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Deep River-Turkey Creek


The Deep River/Turkey Creek watershed, identified as the hydrologic unit code (HUC) watershed 04040001030, covers a drainage area of approximately 124 square miles in northwestern Indiana, of which 104 square miles are located in Lake County, and 20 square miles are located in Porter County. The Deep River watershed covers a drainage area of 79.4 square miles and the Turkey Creek watershed covers a drainage area of 38.3 square miles. An additional 6.3 square miles drain directly to Lake George.

Turkey Creek and its tributaries drain the northwestern part of the watershed into the upper end of Lake George. Deep River and its major tributaries, Beaver Dam Ditch and Niles Ditch, drain the southern and eastern parts of the watershed before flowing into Lake George. Deep River flows through Lake George and continues through Hobart, Lake Station, and East Gary, Indiana, draining the Deep River/Turkey Creek watershed into Burns Ditch. A majority of the major stream channels in the area are no longer in a natural state, as all have undergone stream channel alteration and many have been completely constructed or reconstructed for drainage purposes.

In addition to Deep River and Turkey Creek, the other significant water feature within the study area is Lake George, which is located within the City of Hobart. Lake George is a manmade lake that was created by the damming of Deep River circa 1840 by George Earle for a gristmill and community water supply. Today, Lake George is considered to be the central feature in the City of Hobart and has been the focus of significant downtown revitalization and economic development initiatives for the community.

Lake George, as well as the majority of the City of Hobart, is located within the Deep River-Lake George Dam hydrologic unit (HUC 04040001030060), which covers approximately 12,879.1 acres in portions of Lake and Porter Counties in northwest Indiana. This HUC is a subwatershed of the greater Deep River/Turkey Creek watershed (HUC 04040001030), which encompasses approximately 79,433.7 acres.

The Deep River/ Turkey Creek watershed encompasses areas of diverse land uses including significant agricultural areas in the southern portion of the watershed to predominately urban areas in the northern portion of the watershed. This region includes the communities of Hobart, Merrillville, Crown Point, and Winfield, Indiana, as well as touching upon small portions of other communities in the area, such as Griffith, Schererville, Gary, Portage, New Chicago, and Lake Station.

The Complete Deep River-Turkey Creek Watershed Management Plan