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A. Background Information

1) Location:
The 181st Tactical Fighter Group (TFG) of the Indiana Air National Guard (ANG) is located at Hulman Field MAP, approximately 3 miles east of the city of Terre Haute, in Vigo County. In the vicinity of the base, two federal land and water conservation areas are 1-2 miles to the north, a nature preserve is 2 miles to the west, and a high-quality nature area is located 1.5 miles to the northwest.
2) Size:
279 acres.
3) Population:
4) History:
In 1954, the 181st Tactical Fighter Group was established at Hulman Municipal Airport.
  • Site 1 - Power Suppressor Pad
    • Site 1 is located at the south end of Base property adjacent to the Air National Guard taxiway. A below ground oil/water separator tank had been installed at this site in the late l950s and was used until 1976. While no longer used as a separator, the full tank was left in place. It was reported that a leak occurred in the 500-gallon underground waste oil storage tank which contained waste oil, JP-4, hydraulic fluid, detergent, and solvent. The oil/water separator was removed, but the amount of waste remaining at the site is unknown. Another separator and an uncharted UST were removed in 1995.Closure report is pending, and was delayed due to problems with the contractor.
  • Site 2 - Abandoned POL Fill stand
    • Site 2 is located in the middle of the Base, south of Building No. 3. It is an abandoned storage and transfer area for petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) products. Four 25,000 gallon capacity tanks were installed at the site in the l950s. The tanks are located near the ground surface and extend 15-20 feet below ground. In the PA (HMTC, 1987) it was reported that about 5,000 gallons of JP-4 leaked onto the frozen ground in the winter of 1979, and subsequently was all recovered. There have also been other JP-4 spills at the site over the years. Spill control and cleanup measures during these incidents were minimal. Tanks were removed during the summer of 1995. During removal, the contractor demolished a building without notification, releasing asbestos. A report verifying clean closure is expected when the remainder of the project (Oil Water Separators) is complete.
  • Site 3 - Base Supply Warehouse
    • Site 3 is a 12,000 ft2 paved area located to the west of Building 3. Gasoline leaked in this area in 1980. Most of the gasoline was immediately recovered, and a small amount of soil and pavement was removed, also in 1980. An internal Decision Document was written for this site in December 1990. IDEM has requested a copy.
  • Site 4 - Old Bladder Area
    • Site 4, located on the east side of the Base, is known as the Pillow Farm or the Old Bladder Area. It is a flat grassy parcel of land 160 feet by 80 feet which was surrounded by an earthen dike about 2 feet high. The area was constructed in 1963 or 1964 to enclose five 50,000-gallon JP-4 storage bladders. These bladders provided a ready source of fuel for the aircraft housed within the latest barns located at the southeast corner of the Base. In 1967 or 1968, the fuel bladders were removed. No fuel spills were ever reported to have occurred at the Old Bladder Area, prior to removal of the fuel bladders. An interim Remedial Action, placement of a concrete cap over contaminated soil at Site 4, was completed in 1988 to minimize the generation of leachate.
  • Site 5 - Vehicle Maintenance Building
    • This 13,000 ft2 site is west, south, and east of Building 4. As a result of routine maintenance activities in the past, approximately 1000 gallons of waste oils, paint thinners, and solvents were reportedly disposed of here. An Oil/Water Separator was removed in 1995. IDEM awaits a report summarizing sampling during OWS removal.
  • Site 6 - Hangar Building No. 1
    • Site 6 is a 5,600 ft2 area, located on the western side of the base. Most of the hazardous wastes generated by the base were stored in this area. Also, an AST containing solvent is located here. A UST was removed in 1995. During removal, the contractor disturbed asbestos wrapping on a pipe. The violation is in enforcement, the initial settlement meeting was held in January of 1996. An Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis is being written for further investigation at the site. The first submittal was received 1996 and is undergoing review.
  • Facility Wide
    • A Preliminary Assessment was initiated by the ANG in March 1986; PA Report issued December 1987, recommending further investigation at Sites 1,2,4, and 5. The report recommended no further response action (NFRAP) decision documents for Sites 3 and 6. A final Site Investigation Work Plan was completed in September 1990.
    • Draft Site Investigation Report was completed August 1992, recommending NFRAP at Sites 1,2,4, and 5, with further investigation at Site 6. Site 3 was not included in the Site Investigation. The Final Site investigation report was submitted 3 March 1995. IDEM staff reviewed and commented that additional work was necessary at Sites 1, 2, 5, and 6.
5) Mission:
Tactical Fighter Group, assigned F-16 fighter aircraft.

B. Environmental Issues

The ANG has initiated activities under the IRP in 1986. No Federal Facility Agreements exist for IRP sites at the base. UST management must be conducted in accordance with the IDEM UST Program. Oil/water separators, hazardous waste storage areas, satellite accumulation points, and ASTs fall under the jurisdiction of the IDEM RCRA program. The base, in conjunction with Hulman Regional Airport, submitted a stormwater discharge permit to the IDEM Office of Water Management.

During UST removal activities, asbestos material was encountered around associated pipelines. The contractor did not halt work when the asbestos was encountered, and the incident was referred to IDEM Office of Air Management. Vigo County Air Pollution Control personnel (A. O'Brien) assisted with an inspection to confirm the contractor (Allstates Environmental) violated air rules. Vigo County forwarded the report to IDEM OAM, and enforcement is being pursued; the initial settlement meeting was held in January of 1996.

A Fire Protection Training Area was discovered during a site visit in the summer of 1995. Informal discussions were held with the environmental coordinator (Major Paul Davis) to encourage addition of the site to the IRP program. A formal request for investigation the FPTA under IRP was forwarded to ANG October 1995. ANG readiness Center replied that the FPTA was not fundable under DERA. In late 1995, the assistance of IDEM Site Investigations Section was requested.

C. Site Status

  • Site 1 - Power Suppressor Pad - SI Ongoing, UST removal completed 1995.
    • Awaiting closure report.
  • Site 2 - Abandoned Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL)
    • Fill stand - SI ongoing, UST removal completed 1995.
    • Awaiting Closure Report
  • Site 3 - Base Supply Warehouse- Internal NFRAP DD prepared
  • Site 4 - Old Bladder Area - Concrete cap placed as interim measure
  • Site 5 - Vehicle Maintenance Area - Awaiting Closure Report
  • Site 6 - Hangar Building No. 1 - SI ongoing as EE/CA

D. Projected Activity

Due to problems with the UST contractor, a closure report has not been written for the underground storage tanks, removed in 1995. DERP staff have offered to help ANG write the closure report, as staff were present during removal activities. ANG is apparently considering contracting out for report creation.

An EE/CA Approval Memorandum and final work plans for investigation at Building 1 are expected in the Fourth Federal Quarter of 1996.