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Indian Creek WMP 6-106


Section 205(j) of the Federal Clean Water Act provides funding for water quality management planning. Funds are provided for projects that gather and map information on water pollution (point and nonpoint), develop recommendations for increasing involvement of organizations in watershed activities, and develop and implement watershed management plans (WMPs). In January 2004, Harrison County submitted a Clean Water Act Section 205(j) grant application to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) with the intent to develop a WMP to address water quality issues in the Indian Creek Watershed.

The following steps were taken under the grant to develop the watershed management plan:

  • Hire a watershed coordinator
  • Establish an Indian Creek Watershed Subcommittee to the Harrison County Regional Sewer District
  • Form watershed mission and approach
  • Conduct public outreach
  • Compile and assess data
  • Conduct water quality monitoring
  • Inventory sinkholes
  • Develop watershed management plan
  • Implement watershed management plan

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. (formerly Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott, and May Engineers) was retained by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners to act as the watershed coordinator, help lead the development of the WMP, and conduct data collection efforts. Stantec’s Steve Hall served as watershed coordinator, assisted by support staff from the Watershed Planning and GIS departments.

The Complete Indian Creek Watershed Management Plan