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A Note Regarding Resources: Items are listed on this page that enhance work with the topic discussed. Some older items, especially, may include dated practices and ideas that are no longer generally accepted. Resources reflecting current practices are noted whenever possible

Student Reading

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Information is presented in chronological order.

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From 1789 to 1975.

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Day by day in calendar order—750 facts.

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Famous dates in American history with brief articles.

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American history facts by days of the year.

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Brief annotations on important events.

Primary Sources

Abundant primary resources have been published by the Indiana Historical Bureau and Indiana Historical Society. Several are listed below.

Lindley, Harlow, ed. Indiana As Seen by Early Travelers: A Collection of Reprints from Books of Travel, Letters and Diaries Prior to 1830. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau, reprint 1992.

McCord, Shirley S., comp. Travel Accounts of Indiana, 1679-1961. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau, 1970.

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Standard Histories of Indiana

Barnhart, John D., and Donald F. Carmony. Indiana: From Frontier to Industrial Commonwealth. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., 4 vols., 1954.

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Thornbrough, Emma Lou. Indiana in the Civil War Era, 1850-1880. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau & Indiana Historical Society, 1965.
Resources for Local History Research

Local libraries, museums, and historical societies often have local history collections.

Indiana State Archives, Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, 317-232-3660, has many records of state and local government.

Indiana Division, Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, 317-232-3671, is a rich source for primary source materials.

William Henry Smith Library, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, 317-232-1879, is another rich source for primary source materials.

“Unlocking the Past: You Hold the Key.” The Indiana Historian, September, 1993.

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