Immigration & Ethnic Group Historical Markers

ID Historical Marker County
14.1966.1 Vincennes Donation Lands Daviess
35.1979.1 Drover Town Huntington
45.1976.1 St. John's Lutheran Church Tolleston Lake
45.1992.1 Dutch in the Calumet Region Lake
45.2014.1 Froebel School Lake
46.2003.1 The Rumely Companies LaPorte
49.1990.1 Macedonian Tribune Marion
49.1992.2 Greek Orthodox Church Marion
49.1995.1 Bulgarian Orthodox Church Marion
49.1998.1 Romanian Orthodox Church Marion
49.1998.3 German Greenhouses and Truck Gardens Marion
49.1999.2 Athenaeum Marion
49.1999.3 Market Street Temple Marion
49.2000.1 Holy Rosary-Danish Church Historic District Marion
49.2003.2 Greek Orthodox Church Marion
57.2014.1 Ahavath Sholom Noble
71.2002.1 Jewish Cemetery Site St. Joseph
85.2000.1 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Wabash

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ID Historical Marker County
14.2007.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Daviess
20.2006.2 E. Hill Turnock Elkhart
49.2004.2 John Muir in Indianapolis Marion
84.2009.1 Saint Theodora Guérin Vigo
85.2006.1 Brethren Annual Meetings Wabash