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Raggedy Ann Stories

Johnny Gruelle

Since Raggedy Ann first appeared in print in 1918, she has charmed millions of readers with her always warm and optimistic outlook and calm approach to difficulties. Now she returns to delight a new generation in this carefully produced reissue, which restores the book to its original appearance.
All the original stories are here, as Raggedy Ann comes to Marcella's nursery and quickly becomes the leader of the dolls. After learning a lesson from a naughty raid on the pantry, Raggedy Ann's adventures show her striving to be good -- and succeeding. She and the other dolls rescue Fido, the family dog, from the dogcatcher. When, in one adventure, Raggedy Ann has to have her stuffing replaced, she gets her famous "I LOVE YOU" candy heart. Raggedy Ann also goes up in a kite, teaches two new dolls to be tolerant, and shares the excitement of a baby brother for Marcella, among several other tales.

cloth / 96 pp. / 1993 / 9780027375855 / $19.50
Order no. 1622

Indy Writes Books, a Book Lovers Anthology

M. Travis DiNicola and Zach Roth, eds.

Indy Writes Books is an anthology of some of the wonderful and generous authors who have been a big part of the first two years of Indy Reads Books. Indy Writes Books has been made possible by a generous grant from the Margot L. Eccles Arts and Culture Fund. All proceeds from Indy Writes Books support Indy Reads’ adult literacy programs in Central Indiana.  Indy Writes Books, A Booklovers Anthology includes works by the following authors, poets, and puzzle makers! John David Anderson, Victoria Barrett,  Frank Bill,  Ray Boomhower, Mary Susan Buhner, Lorene Burkhart, Michael Dahlie, Cathy Day, Carol Faenzi, Terence Faherty, John Green, Lou Harry, Liza Hyatt, Angela Jackson-Brown, Lyn Jones, Jeff Knurek & David Hoyt,  Karen Kovacik, Norbert Krapf, Bonnie Maurer, Susan Neville, Will Shortz, Barb Shoup, Amy Sorrells, Gordon Strain & Dianne Moneypenny, Larry Sweazy, Dan Wakefield, and Ben Winters. It is edited by M. Travis DiNicola and Zach Roth, with an introduction by Dan Wakefield. Design by Amy McAdams.

2014 / 9780692300299 / $25.00
Order No. 1479



An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories

Ambrose Bierce

These original and innovative tales, most of which appeared in the 1880s and 1890s, constitute 23 examples of his best and most characteristic short fiction: anti-war satires that underscore the barbarism and futility of bloodshed; horror stories with a keenly ironic edge; and sardonic "tall tales" of the Old West.
The American Civil War was the defining experience of Bierce's life, and the battlefield ordeals from his service within the Union army contributed to his distinctive brand of cynical realism. This collection boasts the best of his Civil War tales, including "Chickamauga," "A Horseman in the Sky," and the author's much-imitated masterpiece, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." Writers of mystery and suspense stories have long been influenced by Bierce's tales of the supernatural such as "The Moonlit Road," and "The Eyes of the Panther." This anthology also features "Oil of Dog," "My Favorite Murder," and other satirical fables that continue to captivate readers with their humor and ingenuity.

paper / 176 pp. / 2008 reprint / 9780486466576 / $4.00
Order no. 1552

Death Note

Thomas Black

Seventy-five years ago, John Dillinger stashed silver and gold coins in the town of Elkinsville, Indiana. His great-grandson wants the lost loot. Two catches. First, Elkinsville is now a forgotten town, sixty feet below the surface of a reservoir. Easy, blow the dam holding the water. Second, a fiery speleologist, Dr. Jenna Longstreth, has discovered his plan. Not so easy, as he finds out.

To repay a debt, Jenna agrees to explore a cave that may be linked to missing ordnance from a nearby military base. Proving the link is true, she is swept into an evil plot that forces her to fight for her sister’s life, and the lives of an entire town. Caught in it now, Jenna works to uncover the plan and learns a psychopath is going to attack a dam and wipe out a downstream town as a diversion for his real ambition: recovering a fortune. The high stakes and little time push Jenna into a cave being used for the attack. Despite booby trapped passages and a partner she’s come to distrust, she must stop the murderous plan of Dillinger’s kin.


paper / 372 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781619271883 / $12.95
Order no. 2975


Cross this Bridge at a Walk

Jared Carter

Cross this Bridge at a Walk

This is Jared Carter's fourth collection of poems.  He continues to tell us about a place called Mississinewa County.  His poems reach out to the stories, myths, and recollections of an entire continent.

paper / $15.00 $9.00
Order No. 2657


The Hoosier School-Master


Edward Eggleston

The Hoosier Schoolmaster

Written with humor and candor and set in Indiana in the 1850s, the story relates the adventures of young schoolmaster Ralph Hartsook.

paper / 226 pp. / 1984 / ISBN 0-253-20324-4 / $12.95
Order No. 2066
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Triple Cross

Kit Ehrman

Triple Cross

Heading for Louisville for an all-expense-paid trip culminating in the Kentucky Derby, young barn manager and aspiring private detective Steve Cline takes on the job of caring for a Derby runner for his racehorse trainer father, but he soon finds himself caught up in the greedy, vengeful world of the very rich, trying to stop a murderer before it is too late.

cloth / $24.95 $5.00
Order No. 2649

An Abundance of Katherines

John Green

Michael L. Printz Honor Book / Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist

When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton’s type is girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped. Nineteen times, to be exact. On a road trip miles from home, this anagram-happy, washed-up child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight, Judge Judy–loving best friend riding shotgun—but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl. Love, friendship, and a dead Austro-Hungarian archduke add up to surprising and heart-changing conclusions in this ingeniously layered comic novel about reinventing oneself.

paper / 2008 / 272 pp / 9780142410707 / $9.99
Order no. 1539

Paper Towns

John Green

Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery / New York Times bestseller / USA Today bestseller / Publishers Weekly bestseller


When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night—dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge—he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q. Printz Medalist John Green returns with the trademark brilliant wit and heart-stopping emotional honesty that have inspired a new generation of readers.

paper / 2009 / 336 pp / 9780142414934 / $9.99
Order no. 1538


The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars brilliantly explores the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

352 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781101569184 / $12.99
Order no. 1379 

The Best of Kin Hubbard: Abe Martin's Sayings and Wisecracks, Abe's Neighbors, his Almanack, Comic Drawings

David S. Hawes

Abe Martin's Sayings and Wisecracks, Abe's Neighbors, his Almanack, Comic Drawings

A collection of the best sayings, humorous essays, cartoons, and drawings of one of the most popular, fictional, cracker-barrel philosophers this country has ever known.

paper / 143 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-21007-0 / $12.95
Order No. 2256

The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf: A Novel

Mohja Kahf

Syrian immigrant Khadra Shamy is growing up in a devout, tightly knit Muslim family in 1970s Indiana, at the crossroads of bad polyester and Islamic dress codes. Along with her brother Eyad and her African-American friends, Hakim and Hanifa, she bikes the Indianapolis streets exploring the fault-lines between “Muslim” and “American.”

When her picture-perfect marriage goes sour, Khadra flees to Syria and learns how to pray again. On returning to America she works in an eastern state — taking care to stay away from Indiana, where the murder of her friend Tayiba’s sister by Klan violence years before still haunts her. But when her job sends her to cover a national Islamic conference in Indianapolis, she’s back on familiar ground: Attending a concert by her brother’s interfaith band The Clash of Civilizations, dodging questions from the “aunties” and “uncles,” and running into the recently divorced Hakim everywhere.

Beautifully written and featuring an exuberant cast of characters, The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf charts the spiritual and social landscape of Muslims in middle America, from five daily prayers to the Indy 500 car race. It is a riveting debut from an important new voice.

paper / 2006 / 448 pp / 978-0786715190 / $15.95
Order no. 1555


Raintree County

Ross Lockridge, Jr.

Raintree CountyThroughout a single day in 1892, John Shawnessy recalls the great moments of his life—from the love affairs of his youth in Indiana, to the battles of the Civil War, to the politics of the Gilded Age, to his homecoming as schoolteacher, husband, and father. Shawnessy is the epitome of the place and period in which he lives, a rural land of springlike women, shady gamblers, wandering vagabonds, and soapbox orators. Yet here on the banks of the Shawmucky River, which weaves its primitive course through Raintree County, Indiana, he also feels and obeys ancient rhythms. A number-one bestseller when it was first published in 1948, this powerful novel is a compelling vision of 19th-century America with timeless resonance today.

paper / 1066 pp. / reprint 2007 (1947) / ISBN 978-1-55652-710-4 / $19.95
Order No. 2737
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Bears of Blue River

Charles Major

The Bears of Blue River

Adventures of a young boy growing up in early nineteenth-century rural Indiana. This is a book for children or adults who love nature and tales of early pioneer life.

cloth / 277 pp. / 1984 / ISBN 0-253-10590-0 / $20.00
Order No. 2024

paper / 277 pp. / 1984 / ISBN 0-253-20330-9 / $13.95
Order No. 2025

Uncle Tom Andy Bill: A Story of Bears and Indian Treasure

Charles Major

Uncle Tom Andy Bill: A Story of Bears and Indian Treasure

Relates the boisterous early-twentieth-century boyhood adventures of the narrator.

cloth / 344 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-253-33653-8 / $17.95
Order No. 2219

paper / 344 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-253-33654-6 / $10.95
Order No. 2123


The Best of James Whitcomb Riley

Donald C. Manlove

The Best of James Whitcomb Riley

A collection of best-loved poems about nature, home, and country as well as the dialect poems for which Riley is famous.

cloth / 224 pp. / 1982 / ISBN 0-253-10610-9 / $20.00
Order No. 2192

paper / 224 pp. / 1982 / ISBN 0-253-20299-X / $11.95
Order No. 2193



Michael Martone


Collected for the first time in one volume, the stories in Double-Wide span two decades and the entire state of Indiana. Martone blends history with fiction to reinvent the landscape of places like Preu, Elkhart, Indianapolis, and his hometown of Fort Wayne.

paper / 387 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 0-253-21890-2 / $22.95
Order No. 2633

The Blue Guide to Indiana

Michael Martone

Blue Guide to IndianaMichael Martone, whose trademark is the blurring of the lines between fact and fiction, has created an Indiana that almost is, a landscape marked by Lover's Lane franchises and pharmaceutical drug theme parks. Passages from this book have been published in Indiana newspapers as feature articles on what to do this weekend or as suggestions for family vacations. Tourists have been directed to visit the Trans-Indiana Mayonnaise Pipeline and the Field of Lightbulbs. They have been told about Our Lady of the Big Hair and Feet and taught the history of the License Plate Insurrection of 1979.

The book opens with a letter from the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, inviting visitors to sample "refreshing paw paw canapes and free glasses of buttermilk cider drawn from our state's native bison herbs" at state rest areas, and to considering working toward a Ph.D. within the state's picturesque borders. The book closes with a chilling Author's Note that epitomizes Martone's work: It is untrue but nearly believable; and it renders the mundane horrific and the tragic hilarious.

The Blue Guide to Indiana is an extension of Martone's previous work, in which he often composed fake essays in the voices of real celebrities. Like Jorge Luis Borges and Flann O'Brien, Martone uses parody to reveal the deeper truths about our culture.

paper / 120 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 978-1-573660-95-2 / $12.95
Order No. 2872

Brewster's Millions

George Barr McCutcheon

Brewster's MillionsComic tale of Monty Brewster, who must completely divest himself of a small fortune by his 26th birthday to gain an even bigger fortune.

cloth / 325 pp. / reprint 1999 (1903) / ISBN 0-253-33632-5 / $25.00
Order No. 2224

paper / 325 pp. / reprint 1999 (1903) / ISBN 0-253-21349-5 / $12.95
Order No. 2225

When I Crossed No-Bob

Margaret McMullan  

The Sequel To How I Found the Strong

When I Crossed No-BobLife as an O'Donnell is all twelve-year-old Addy knows, and life as an O'Donnell means trouble. Tucked away in a gray patch of woods called No-Bob, the O'Donnell clan has nothing but a bad reputation. So when Addy's mama abandons her on the afternoon of Mr. Frank Russell's wedding celebration, nobody is very surprised.

A reluctant Mr. Frank and his new wife take Addy in, and Addy does everything she can to prove that at least one O'Donnell has promise. But one day, Addy witnesses a terrible event that brings her old world crashing into the new. As she finds herself being pulled back into No-Bob and the grips of her O'Donnell kin, Addy is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Can she somehow find the courage to do what's right, even if it means betraying one of her own?

cloth / 216 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-618-71715-6 / $16.00 $5.00
Order No.

Sailing the Inland Sea: On Writing, Literature, and Land

Susan Neville

Sailing the Inland SeaCalling on the image of the Midwest's vanished inland sea, Susan Neville has written a compelling collection of essays that ponder writing and the "landlocked imagination." The essays range from interviews with Indiana writers Kurt Vonnegut, Scott Sanders, Marguerite Young, and others, to discussions on techniques grounded in a Midwestern sensibility. As director of Butler University's Visiting Writers Series, Neville has had the rare opportunity to converse with such literary giants as Salman Rushdie, Ray Bradbury, and Toni Morrison, and some of those exchanges have been incorporated into this exciting new collection.

paper / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-253-21902-2 / $19.95 $11.97
Order No. 2630


JD Phillips


"Tainted" is JD Phillips' third book - her latest release. Great Story - as in JD's first two books - the drama, adventure and suspense in her writing gives the imagination of the reader the creative style of her writing.

paper / $15.00 $5.00
Order No. 2656



Scott Russell Sanders


Imaginative excursion into the future, where humanity has abandoned the outdoors for a network of cities sealed against nature. A tale of the perils of separating ourselves from the environment.

cloth / 276 pp. / 1985 / ISBN 0-253-32956-6 / $25.00 $15.00
Order No. 2271

paper / 288 pp. / reprint 1995 (1985) / ISBN 0-253-21021-6 / $14.95 $8.97
Order No. 2167


Love in a Small Town

Betty Jo Schuler

Love in a Small Town

Sam Champion, a math professor, is eager to sell the house he inherited in Browning Illinois, and return to Phoenix... until the redhead next door, Lily Madison, sets her house afire and moves in with him. Lily's not the flake he thought, and small towns aren't as dull as Sam expected.

Purchase of this book includes book plates signed by the author (while supplies last).

paper / $12.95
Order No. 2655


A Daughter of the Land


Gene Stratton-Porter

A Daughter of the Land

Kate Bates, the youngest female child in a large prosperous farm family, has been designated as her mother's helper in old age, but defies her parents to attain the dream of owning her own farm.

paper / 339 pp. / 1997 / ISBN 0-253-21138-7 / $13.95
Order No. 2212


A Girl of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter

A Girl of the Limberlost

Timeless story of an impoverished young girl, Elnora Comstock, growing up on the edge of the Limberlost swamp.

cloth / 479 pp. / 1984 / ISBN 0-253-13320-3 / $25.00
Order No. 2056

paper / 479 pp. / 1984 / ISBN 0-253-20331-7 / $14.95
Order No. 2057


The Keeper of the Bees


Gene Stratton-Porter

The Keeper of the Bees

Stratton-Porter's last novel of a Master Bee Keeper, his bees, and the natural beauty of California that restore a wounded World War I veteran to health.

cloth / 515 pp. / 1991 / ISBN 0-253-35496-X / $27.95
Order No. 2298

paper / 515 pp. / 1991 / ISBN 0-253-35496-X / $15.95
Order No. 2086

Michael O'Halloran

Gene Stratton-Porter

Michael O'Halloran

Adventures of an orphaned newspaper boy in his scuffle with life in a midwestern metropolis.

cloth / 560 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-33021-1 / $27.95
Order No. 2262

paper / 560 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-21045-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2258

An American Tune: A Novel

Barbara Shoup

While reluctantly accompanying her husband and daughter to freshman orientation at Indiana University, Nora Quillen hears someone call her name, a name she has not heard in more than 25 years. Not even her husband knows that back in the ‘60s she was Jane Barth, a student deeply involved in the antiwar movement. An American Tune moves back and forth in time, telling the story of Jane, a girl from a working-class family who fled town after she was complicit in a deadly bombing, and Nora, the woman she became, a wife and mother living a quiet life in northern Michigan. An achingly poignant account of a family crushed under the weight of suppressed truths, An American Tune illuminates the irrevocability of our choices and how those choices come to compose the tune of our lives.

paper / 328 pp. / 2012 / 978-0253007421 / $19.00
Order no. 2972


Alice Adams

Booth Tarkington

Alice Adams

The story of a middle-class family living in the industrialized "midland country" at the turn of the twentieth century. Against this dingy backdrop, Alice Adams seeks to distinguish herself. Alice's resiliency of spirit makes her one of Tarkington's most compelling female characters.

cloth / 454 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-34227-9 / $32.95
Order No. 2425

paper / 454 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-34227-9 / $14.95
Order No. 2424


The Magnificent Ambersons

Booth Tarkington

The Magnificent Ambersons

A delightful novel giving a view of Indianapolis' evolution from a major marketing center to a great industrial city.

cloth / 516 pp. / 1989 / ISBN 0-253-35875-2 / $25.00
Order No. 2092



Booth Tarkington


Realistic stories of a twelve-year-old boy growing up in early twentieth-century America.

paper / 306 pp. / 1985 / ISBN 0-253-20361-9 / $16.95
Order No. 2109


Penrod and Sam

Booth Tarkington

Penrod & Sam

The imaginative adventures of Tarkington's ten-year-old Penrod Schofield continue. Familiar characters from the earlier Penrod volume make their appearance. This is a delightfully nostalgic look at Tarkington's turn-of-the-century Indiana.

paper / 384 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-21594-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2417



Kurt Vonnegut

Galápagos takes the reader back one million years, to A.D. 1986. A simple vacation cruise suddenly becomes an evolutionary journey. Thanks to an apocalypse, a small group of survivors stranded on the Galápagos Islands are about to become the progenitors of a brave, new, and totally different human race. In this inimitable novel, America’s master satirist looks at our world and shows us all that is sadly, madly awry–and all that is worth saving.

paper / 237 pp. / 1994 reprint / B00C6P4DUA / $16.99
Order no. 1541

Going All the Way

Dan Wakefield

Bluebeard: A Novel

Kurt Vonnegut

Broad humor and bitter irony collide in this fictional autobiography of Rabo Karabekian, who, at age seventy-one, wants to be left alone on his Long Island estate with the secret he has locked inside his potato barn. But then a voluptuous young widow badgers Rabo into telling his life story—and Vonnegut in turn tells us the plain, heart-hammering truth about man’s careless fancy to create or destroy what he loves.

paper / 1998 / 336 pp / 9780385333511 / $16.00
Order No. 1542

Cat’s Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut’s satirical commentary on modern man and his madness. An apocalyptic tale of this planet’s ultimate fate, it features a midget as the protagonist, a complete, original theology created by a calypso singer, and a vision of the future that is at once blackly fatalistic and hilariously funny. A book that left an indelible mark on an entire generation of readers, Cat’s Cradle is one of the twentieth century’s most important works—and Vonnegut at his very best.

285 pp. / ISBN 9780385333481 / $15.00
Order no. 1378 


Kurt Vonnegut

This is one of the world’s great antiwar books. Centering on the infamous firebombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim’s odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we fear most.

cloth / 215 pp. / ISBN 9780440180296 / $17.60
Order no. 1377 


Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhous-Five is one of the world's great anti-war books. Centering on the infamous fire-bombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim's odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know.

paper / 1991 / 215 pp / 9780440180296 / $16.00
Order no. 1377

Going All the Way

Dan Wakefield

Noted Hoosier author Dan Wakefield’s most famous novel seethes with pent-up frustration and confusion and nearly every episode bubbles with hilarity. This novel of the 1950s so perfectly captures its time and place that it transcends the specific and becomes universal—a true classic of American literature. Now a major motion picture.

“ . . . a passionate and tormented novel about the summer of 1954 as it transpired in the lives of two young Korean War veterans returning to their Indianapolis homes. . . . it is possible that the current publishing season will produce no book more urgently felt." —New York Times Book Review, August 9, 1970

paper / 320 pp. / 1997 reprint / 9780253210906 / $16.91
Order no. 337


Under the Apple Tree: A Novel of the Home Front

Dan Wakefield

Under the Apple Tree:  A Novel of the Home Front

A brilliantly effortless novel of the home front in World War II. It's a story of awakening and loss and growth.

paper / 342 pp. / 1993 reprint 1998 / ISBN 0-253-21196-4 / $15.95
Order No. 2342


Ben-Hur: A Story of the Christ

Lew Wallace

Ben-Hur is one of the best selling books of all times. This poignant novel intertwines the life stories of a Jewish charioteer named Judah Ben-Hur and Jesus Christ. It explores the themes of betrayal and redemption. Ben-Hur's family is wrongly accused and convicted of treason during the time of Christ. Ben-Hur fights to clear his family's name and is ultimately inspired by the rise of Jesus Christ and his message.

paper / 564 pp. / 1880 (2012 edition) / 9780451532091 / $7.95
Order no. 1580

Leafy Rivers

Jessamyn West

Jessamyn West's spirited novel—set in the Ohio Territory in the early 1880s—is a handsomely paced adventure for lovers of period romance and suspense. Leafy Rivers is a young bride caught up in emotions she does not altogether understand and cannot quite control. As she races against time to save a life and a marriage that may already be lost, a vivid assortment of characters—such as Simon Yanders, a man whose loss has taught him generosity and whose grief has made him alert to joy; Cashie Wade, irresistibly wild and free; and Leafy's husband, Reno, whose love is matched only by his ineptitude—offers challenges that threaten to waylay her at every turn.

paper / 310 pp. / 2009 (originally pub. 1967) / ISBN 978-0-253-35302-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2744

The Friendly Persuasion

Jessamyn West

The Friendly Persuasion by Jessamyn West

A quintessential American heroine, Eliza Birdwell is a wonderful blend of would-be austerity, practicality, and gentle humor when it comes to keeping her faith and caring for her family and community. Her husband, Jess, shares Eliza's love of people and peaceful ways but, unlike Eliza, also displays a fondness for a fast horse and a lively tune. With their children, they must negotiate their way through a world that constantly confronts them - sometimes with candor, sometimes with violence - and tests the strength of their beliefs. Whether it's a gift parcel arriving on their doorstep or Confederate soldiers approaching their land, the Birdwells embrace life with emotion, conviction, and a love for one another that seems to conquer all.

paper / 214 pp. / 1945 / ISBN 978-0-15-602909-4 / $13.00
Order No. 979


New Territory: Contemporary Indiana Fiction


Michael Wilkerson and Deborah Galyan

New Territory: Contemporary Indiana Fiction

Collection of eleven of the best short stories about Indiana by Indiana authors, with a cast of characters including James Dean, Johnny Appleseed, Clarence Roberts, and newcomer Jason Moss.

paper / 166 pp. / 1990 / ISBN 0-253-20595-6 / $9.95
Order No. 2104
Temporarily Out of Stock


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paper / ISSN 1071-3301 / $1.00 (1-19 copies); $.30 (20 or more copies)


Gene Stratton-Porter


Gene Stratton-Porter

Porter was a self-trained writer, naturalist, and photographer. State Historic Sites memorialize her life and accomplishments.

16 pp. / 1996


Riley on Riley


Riley on Riley

James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier poet and superstar of his time!

16 pp. / 1995
Order No. 7031