Fee - An electronic renewal notice will be sent by email approximately sixty days prior to the renewal date to the email address on file through SIRCON.
  3. DMPO Checklist - Complete only if there have been changes to the previously submitted documentation.  Mark the "located" column on the checklist for all items that have changed and include supporting documentation.
  4. Surety Bond - Continuation bond certificate or bond in the amount of $35.000.
  5. Indiana Program Providers - Current list of program providers including name, address, phone numbers and email address.

If renewing by paper, the application, renewal fee, and supporting documentation should be sent to the following: 

Indiana Department of Insurance

Attn: DMPO Coordinator

311 W. Washington Street, Suite 300

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2787

Marketing Materials

Per IC 27-17-6-1, all advertisements, marketing materials, brochures etc. must be filed with the IDOI and approval for use in the state.  The DMPO Filing Checklist and a filing fee of $35.00 must accompany the marketing materials review filing.

Annual DMPO Report

Per IC 27-17-7-1, all DMPOs are required to file a DMPO Annual Report no later than three (3) months after the end of the entity's fiscal year.