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Cemetery Log Books


from the National Library Bindery

Cemetery Logs are a great way to keep track of your ancestors as you visit local cemeteries and includes a reference guide for decoding the tombstone symbols you find.

Order No. 1447


U.S. Catholic Sources: A Diocesan Research Guide

Virginia Humling

An excellent reference book on doing Catholic research in the United States.

paper / 120 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 9780916489601 / $14.95
Order No. 2864


Finding Your African American Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide

Thackery, David

Although the search for African American ancestry prior to the Civil War is challenging, the difficulties are not always insurmountable. Finding Your African American Ancestors takes you through your ancestors' transition from slavery to freedom, and helps you find them using the federal census, plantation records, and other helpful sources. The book also considers ways to locate runaway slave advertisements, to identify an ancestor's military regiment, and to access the valuable information from The Freedman's Savings and Trust records.

paper / 164 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 9780916489908 / $12.95
Order No. 2860



Finding Your Mexican Ancestors

George & Peggy Ryskamp

Finding Your Mexican Ancestors is essential to any researcher looking to trace their heritage across the Rio Grande. In it, authors George and Peggy Ryskamp show how easy Mexican American research can be, providing detailed descriptions of parish records, civil records, and other types of records common in Mexico.

paper / 224 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 9781593313074 / $16.95
Order No. 2850




Ellis Island: Tracing Your Family History Through America's Gateway

Loretto Dennis Szucs

Almost half of all Americans have at least one ancestor who entered the United States through Ellis Island (also called "America's Gateway"). In Ellis Island: Tracing Your Family History Through America's Gateway, leading family history author and researcher Loretto Dennis Szucs explains how you can find out if your relatives were among the millions who were processed for entry at this historic landmark. This book details the immigrant experience at Ellis Island and teaches you about the records that are available to help you trace your ancestors' entry into the New World.

paper / 56 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 9780916489953 / $4.95
Order No. 2859

Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records

Loretto Dennis Szucs

Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using U.S. Census records, in particular those of the federal census. Aimed at the general family history audience, this book is especially useful for the beginning to intermediate researcher. Along with a description of the history and structure of the federal census, there is a guide to each decennial census. Three appendixes offer a description of major census data providers, major state and national archives with census collections, and specially designed census extraction forms. Includes a complete index.

paper / 176 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 9780916489984 / $16.95
Order No. 2855

Finding Indiana Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Research

Teresa Baer and Geneil Breeze

Finding Indiana Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Research

This book is a powerful tool, providing an overview of historical research while focusing on Indiana-specific sources. Authored by journalists, archivists, librarians, genealogists, and historians in the state's major historical and genealogical organizations, this book forms a complete guide for research in Indiana. Six model chapters show how to turn data into stories. This significant new guide will help researchers learn how to get started, where to go for the next piece of information, how to interpret the data, and how to incorporate each new fact into the stories of Indiana's ancestors.

paper / 301 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-87195-203-5 / $29.95
Order No. 2638




Evie Finds Her Family Tree

Ashley B. Ransburg

Evie Finds Her Family Tree

Young children will enjoy the tale of Evie, a little girl who tries to discover the meaning of her family tree. This illustrated storybook includes a 32’ x 24” illustrated family tree chart that children can complete using their own family information.

paper / 30 pp. / ISBN 0-87195-187-8 / $9.95
Order No. 1608


Finding Indiana Ancestors


Dorothy Riker, et al. compiler

Finding Indiana Ancestors

A short, introductory publication including local Indiana resources.

paper / 17 pp. / 1967 / ISBN 0-87195-057-X / $3.00
Order No. 2501


Who's Your Hoosier Ancestor?—Genealogy for Beginners

Mona Robinson

Who's Your Hoosier Ancestor

A source for locating elusive ancestors of Hoosiers and descendants of anyone who ever lived in Indiana. Describes records available, where they can be found, and how to use them most effectively.

cloth / 215 pp. / 1992 / ISBN 0-253-20731-2 / $19.95
Order No. 2128




An Index to Naturalization Records in Pre-1907: Order Books of Indiana Counties Courts

An Index to Naturalization Records in Pre-1907

The index to naturalization records contained in this book serves as an invaluable resource for genealogical researchers whether they are seeking a “lost” relation or are eager to document the points at which their ancestors became citizens of the United State of America. The new foreword attempts to differentiate between the records indexed for this publication—which are housed in Indiana’s ninety two county courthouses, and all other naturalization records—which are kept by law at the Indiana State Archives (part of the state’s Archives and Records Administration).

paper / 182 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 0-87195-156-8 / $25.00
Order No. 2510


Issues of The Indiana Historian


paper / ISSN 1071-3301 / $1.00 (1-19 copies); $.30 (20 or more copies - no additional discount)


Collecting Your History


Collecting Your History

What can you learn about your family? What can you tell your children and grandchildren?

12 pp. / 1994
Order No. 7003