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Applying for an Indiana State Historical Marker

Watch our video for an overview of the process, from application to installation, and then read on for more details.

So, you want an Indiana State Historical Marker? from Indiana Historical Bureau on Vimeo.

A two-part process

Deadlines for 2014:
Applicant by April 30, 2014 must submit 1-page Intent to Apply form - postmarked (get our contact information) or emailed to Casey Pfeiffer by 12 midnight EST. Note to previous applicants:  Intent to Apply filed on the 2013 form or submitted after midnight on April 30 will not be accepted.  Please download the new form linked above.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their forms as early as possible.  This will allow time for any incomplete or unclear submissions to be returned, corrected, and resubmitted before the deadline. 
Indiana Historical Bureau will notify applicants about selected topics by May 15, 2014.

Applicant by August 12, 2014 must submit completed Application form - postmarked (get our contact information) or emailed to Casey Pfeiffer by 12 midnight EST.
Indiana Historical Bureau will notify applicants about selected markers in late fall 2014.

Before you proceed to the Intent to Apply form, please carefully read the directions below about applying for an Indiana State Historical Marker and follow the links to more specific information about Policies and Guidelines and Procedures regarding the Indiana State Historical Marker Program.

The IHB goal is to have approved 2014 application cycle historical markers ready to be ordered by April 2014.

Application limitations

  • Only one marker may be requested on an Intent to Apply form.
  • No applicant may submit more than one Intent to Apply form.

Application process overview

The application process for an Indiana State Historical Marker is rigorous to ensure that 

  • marker texts are accurate and provide historical context (background),
  • markers are installed at appropriate sites, and
  • necessary permissions have been obtained.

The increasing popularity of the Indiana State Historical Marker Program has prompted a two-step application process.

  • In Step One, applicants must submit an Intent to Apply form by April 30, 2014. IHB will select the topics that best fulfill (1) Marker Program Guidelines for topics and for state and/or national significance and (2) IHB topic priorities for 2014 markers (see below).  Applicants will receive notice from the IHB by May 15, 2014, whether their topics have been chosen to proceed to the second step of the Application process.
  • Applicants approved to move to Step Two must submit to the IHB by August 12, 2014 a completed Application with all required attachments. Permission to proceed to Step Two and submit an Application does not guarantee that the Application will be successful.
  • The IHB will carefully review every Application submitted; the number and quality of 2014 Applications submitted will be a factor in determining the number of Applications approved to move forward. The amount of time required for IHB to research each marker topic carefully and work with applicants to determine the marker text limits the number of Applications IHB can complete in a 12-month period and still fulfill other mandated responsibilities. 
  • IHB performs much of the final research required for the marker; however, the applicant must provide reliable, locally-available primary source materials in a timely fashion. A successful marker application involves collaboration between the IHB and marker applicants.

Topic Priorities for 2014 Markers

  • The IHB, along with many historical organizations throughout the nation, is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (2011-2014), the 150th anniversary of the Civil War (2011- 2015), and the 100th anniversary of WWI (1914-1918). Three of the IHB priorities are marker topics that relate in some way to Indiana’s relationship to these conflicts.
  • The IHB is also giving priority to topics relating to the history in Indiana of African Americans, American Indians, women, and other minority groups. These subject areas have been given priority for a variety of reasons:
    • their histories are not equitably represented in the current collection of Indiana State Historical Markers, 
    • the histories included on many markers currently installed are inaccurate or misleading,
    • the current collection of markers generally does not provide perspectives of minorities.
  • Examples of standing markers that meet current criteria and priorities: Hannah Toliver, Charles Gordone, Christmas (Noel) Dagenet, Kiilhsoohkwa (Kilsoquah)

Cost of an Indiana State Historical Marker

An Indiana State Historical Marker for the 2014 application cycle will cost at least $2000. As of March 1, 2014, IHB had not received confirmation of the cost for an Indiana State Historical Marker.  The applicant (an individual or an organization/institution) must raise the full cost of an Indiana State Historical Marker.

Need HELP?

If at any time during the process you have questions or need assistance, please contact

Casey Pfeiffer, Marker Program Manager
Email Casey