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Little Cicero WMP 4-140


This watershed management plan (WMP) addresses water quality concerns facing the Little Cicero Creek watershed, which is located mainly in east Hamilton County (27,710 acres) with a small portion in southern Tipton County (938 acres). The towns of Sheridan, Atlanta, Arcadia, and Cicero roughly outline this area. The Little Cicero Creek watershed is divided into two 14-digit hydrologic unit codes, 05120201080090 (Little Cicero Creek – Bennett Ditch/Taylor Creek, 13,449 acres), and 05120201080080 (Little Cicero Creek – Teter Branch, 13,324 acres). The watershed contains six main streams; Symons Ditch, Jay Ditch, Ross Ditch, Bennett Ditch, Taylor Creek, and Little Cicero Creek. The headwaters of the watershed begin near the northeastern boundary of the town of Sheridan and generally flow eastward, eventually draining into Morse Reservoir. Morse Reservoir is a popular recreation lake and also a backup source of drinking water for the City of Indianapolis

This WMP documents the concerns watershed stakeholders have for the Little Cicero Creek waterbodies and describes the stakeholders’ vision for these waterbodies. It also outlines the goals, strategies, and action items watershed stakeholders have selected to achieve this vision. The plan concludes with methods for measuring progress toward goals and objectives outlined throughout the plan and time frames for periodic refinement of the plan.

The Complete Little Cicero Creek Watershed Management Plan