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Indiana Department of Environmental Management

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If you have questions about these files, please contact OLQ Staff, via email, at "info at", or call (317) 232-8900. Please check the IDEM Virtual File Cabinet for more detailed information.

UST Report

Updated January 2015

This report lists all USTs in the IDEM database.

LUST Report

Updated January 2015

This report lists all LUSTs in the IDEM database.

Disposition Descriptions

Every LUST Number is assigned a disposition. These dispositions can be divided into three general categories, open, closed, or other:

  • Open
    • "Active" - LUST currently undergoing site characterization or corrective action
    • "MNA" - LUST approved to use monitored natural attenuation for corrective action
    • "Discontinued" - Discontinued sites are "active" sites. LUST sites may be designated as "discontinued" for different reasons including:
      • Referred to another program because the release is not from a regulated UST
      • FID and LUST number assigned based on a complaint and not to a known facility
      • A LUST that is a dead end because the owner cannot be located and is a lower priority based on site information and potential threats to human health and the environment.
  • Closed - Releases that have been granted a "no-further-action".
    • "NFA – Conditional Closure" - Sites closed with an ERC (Industrial Closure).
    • "NFA – Unconditional Closure" - Sites closed without property use restrictions.
    • "NFA – VRP 96" – Sites closed utilizing 1996 VRP Guidance.
    • "NFA – Spill Recovery Response" Site that has demonstrated that the spill was adequately addressed and did not affect subsurface soils or groundwater.
  • Other
    • "Deactivated" – Facilities that reported a “suspected release” that later confirmed that no release occurred. These are not "LUSTs".
    • "Complaint" – A complaint was made regarding suspected contamination but no UST Notification Form was submitted and a source is Unknown.
    • "No Paper File" – The site has no file documentation. The only record for the facility or LUST is an electronic record in IDEM LUST Databases. No paper file information exists such as UST Notification Forms, Release Reports, Investigation Reports, etc.
Priority Descriptions

A release “priority” is assigned to every release reported to IDEM. Priority rankings are assigned by IDEM based on information submitted by the responsibility and/or their consultant. Priority rankings are used by IDEM to determine resource needs.

  • "High" – Sites with one of the following conditions:
    • measureable free product;
    • drinking water impacts;
    • surface impacts; or
    • vapors in buildings or utilities.
  • "Medium" – Ground water contamination is present.
  • "Low" – Only Soil Contamination is present.
  • "Unknown" – Inadequate information is available to make a priority determination.

ELTF Claim Status Search

This report lists the progress of ELTF Claims in the IDEM database.

The ELTF Claim Status Search allows consultants, owners, and operators to determine the status of internal IDEM Reviews for each site. Please enter the Underground Storage Tank Facility Identification (FID) Number to search for claims in process. The search results may be printed by using the browser’s printing feature. The search will provide information for claims received. Sixty(60) days after the claim has been sent to accounting, the claim will no longer be viewable. The "Amount to be Reimbursed" column will indicate "Pending" until the claim has completed the quality control review process.