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Indiana Department of Environmental Management


Chapter 4: Table of Contents

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Chapter 4 - Section V: What Are the Roles of Other Agencies?

Besides IDEM, there are many government agencies that are responsible for regulating Indiana’s environment. The specific government agencies, responsibilities and their Web site links can be found in the following chart:

Who Regulates the Environment in Indiana?

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • Web site:
  • Phone:
    • (800) 451-6027
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Pollutants emitted into the air:
      • Smoke stacks
      • Evaporation
      • Open burning
      • Dust
    • Pollutants discharged into the water:
      • Sanitary wastewater from sewers
      • Industrial wastewater from cooling towers, process wastewater, and stormwater runoff
      • Dredging
    • Construction or installation of pollution equipment:
      • Devices emitting air pollution
      • Devices that control/treat pollution (such as water treatment facilities or sewer systems, public water supply facilities)
      • Activities that require discharges into water and wetlands
    • Processing, treatment, and disposal of waste:
      • Solid waste
      • Hazardous waste
      • Biosolids (sludge)
      • Sanitary wastewater
    • Cleanup/restoration activities
    • Underground storage tanks
    • Asbestos removal activities
    • Monitoring public water supplies
Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Web site:
  • Phone:
    • (877) 928-3755
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Drilling water wells
    • Diverting waterways
    • Drawing water from waterways
    • Activities in water (boating, fishing)
    • Mining (coal, oil, gas)
    • State-owned lands
      • Parks
      • Reservoirs
      • State forests
    • Sale, distribution, storage, and application of:
      • Fertilizers
      • Pesticides
      • Animal feed
Indiana State Chemists Office
Indiana Office of the State Fire Marshal
  • Web site:
  • Phone:
    • (317) 232-2222
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Radioactive materials (or the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
Indiana State Department of Health
  • Web site:
  • Phone:
    • (317) 233-1325
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Radon
    • Indoor air quality
    • Septic tanks
    • Epidemiology (exposure to environmental threats)
    • Lead based paint
    • Private water wells
    • Workplace safety
      • Worker exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace
      • Protection of employees from airborne asbestos in the workplace
Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Indiana Department of Labor
Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Web site:
  • Phone:
    • (317) 615-7373
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Packaging, labeling, and placarding hazardous materials or waste on the roadways
    • Authority over streams and rivers:
      • Dredging
      • Beach enhancement
      • Bridges
      • Docks
      • Dams
      • Levees
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Web site:
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Wetlands
    • Cleanup activities
    • Freon, CFCs, ozone-depleting chemicals
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Web site:
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Natural resource conservation on private lands
    • Federally owned public lands
    • National forests
    • Federally owned public lands
      • National parks
      • Wildlife refuges
U.S. Department of Interior
  • Web site:
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Residential septic tank and water well permits
County Health Departments
Local City or County Officials
  • Environmental Issue Regulated:
    • Noise (or the local airport authorities/Federal Aviation Administration)