Fleet Services

IDOA Fleet Services


IDOA Fleet Services provides a variety of vehicle services to state agencies. Fleet Services is divided into two sections: Vehicle Administration and Vehicle Maintenance.


Fleet Services Division Operation Location

601 W McCarty Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225


Director of Fleet Services

Nancy Morris


Vehicle Administration

Vehicle administration manages state agency vehicle purchases, the registration and titling of state-owned vehicles, vehicle auctions and monthly ID billing. It also maintains the state fleet management system to promote the effective use of the vehicle fleet database (M5) to meet all directives, assisting agencies in managing their vehicle fleets in accordance with Indiana government policies and goals.

Contact Information:

(317) 234-3874


Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance provides a state-of-the-art repair facility that includes automotive repairs and auto body repairs. Vehicle maintenance also provides a self-service car wash and fuel island for state vehicles

Contact Information:

(317) 232-1382