Recreational boaters play a vital role in assisting marinas to implement the Indiana Clean Marina Program. You may think “how can I, as an individual boater, make a difference?” Consider some of the potential pollutants that are generated by boaters. As stated in IDEM’s Reasons to Become a Clean Marina flyer [PDF], these include pathogens from pet waste and sewage discharge, fish waste from dockside cleaning, petroleum hydrocarbons from fueling, toxic metals from antifouling paints, and liquid and solid wastes from boat cleaning and other boating-related activities. Now consider the tens or even hundreds of other boats in the marina that are also generating these potential pollutants as they fuel, clean, or maintain their boats. The individual actions of many boaters can make a big difference.

Just like the marinas, there are a number of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that boaters can implement to protect water quality and aquatic resources. Best management practices are methods that have been determined to be the most effective and practical means of preventing or reducing pollution.

Why Should Boaters Participate in the Indiana Clean Marina Program?

Here are few other reasons for recreational boaters to participate in the Indiana Clean Marina Program:

  • Keep our waters free of litter
  • Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species
  • Help protect sensitive shallow water habitat areas
  • Improve water quality and habitat for living resources
  • Lead by example

So How Can You Help?

Boaters can be stewards of Indiana’s inland and coastal waterways by implementing clean boating practices and encouraging other boaters to do their part in protecting this resource. A series of Boater Tip Sheets have been created to guide boaters in implementing clean boating practices.

Resources for Recreational Boaters