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Historic New Albany, Indiana: By the River's Edge

James A. Crutchfield and David Barksdale

Featuring photographer Robin Hood, full color volume commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founding of New Albany.

cloth / 144 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9780977128105 / $40.00
Order no. 2967

The Day in its Color: Charles Cushman's Photographic Journey Through a Vanishing America

Eric Sandweiss

The Day in Its Color introduces readers to Cushman's extraordinary work, a recently unearthed archive of photographs that is the largest known body of early color photographs by a single photographer, 14,500 in all, most shot on vivid, color-saturated Kodachrome stock. From 1938-1969, Cushman--a sometime businessman and amateur photographer with an uncanny eye for everyday detail--travelled constantly, shooting everything he encountered as he ventured from New York to New Orleans, Chicago to San Francisco, and everywhere in between. His photos include portraits, ethnographic studies, agricultural and industrial landscapes, movie sets and media events, children playing, laborers working, and thousands of street scenes, all precisely documented in time and place. The result is a chronicle of an era almost never seen, or even envisioned, in color.

This well-preserved collection is all the more remarkable for having gone undiscovered for decades. What makes the photos most valuable, however, is the wide range of subjects, landscapes, and moods it captures--snapshots of a lost America as yet untouched by a homogenizing overlay of interstate highways, urban renewal, chain stores, and suburban development--a world of hand-painted signs, state fairs, ramshackle shops, small town living and bustling urban scenes. The book also reveals the fascinating and startling life story of the man who stood, unseen, on the other side of the lens, surely one of America's most impressive amateur photographers and outsider artists.

cloth / 237 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9780199772339 / $39.95
Order No. 2921


Jeff Moerchen

With clarity and attention to detail, Jeff Moerchen has captured—in more than 80 black and white photographs—the life of the Hispanic community of Ligonier, a small town in northern Indiana. These men and women have worked to make a comfortable home for themselves, trying to realize their dream of living in America, while avoiding some of the perils they might have experienced in borderlands. More than a narrow study of an immigrant population, Moerchen's evocative photo essay explores a small town as it struggles to survive.

paper / 168 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-253-22363-0 / $29.95
Order No. 2906

New Harmony Then & Now

Donald E. Pitzer

New Harmony Then and Now is a photographic and historic celebration of two of America’s great Utopian communities located in New Harmony, Indiana. The Harmonists, started by George Rapp, labored to provide physical, intellectual, and spiritual wealth for its members. Ten years later, the Owenites, founded by Robert Owen and his partner William Maclure, settled there, intent on improving humanity through innovations in social theory, educational systems, and discoveries in natural science. Though Owen's communal experiment would not endure, a new social frontier prospered. Today, New Harmony remains a haven of promise, a village that honors its progressive heart. Intellectuals as well as artisans are drawn to this place of science and spirit.
cloth / 224 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-253-35645-1 / $39.95
Order No. 2909

Historic Photos of Indiana

Scott Bushnell

This is the land of Hoosiers. Of George Rogers Clark's conquest at Vincennes, a key victory for the Revolution. Of covered bridges. A fledgling automobile industry. Notre Dame. The National Road and the Lincoln Highway and Carl Fisher. Cole Porter. The Milwaukee Steamer and the Rumely Oil Pull Tractor. Riverboats on the Wabash and the Ohio. The Wabash and Erie Canal. Interurbans. James Whitcomb Riley and George Ade. Small towns and big cities. Street Fair Days in Peru. The first state capitol at Corydon. Steel in Gary. Evansville's Municipal Market. Airmail by balloon. Union Station in Indianapolis and the Indy 500. Dunes along the Lake Michigan coast. Gandy dancers, circus parades, rollerskate basketball. Of sugar beets, sugar maples, and soybeans. This is Historic Photos of Indiana. Filled with nearly 200 photographs reproduced in vivid black-and-white, with captions and introductions, showing the reader the places, people, and events that helped shape the lore and history of the Hoosier State.

cloth / 216 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 9781596525535 / $39.95
Order No. 2846

Historic Photos of Indianapolis

 George Hanlin

Historic Photos of Indianapolis captures the remarkable journey of this city and her people, with still photography from the finest archives of city, state and private collections. From the Civil War through the end of the nineteenth century, the rise of industry, two world wars and into the modern era, Indianapolis has remained a unique and prosperous city. With hundreds of archival photos reproduced in stunning black and white on heavy art paper, this book is the perfect addition to any historian's collection.

cloth / 216 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 9781596522534 / $39.95

Order No. 2847

The Great Indiana State Fair at 150: A Pictorial Celebration

Stephen H. Baker

Amid the tall buildings and busy streets of Indianapolis sits a quiet, beautifully wooded area now known as Military Park. In the 1820's it became the first city park and was the site of the little settlement’s first 4th of July celebration.

In the 1860s, it was a mustering ground where Hoosier farm boys came to join the Union Army. They marched out as soldiers and turned south towards their destinies.

During a warm two weeks in October 1852, this was the site of Indiana's first State Fair. Thousands of people came to the city to visit the fair's sights and sounds. Just like today, folks gawked at midway curiosities. They marveled their way through pens and stalls that held the very best “modern” husbandry had to offer. As they passed through the “Manufacturers Building,” “new-fangled” devices such as the “sewing machine” astonished them! They cheered winners of the “best” pie, cake, and pickle relish.

Stephen H. Baker’s new book, The Great Indiana State Fair at 150, captures the human experience of the Fair throughout its history. With each turn of the page, the reader recalls his or her own memories of going to the fair.

paper / 110 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0-74820-08312-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2600

2nd Stories: a Hoosier photographer explores what’s upstairs, on top, and overhead

John Bower

2nd Stories is all about discovering the unexpected. Because we tend to look straight ahead most of the time, we miss seeing a lot. And there is so much to see--as 2nd Stories demonstrates. As you peruse its pages, you'll discover dozens of duo-tone images of ornate Victorian storefronts, beautiful steeples, advertisements, clock towers, and other fascinating details that all require looking up. Plus there are shots of rarely visited attics and upper-level interior spaces that are simply amazing.

paper / 144 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 0-9745186-2-x / $22.00 $15.00
Order No. 2570

After the Harvest: Indiana's historic grain elevators and feed mills

John Bower

After the Harvest contains 188 moving photographs from every corner of Indiana. Some of these elevators and feed mills are still very much in business, but many are abandoned and slowly deteriorating. A number of them were being torn down as they were being photographed.

paper / 144 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-9745186-3-3 / $22.00 $15.00
Order No. 2642

Journey's End: Relics and Ruins of Indiana’s Transportation Legacy

John Bower

Journey's End is a book filled with emotional portraits of once gleaming, but now rusted, vehicles abandoned along fence rows, lonely depots adjacent to trackless railroad grades, and defunct service stations whose retired pumps offer gas at 31¢ a gallon. These are images that will spark transportation memories in everyone who sees them—of those Sunday drives to Grandma's, interminable waits at railroad crossings hoping for the arrival of a caboose, a first airplane flight, a first car, or the long bus rides to school. These stunning images are iconic reminders of where we have come from—and the means of transport we took along the way.

paper / 144 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 0-9745186-5-7 / $22.00 $15.00
Order No. 2751 

Silent Workplace: Shops, Stores, Businesses, and Factories Where Hoosiers Once Earned Living

John Bower

Silent WorkplacesA beauty parlor, a tannery, a hotel, drive-in restaurants, a foundry, a tavern, banks, factories, and general stores. In this stunning collection, Hoosier photographer John Bower has captured once-thriving Indiana businesses that are no more. Exploring cities, small towns, and rural county roads, he’s found closed-up buildings in varying states of preservation—some virtual time capsules, others ready to collapse. Bower uses the beauty and power of black-and-white to capture the essence of these places where our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends once earned their living. Silent Workplace contains 186 images from across the entire state of Indiana, and includes fascinating essays on over a dozen businesses that are now part of our Hoosier past.

paper / 144 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-974586-4-0 / $22.00 $15.00
Order No. 2718

Bloomington Past and Present

Will Counts, James H. Madison, Scott Sanders

The works of world-class photographer Will County, prize-winning writer Scott Sanders, and renowned historian Jim Madison comprise this "Gift to the City", a gift not only for today's residents, but also for legions of ex-residents worldwide.

cloth / 120 pp. / 2002 / ISBN 0-253-34056-X / $29.95 $17.97
Order No. 2291

Indiana from the Air

Richard Fields

Aerial view photographs of ninety-seven of the state's natural areas provide a new look at the cities, landforms, towns, rural life, industry, architecture, and the impact of the seasons and of humanity.

cloth / 128 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 0-253-33224-9 / $39.95
Order No. 2185

Gone But Not Forgotten

O. James Fox and Wilma L. Gibbs

Gone but Not Forgotten

Featured are black-and-white photos and poems of O. James Fox. This book presents a dramatic look at the history of Indianapolis's black community.

paper / 53 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 0-87195146-0 / $10.95
Order No. 2281

Otto Ping, 1900-1940

W. Douglas Hartley

Amateur photographer's record of Indiana life in the early part of this century in rural Brown County. 79 black and white photographs.

paper / 94 pp. / 1994 / ISBN 0-87195-105-3 / $10.95
Order No. 2012

Invisible Presence: Walk through Indiana in Photographs and Poems

Darryl D. Jones and Norbert Krapf

In this surprising collection of photographs, acclaimed photographer Darryl D. Jones departs from his usual crisp, highly detailed, panoramic Indiana scenes. Here, Jones has masterfully crafter a series of photographs using processes called “Polaroid emulsion manipulation” and Polaroid transfer” to create scenes more reminiscent of impressionistic paintings. Invisible Presence includes more then 140 images from a wide range of locations, subjects, and seasons in Indiana. Each image is appropriately accompanied by Norbert Krapf’s descriptive poems.

cloth /  288 pp. /  ISBN 0-253-34753-x/$39.95
Order No. 2595

The Spirit of the Place

Darryl Jones

Two men who live and work in the Southern Indiana hill country, provide an insightful meditation and fifty beautiful color photographs of the area.

cloth / 128 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-32987-6 / $39.95
Order No. 2173

Of Wood and Water

Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan

Of Wood and WaterCelebrated photographers Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan explore the diversity of Michigan landscapes in their latest collection of photographs. Forests, prairies, savannas, wetlands, the shorelines of four Great Lakes, and the variety of terrain that crosses the Upper Peninsula are featured in more than 140 color images. Of Woods and Water conveys the natural allure and hidden treasures that exist in Michigan—scattered, isolated, and generally small in size, their protection and preservation are paramount. At present, these beautiful landscapes thrive, untouched by the urban sprawl that sweeps our country's land, but a greater awareness for and involvement in the preservation of our threatened natural communities are greatly needed. This shared love of nature and the unexpected gifts the state has to offer guided Leonetti and Jordan in producing a splendid body of work that captures the spirit of Michigan's untamed beauty.

cloth / 160 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-253-35276-7 / $34.95 $20.97
Order No. 2709

Unexpected Indiana: A Portfolio of Natural Landscapes

Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan

Unexpected Indiana represents a unique collaboration between two photographers. Jordan and Leonetti share a deep love of nature and a fascination with the hidden gems that can be found within the state. Working in traditional medium and large film formats, the photographers have produced a spectacular body of work that captures the essence of Indiana’s natural beauty.

cloth / 166 pp. / ISBN 0-253-34485-9 / $35.00
Order No. 2477

Steel Giants: Historic Images from the Calumet Regional Archives

Stephen G. McShane and Gary S. Wilk

Steel Giants: Historic Images from the Calumet Regional Archives

At the turn of the 20th century, an army of workers descended upon the northwest Indiana dunes to forge a world-class steel industry for America and along the way built a city. As a result of the mills constructed by companies such as U.S. Steel, a small, grid-like city on the shoreline of Lake Michigan grew into a prosperous steel town, drawing workers from all over the country and beyond. The Calumet region became one of the most heavily populated and ethnically diverse regions in the state. The story of its phenomenal growth was captured by photographers from U.S. Steel in Gary and Inland Steel in East Chicago. Steel Giants presents a selection of these dramatic photographs, with detailed captions, showing the construction of the steel mills and steel towns, the early production of steel, and the people who lived and worked in the industry.

cloth / 286 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-35299-6 / $39.95
Order No. 2753

Fair Culture: Images from Indiana Fairs

Harold Lee Miller and Gerald Waite

More than one hundred photographs from the Indiana State Fair and county fairs with an essay exploring the history of fairs from the medieval period to today's Indiana fairs.

paper / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-87195-278-3 / $24.95
Order No. 2687 

Back Home Again: Indiana in the Farm Security Administration Photographs, 1935-1943

Robert L. Reid, ed.

Back Home Againcloth / 1987 / ISBN 0-253-31133-0 / $28.95
Order No. 2021

Middletown Jews: The Tenuous Survival of an American Jewish Community

Dan Rottenberg and Dwight W. Hoover, eds.

Oral narratives of the Jewish experience in Muncie, Indiana, accompanied by 23 black and white photographs.

paper / 142 pp. / 1997 / ISBN 0-253-33243-5 / $12.95
Order No. 2317

New Faces at the Crossroads

John Sherman, text
Jeffrey A. Wolin, photographs & interviews

Until recently, central Indiana has not truly reflected the sheer diversity of races, religions, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds of the rest of the world. In recent decades and especially in the first years of the 21st century, however, cities, towns, and rural areas of the central portion of the Hoosier state have welcomed an increasing number of new residents who constitute a surprisingly broad and diverse cross section of world citizens.

To capture and celebrate these changes, New Faces at the Crossroads features portraits of 30 recent newcomers from around the world by award-winning photographer Jeffrey A. Wolin, accompanied by stories of why they came to the area and their perspectives on living there. Together with John Sherman's text describing changes and additions to the region's population, these striking photographs show that central Indiana is no longer just the Crossroads of America: It is the crossroads of the world.

cloth / 96 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-253-35068-8 / $29.95 $17.97
Order No. 2670

Indianapolis: Bass Photo Company Collection

Susan Sutton

Indianapolis, Bass Photo Company CollectionThis book contains 183 photos selected from the vast Bass Photo Company Collection.  The assorted images depict Indianapolis in good times and bad and provide a visual link to the city's past.  Many of the images are so vivid that one can almost hear the clang of the trolley, the click of horse hooves, the roar of engines, and the din in the streets filled with bustling pedestrians.  Included in the volume are nostalgic images of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, leisure activities, individual portraits, street scenes, Monument Circle, a parade of returning WWI soldiers, the Indianapolis Home Show, transportation and architecture.

paper / 205 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-87195-261-5 / $29.95
Order No. 2696

McClellan Street

David and Peter Turnley

More than 100 black-and-white images of a working-class neighborhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the 1970s grace the pages of this photo-essay produced by acclaimed photographers David and Peter Turnley. These hauntingly beautiful, raw and real photographs documenting life on McClellan Street were taken by the Turnley twins with a single camera as a high-school project. Although the brothers did not grow up on McClellan Street, their photographs represent a very personal, sincere, direct, and loving interaction with life on a street in the heartland of America. Many of the McClellan Street residents had migrated from Appalachia and some were of Hispanic origin. In a neighborhood that many might have ignored, the young Turnleys saw beauty, diversity, and wonderment. With a maturity beyond their years, they captured the life of this community for future generations.

cloth / 107 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-253-34967-5 / $29.95 $17.97
Order No. 2673

Driving to Stony Lonesome: Jack Welpott's Indiana Photographs, 1936-1959

Jack Welpott; Foreword by Jo Ann B. Fineman

Internationally acclaimed photographer Jack Welpott grew up in southern Indiana, served in World War II, and returned to the Hoosier state to attend Indiana University. Unsure of his direction, he enrolled in a photography class and met the legendary photography instructor Henry Holmes Smith. Under his tutelage, Welpott thrived. He became enthralled with black-and-white photography as a fine art form, and never looked back.

Driving to Stony Lonesome chronicles Welpott's years in Bloomington, Indiana. The 100+ photographs that make up the core of the gorgeous book are intense and personal, and include many fine examples of environmental portraiture of which he is a master. Along with the photographs, Welpott provides commentary. His anecdotes shift this book from a fine arts photography book to one that achieves a more personal level.

Jack Welpott didn't just take "art photographs"—he captured the heart of his subjects. By getting to know the people he photographed and winning their confidence, he gained an understanding of his subjects that his camera reveals. This strategy has served him well, and the photographs in this book richly depict life in rural southern Indiana.

paper / 168 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0-253-21866-7 / $27.95 $16.77
Order No. 2619