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Tanners Creek WMP 00-198


The purpose of this document and building a community partnership for the Tanners Creek watershed is to help provide leadership, education and coordination that encourages public involvement in the conservation of all natural resources within the Tanners Creek watershed. This document explains the vision and plan on how to improve the quality of Tanners Creek and its tributaries, providing the residents of the Tanners Creek watershed a cleaner place to call home.

Through a series of public events and surveys, the steering committee has acquired ideas and information to determine key areas of focus and necessary actions to make this plan a success. Although improving our environment is a life-long commitment, we continue to challenge ourselves and meet new goals everyday. We invite the community to help us achieve these goals and make a significant difference in the watershed by 2010.

This plan is designed for the residents of the Tanners Creek watershed, inviting all to become active partners within the watershed project.

The Complete Tanners Creek Watershed Management Plan