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Little Duck Lilly Creek WMP 5-112


The Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek watershed community is a coalition of existing conservation groups, municipalities, agricultural communities, and concerned citizens dedicated to developing and implementing a successful watershed plan to protect, maintain, and enhance the ecosystems of the Lilly Creek, Pipe Creek, Little Duck Creek, and Big Duck Creeks.

The Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek watersheds include the two 14-digit hydrologic unit code (HUC) watersheds that drain Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek. The Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek watersheds encompass all of the two 14 digit watersheds including the Pipe Creek – Lilly Creek watershed (HUC 05120201050060) and the Duck Creek – Little Duck Creek watershed (HUC 05120201060020) within the Upper West Fork White River basin (HUC 05120201). The watersheds include nearly 22,672 acres or 35 square miles. Drainage from the Lilly Creek watershed flows into Lilly and Pipe Creeks, which combine at the downstream edge of the 14-digit watershed. Likewise, the Little Duck Creek watershed contains the entirety of the Little Duck Creek drainage; however, only a portion of the Big Duck Creek drainage is contained within this 14-digit watershed. Water drains from Lilly Creek to Pipe Creek and from Little Duck Creek to Big Duck Creek. Pipe Creek and Big Duck Creek both flow into the West Fork White River near Perkinsville and Strawtown respectively

This project arose out of a desire by the Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board of Supervisors, SWCD staff, and the Swanfelt Watershed Steering Committee to undertake a targeted approach to improving water quality with the help of watershed stakeholders. The Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek watersheds were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Watershed contains the headwaters of Little Duck Creek and Lilly Creek
  • Watershed contains public wellheads
  • Watershed contains 303 (d) listed streams
  • Watershed is small in size but contains both urban and rural geography

This WMP documents the concerns watershed stakeholders have for the Lilly Creek and Little Duck Creek watersheds and describes the stakeholders’ vision for these watersheds. It also outlines the goals, strategies, and action items watershed stakeholders have selected to achieve this vision. The plan concludes with methods for measuring progress toward goals and objectives outlined throughout the plan and time frames for periodic refinement of the plan.

The Complete Little Duck Lilly Creek Watershed Management Plan