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Pigeon Creek WMP 3-751


The Pigeon Creek Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is intended as a guide for the protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of the Pigeon Creek Watershed while balancing the different uses and demands of the community on this natural resource. This plan will be used as a platform to request and obtain additional grants to implement the suggested tools that accomplish the goals identified in the plan, such as education, community involvement from individual, municipal, county, and state levels, and continued Pigeon Creek Watershed improvement projects.

The WMP follows the Indiana Department of Environmental Management requirements for WMPs, including sections on Watershed Description, Watershed Performance Benchmarks, Problem Cause and Stressor Identification, Stressor Source Identification, Critical Watershed Areas, Setting Goals and Indicator Selection for Performance Assessment, Selecting Measures for Improvement, Calculating Load Reductions, Implementation of Planned Measures, Monitoring Indicators, and Plan Evaluation and Adaptation.

Public input was essential in the preparation of the WMP. In total, four public meetings were held to provide stakeholders with an update of the plan progress and obtain feedback regarding their watershed concerns and ideal methods for improvement. A Steering Committee was also formed, which met regularly throughout the eighteen month plan preparation process.

The WMP is intended to be comprehensive, identifying problem areas and improvement measures for both water quality and quantity concerns. Improvement measures include sediment basins, stream control structures, filter strips, shoreline stabilization, and stormwater storage facilities. Upon finalization of the plan, applications will be submitted to obtain grant funding for implementing individual improvement measures.

The Complete Pigeon Creek Watershed Management Plan