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Lauramie Creek WMP 4-50


Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Inc. (CBBEL) was retained by the Tippecanoe County Commissioners to help lead the investigation, development, and drafting of a Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for the Lauramie Creek Watershed. Interest in developing this WMP stems from historical water quality and quantity problems associated with the watershed. It is hoped that, through the implementation of this WMP, improved water quality conditions will be realized that will benefit all residents of the Lauramie Creek Watershed.

The Lauramie Creek Watershed drains portions of Tippecanoe and Clinton County and is a tributary to the South Fork of Wildcat Creek. The Lauramie Creek Watershed covers approximately 23 square miles within the larger area of the Wildcat Creek Watershed. Both watersheds are located east and southeast of the City of Lafayette.

The Complete Lauramie Creek Watershed Management Plan