2011 Press Releases

ICRC Announces MLK Art, Writing and Multimedia Contest Winner 12/28/2011

ICRC Announces 2012 Statewide Continuing Legal Education Program 12/21/2011

ICRC Announces MLK Award Recipients 12/14/2011

ICRC, Tippecanoe County form partnership 11/28/2011

ICRC finds reasonable cause in housing complaints 11/24/2011

ICRC announces plans to celebrate Dr. King 11/21/2011

Workplace harassment drawing wide concern 11/16/2011

Gary celebrates Indiana's first black mayor 11/15/2011

National study finds sexual harassment pervasive 11/14/2011

ICRC Hands Down Two Housing Charges 10/28/2011

2012 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Art, Writing & Multimedia Contest 9/25/2011

ICRC, City of West Lafayette Form Partnership 08/25/2011

Martin Luther King Memorial Unveiled on National Mall 08/22/2011

MLK Holiday Commission Announces 2012 Dates 08/19/2011

ICRC to Pursue Claim of Discrimination 08/12/2011

ICRC Releases Education Roundtable Findings 07/22/2011

ICRC Works with Institutions of Higher Education 07/18/2011

New Law Limits Access to Criminal History 07/05/2011

Civil Rights Commission Celebrates 50 years 6/28/2011

ICRC Targets Outreach Effort at the Burmese Community 06/01/2011

Indiana Civil Rights Commission, Butler University Form Partnership 05/06/2011

State Civil Rights Commission Celebrates Fair Housing Month  03/16/2011

February is Black History Month 02/01/2011

Education is "The civil rights issue of our time" 02/01/2011

Statewide Continuing Legal Education Program 01/24/2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 01/10/2011

Tim King to Deliver Keynote Address at MLK Program 1/05/2011