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Updated: 03/19/2017

Positions Closing: April 11, 2018

Environmental Engineer - Office of Water Quality State Revolving Fund

This IDEM Office of Water Quality position resides within the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program and is managed by the Indiana Finance Authority. The position incumbent coordinates and assists with the review of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) required for funding from the State Revolving Fund Loan program. The incumbent guides the loan applicant and their consultant through the technical aspects of the PER for ultimate approval.

Positions Closing: March 28, 2018

Financial Management and Grants Supervisor: Office of the Chief of Staff Finance Division

Manage and provide leadership to the Financial Management section to ensure processes are followed, staff is motivated, and transactions are timely and accurate. Manage monthly projections to improve communication, provide a scheduled venue for information sharing, and offer value to the programs. Manage fund balances and clearing accounts. Report anomalies to the Controller monthly. Coordinate resolution plans and implement approved changes within 2 business days. If APPROP, A_C, and ALLOT ledgers are incorrect, they must be corrected within the accounting period. Manage the indirect cost process/vendor to ensure deadlines are met, info is accurate, and IDEM leadership’s input is reflected.

Positions Closing: March 22, 2018

Confined Feeding/Landfill Engineer: Office of Land Quality CFO Permits

This position will serve in the CFO Permits branch of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Positions Closing: March 20, 2018

Environmental Engineer 2: Office of Water Quality Facility Construction & Engineering Support Section

The position exists within the Facility Construction & Engineering Support Section in the Office of Water Quality. The core responsibility is to conduct technical design reviews and prepare construction permits for projects involving construction of wastewater treatment facilities and sanitary sewer collection systems. The responsibilities also include providing technical engineering support/guidance to internal and external customers including IDEM staff, consulting engineers, permit applicants, municipalities, government officials and the general public.

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Excess Liability Trust Fund

This Environmental Manager 2 position exists within the Excess Liability Trust Fund Claims section, Underground Storage Tanks Branch in the Office of Land Quality and is responsible for reviewing claims for reimbursement of corrective action costs associated with releases from regulated underground storage tanks. The incumbent determines eligible and ineligible expenses and takes appropriate action as necessary to ensure timely payment or denial of payment.


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