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Eagle Creek WMP 98-002


The Eagle Creek Watershed Management Plan (WMP) was the result of combined efforts of the Eagle Creek Watershed Task Force and the Central Indiana Water Resources Partnership (a long-term research and development partnership between the Center for Earth and Environmental Science at IUPUI and Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC). The groups joined forces to create the Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance (ECWA), a group of citizens, researchers, and managers working together to improve water quality in Eagle Creek Watershed.

The Eagle Creek Watershed is located in Central Indiana approximately 10 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis. The watershed is relatively flat and has a 162 square mile drainage area upstream of the Eagle Creek Reservoir dam. The Eagle Creek Reservoir, which is used as a public drinking water supply for the City of Indianapolis, is located completely within Marion County, while the rest of Eagle Creek Watershed runs through parts of Marion, Hendricks, Boone, and Hamilton counties. The dominant landcover in Eagle Creek Watershed is agriculture with some portions of the watershed, particularly those close to the reservoir, undergoing urbanization.

The ECWA sought to bring a fresh approach and new energy to solving watershed problems by increasing the scientific basis for watershed management decisions while incorporating stakeholder concerns and views. The ECWA intended to carry out the goals of this Plan. With the assistance of implementation grants, the ECWA proposed to accomplish a series of initiatives including implementation and demonstrations of best management practices, water quality monitoring, watershed education, and public information and outreach. The ECWA believed that this WMP will provide a sound foundation from which more ambitious and holistic management initiatives can be developed.

In 2003, the WMP was revised by the Center for Earth and Environmental Science and committee using an alternate funding source to meet the requirements of the latest watershed management planning checklist.

In 2011, the Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance completed an Addendum of the Elder Farm area and the document is provided below.

The Complete Eagle Creek Watershed Management Plan