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Little Vermillion River WMP 8-55


The Little Vermillion River Watershed project was contracted for three 14-digit watersheds. The 14-digit watersheds have now been divided into four 12-digit watersheds. The Little Vermillion River Watershed is located in west central Indiana, and borders the state of Illinois. The Little Vermillion River originates in Champaign County, Illinois and runs across the state line through Indiana to the Wabash River.

Some local residents and landowners formed the Little Vermillion River Watershed Group (LVRWG) to be of assistance in writing the Watershed Management Plan (WMP). The WMP consists of the LVRWG prioritized concerns of local residents, data collection, critical area identification, best management practices (BMPs), and load reductions. Prior data collection, chemical, biological, and visual assessments were collected and reviewed to determine critical areas. Critical areas were determined by the overall 12-digit watersheds based on criteria, including the Little Vermillion River Watershed Group chemical and biological test results, windshield survey, flyover survey, land-use, and the Illinois TMDL. Load averages were calculated for each parameter in the 12-digit watershed. From the critical areas the concerns were linked to the subwatersheds. Upon determining critical areas the plan provides BMPs in those areas to improve water quality standards.

Future actions as a result of this plan include expanded programs and activities focused on nonpoint source pollution (NPS) education in the watershed, increased opportunities for watershed landowners to implement conservation practices, and attempts of further cooperation and involvement among watershed stakeholders.

The Complete Little Vermillion River Watershed Management Plan