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Whitewater West Fork WMP 8-56


The West Fork Whitewater River Watershed Management Plan addresses the current conditions of the West Fork Watershed that have been determined by a preliminary assessment of the watershed conducted by the West Fork Watershed Partnership (WFWP) and assisting partners. The project is volunteer-based and is overseen by the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). The obtained information provides guidance for future projects within the watershed boundaries (10 digit hydrologic unit codes: 0508000301, 0508000302, and 0508000303) and will help educate stakeholders about current conditions of the watershed. The watershed plan will be updated by the committee on an annual basis to include any changes, including work completed or currently in progress. This WMP meets the requirements of the IDEM’s Watershed Management Plan Checklist.

The Complete West Fork Whitewater River Watershed Management Plan