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100 Things Reds Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

Joel Luckhaupt

In this ultimate resource guide for true fans of baseball's first professional team, author Joel Luckhaupt has collected every essential piece of Cincinnati Reds trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranked them from one to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist for fans to complete in their lifetime. Most Reds fans have taken in a game or two at the Great American Ball Park, have seen highlights of the Big Red Machine, and remember the team's surprising triumph in the 1990 World Series. But only real fans know which 15-year-old took the mound for the Reds in 1944, can name the pitcher who gave up Pete Rose's 4,192nd hit, or remember how many dogs owner Marge Schott owned. 100 Things Reds Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the perfect book for any fan of Reds baseball, whether a die-hard booster from the days of Ted Kluszewski or a new supporter of Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, and Aroldis Chapman.

paper / 288 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9781623682477 / $14.95
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Notre Dame Baseball Greats: From Anson to Yaz

Cappy Gagnon

The following men, significant to the game of baseball, share in common only their attendance at the University of Notre Dame: The greatest figure of 19th century base ball; the team president of the home team of the first ever major league game (National Association); the youngest man to pitch a minor league no-hitter and win 20 games in the majors; the first ever Native American in the majors; the only man to ever throw a double-header shout out; the creator of the All-Star game; the minor league executive credited with saving the minor leagues during the Great Depression; the sportswriter who became the general manager of the Chicago Cubs; the star of the 1967 Red Sox "Impossible Dream" season; and the hero of Game Seven of the 1997 World Series. These men and many more from Notre Dame-including a total of 72 (thus far) who have gone on to play in the major leagues-made great contributions to our national pastime.

paper / 128 pp. / ISBN 0-7385-3262-2 / $19.99
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Baseball in Fort Wayne

Chad Gramling

The Fort Wayne Wizards’ 1993 arrival marked the beginning of professional baseball in northeast Indiana for many. However, the city boasts a rich baseball heritage that traces its roots to the very origins of the game. In fact, baseball and its record books begin with Fort Wayne. Over more than 135 years, dozens of teams have called Fort Wayne their homefield, making players into local legends and stars who excelled in the spotlight of baseball’s biggest stage. Baseball in Fort Wayne recounts the sport’s presence in the city, from the earliest days of 1871’s Kekiongas to today’s Wizards, as well as those who took the field in between.

Images of Baseball series from Arcadia Press

paper / 128 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 0-7385-4129-X / $19.99
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Baseball in South Bend

John M. Kovach

The national pastime began to take root in South Bend in the 1860s when teams like the Hoosiers, Excelsiors, and Rough-and-Readys took the field to the delight of local fans. By 1878, the legendary South Bend Greenstocking had arrived on the scene, winning the mythical Indiana State Baseball Championship and establishing the nickname of choice for South Bend baseball for years to come. The following decades saw the rising popularity of not only minor league baseball but also barnstorming teams, indoor baseball, factory leagues, and men's and women's amateur leagues. South Bend, in fact, was one of only two cities to host a team - the Blue Stockings - in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League for the entirety of that league's existence (1943-1954). This rich baseball heritage is carried on today by the South Bend SilverHawks of the Class-A Midwest League.

Images of Baseball

paper / 128 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 0-7385-3326-2 / $19.99
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Baseball in Indianapolis

W. C. Madden

Basball in Indianapolis

Tells the story of the American pastime in the state capital from the post-Civil War era up to the present day.

Images of Baseball series from Arcadia Press.

paper / 128 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-7385-2310-0 / $19.99
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Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball

John Coy, Illustrated by Joe Morse

Taking over a rowdy gym class right before winter vacation is not something James Naismith wants to do at all. The last two teachers of this class quit in frustration. The students--a bunch of energetic young men--are bored with all the regular games and activities. Naismith needs something new, exciting, and fast to keep the class happy or someone's going to get hurt. Saving this class is going to take a genius. Discover the true story of how Naismith invented basketball in 1891 at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

cloth / 32 pp. / 2013 / 9780761366171 / $19.00
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Hardwood Glory: A Life of John Wooden

Barbara Olenyik Morrow

Foreword by UCLA Basketball Coach Steve Alford

John Wooden helped define college basketball in the twentieth century and became an icon of American sports. His name is forever identified with the University of California, Los Angeles, where in the 1960s and 1970s he built a basketball dynasty and coached Bruin teams to unprecedented success: ten national championships in twelve years, seven national titles in a row, four perfect seasons, and an eighty-eight-game winning streak all NCAA men's records that remain unrivaled. In this tenth volume of the Indiana Historical Society Press's celebrated Youth Biography Series, Barbara Olenyik Morrow traces the path of Wooden s career. Full of archival photos, this biography also shows how Wooden s story is inseparable from major events and social currents in the twentieth century, from the Great Depression to civil-rights struggles to campus unrest during the Vietnam War.

cloth / 256 pp / 2014 / 978-0871953612 / $17.95
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100 Things Hoosiers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

Stan Sutton

This guide to all things Hoosiers tells the history of Indiana University basketball across several decades and covers anything and everything a fan should know. It takes years of Hoosiers history and distills it to the absolute best and most compelling, identifying the personalities, events, and facts that every living and breathing fan should know without hesitation. Numbers, nicknames, memorable moments, singular achievements, and signature plays all highlight the list of 100. Stan Sutton, a longtime IU beat writer, has assembled all the information and achievements that are sure to educate and entertain new and old fans alike. In its century-plus of college basketball, Indiana University has established a winning tradition that includes five NCAA championships and 20 Big Ten conference championships, all of which is celebrated in this entertaining resource.

paper / 288 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781623680244 / $14.95
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This is Indiana

The Herald-Times

On a chilly Saturday in December 2011, Tom Crean led his Hoosier basketball players to an upset win over Kentucky, the #1-ranked basketball team in the nation. From that moment on, the revival of IU basketball was becoming a reality. Back in 2008, facing many challenges, Coach Tom Crean walked into Indiana's Assembly Hall, promising a return to glory for Indiana basketball. Four years later, led by Big Ten Freshman of the Year Cody Zeller and the brilliant lineup of Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Will Sheehey, Verdell Jones III, and Victor Oladipo, the Hoosiers went 24-7. Making it to the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen, the team once again faced the Wildcats in what would prove to be a thrilling season finale. A keepsake for Hoosiers and basketball lovers everywhere, This Is INDIANA will let you relive this incredible season—game by game, photo by photo.

paper / 128 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9780253008589 / $20.00
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Hinkle Fieldhouse: Indiana's Basketball Cathedral

Eric Angevine

Walk into Hinkle Fieldhouse, and you feel it-that palpable sense of history known as the Hinkle mystique. Indiana's basketball cathedral has stood in all its glory at Butler University since 1928. John Wooden, Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird played on its floor. Jesse Owens sprinted to a record at Hinkle, and athletes from around the globe have brought Olympic-level competition to crowds gathered under its steel arches. It was the setting for the climactic scene in Hoosiers, arguably the greatest sports movie ever made. It has hosted evangelists, ice shows, tennis matches, bike races and even roller derbies. Author Eric Angevine gets inside the paint in this complete Hinkle history, featuring archival photographs of the iconic structure and words from those who know it best.

2015 / 160 pp / 9781626196131 / $19.99
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Butler's Big Dance: The Team, the Tournament, and Basketball Fever

Susan Neville

The Butler Bulldogs advanced to the NCAA National Championship basketball game against Duke University upon defeating Michigan State on April 3, 2010. With only 4,500 students, Butler was the smallest school to play for a national championship since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985. Coached by Brad Stevens -- just three years into his position as head basketball coach -- the undefeated Bulldogs were a hometown team, playing before a hometown crowd on the national stage. Two days later, Butler lost narrowly to Duke, 61--59, but their run for the championship had become a national phenomenon. From her vantage point as a Butler professor, acclaimed writer Susan Neville observed (and participated in) Hoosier Hysteria firsthand. In Butler's Big Dance, she intertwines her recollections of the events with interviews, anecdotes, and photographs to bring readers a taste of the on-campus and courtside excitement of the Bulldogs' David-and-Goliath bid for the national title.

paper / 128 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-2532231-2-8 / $14.95
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Historic Hoosier Gyms: Discovering Bygone Basketball Landmarks

Kyle Neddenriep

Kick snow from your shoes and step into the warmth of the old Hoosier high school basketball gym, where farmers in overalls line the court and students heckle referees from planks above the bleachers. Revisit a unique era when nearly every town had a high school and its own basketball team. The gyms featured here no longer host high school games, but once they were home to the Ladoga Canners, the Mecca Arabs, the Roll Red Rollers, the Arlington Purple Breezes, the Warren Lightning Five and dozens more. Now they are elementary schools, community centers, fire stations, churches. Some are homes. Sadly, others are wasting away. But once again, the ball thuds in these gyms. The screams reverberate. The whistles blow. Join the Indianapolis Star's Kyle Neddenriep on this tour of one hundred former Hoosier high school basketball gyms.
paper / 212 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 9781596299467 / $19.99
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Getting Open: The Unknown Story of Bill Garrett and the Integration of College Basketball

Tom Graham and Rachel Graham Cody

Traces the story of the legendary basketball athlete who crossed racial barriers to play professionally in a league that had previously barred black players, in an account that documents the racially charged abuse he suffered throughout his career, his sale to the Harlem Globetrotters by the Celtics, and his work as a coach for the Indianapolis Crispus Attucks team.

cloth / $24.00
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"But They Can't Beat Us": Oscar Robertson and the Crispus Attucks Tigers

Randy Roberts

Ball State Men's Basketball, 1918-2003 examines the evolution of this popular program and focuses on the coaches, players, and traditions that played a part in the development of this American pastime in Indiana.

Images of Sports

paper / 128 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-7385-3163-4 / $19.99
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Major: A Black Athlete, a White Era, and the Fight to Be the World's Fastest Human Being

Todd Balf

MajorMajor is the gripping story of a superstar nobody saw coming--a classic underdog, aided by an unlikely crew:  a disgraced fight promoter, a broken ex-racer, and a poor upstate girl from New York who wanted to be a queen. It is also the account of a fierce rivalry that would become an archetypal tale of white versus black in the 20th century.  Most of all, it is the tale of our nation's first black sports celebrity-- a man who transcended the handicaps of race at the turn of the century to reach the stratosphere of fame.


cloth / 306 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-307-23658-6 / $24.00
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paper / 320 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0307236593 / $14.00
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Indianapolis Colts: The Complete Illustrated History

Lew Freedman

This fully illustrated history of the Indianapolis Colts celebrates the football team from its origins in Baltimore through the past three decades in Indianapolis. With fascinating stories and in-depth analysis, author Lew Freeman highlights Pro Football Hall of Famers such as the legendary Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, John Mackey, Gino Marchetti, Lenny Moore, Eric Dickerson, and Marshall Faulk. Coaches Don Shula and Tony Dungy are also featured prominently, as are the Irsay family and recent stars such as Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Andrew Luck.

224 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9780760343302 /$35.00
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Winning: From Walk-on to Captain in Football and Life

Gary Brackett

Framed within the frenzy leading up to a Super Bowl, Gary Brackett flashes back to the defining moments and lessons in his journey leading to the threshold of a championship season. With his heart metaphorically on his jersey sleeve, Gary invites the reader inside the world of NFL football and the drama leading up to the biggest game day of the year. Along the way, Gary provides glimpses of real-life heroes, on and off the field, as he recounts the stories in this touching testament to the memory of his mom, dad and brother.

cloth / 224 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781578605200 / $24.95 $14.97
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Football at Ball State University 1924-2001

E. Bruce Geelhoed

Using over 200 vintage photos, the author explores how football grew and developed at Ball State Univeristy from the Hoosieroons in 1924 to today.

Images of Sports series from Arcadia Press.

paper / 128 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 0-7385-1892-1 / $19.99
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Fighting Irish Madness: Great Eras in Notre Dame Football

Wilton Sharpe

"Fighting Irish Madness" is the story of Notre Dame football, the legendary players, the eleven championship teams, the explosive rivalry with Southern Cal, the all-time Notre Dame team, and the rosters from each national championship team. All of it is told by the players themselves, the coaches, opponents, fans, and members of the media.

paper / 272 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0610529012950 / $12.95
Order No. 2853


The Spirit of Notre Dame

Jim and Jeremy Langford

Celebrating the character and heritage of the University of Notre Dame, this collection of stories captures the spirit of an institution that has come to symbolize excellence and faith in action. A variety of places and personalities are described--from the Golden Dome to the Grotto, from faith-filled visionaries and world-renowned scholars to celebrated coaches and athletes--setting Notre Dame apart as an institution of mystique and grace that has deeply influenced millions of people. Included in these pages are stories of many of the university's most prominent leaders: its bold founder, Reverend Edward Sorin; Fathers Corby, Hesburgh, and Malloy; professors Frank O'Malley and Emil T. Hofman; and a host of graduates--such as Dr. Tom Dooley and Judge Ann Williams--who have made a difference in the world. Many of the school's most famous athletes, including legends of the gridiron Knute Rockne, Rudy Ruettinger, and Chris Zorich, are profiled alongside stories of miraculous comebacks and incredible victories, making this account a fascinating and inspiring story of scholars and champions.

cloth / 300 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 9780824525422 / $24.95
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Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football

Murray Sperber

This book traces the history of the Notre Dame football program, from its humble origins in the nineteenth century to its status as the paragon of college sports.

paper / 656 pp. / 1993 reprinted 2002 / ISBN 0-253-21568-4 / $24.95
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The Great Dan Patch and the Remarkable Mr. Savage

Tim Brady

At the turn of the twentieth century, when horses were everywhere, Dan Patch was one of the most famous of them all. His owner, M, W. Savage, promoted a variety of products under the Dan Patch name, making him the nation's first sports superstar. Here Tim Brady tells the fascinating story of an era, an entrepreneur and a well-loved horse who set a world record at the Minnesota State Fair that held for more than thirty years. Bonus DVD: Rare footage of Dan Patch racing, plus newsreels filmed at the farm where M. W. Savage raised and trained Dan and other horses.
cloth / 236 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 9781932472400 / $24.00
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 The Madison Regatta

Fred Farley & Ron Harsin

Each summer, a small miracle occurs in southern Indiana, when the little town of Madison becomes the hydroplane racing capital of the world as 100,000-plus people flock in for the Madison Regatta. The townsfolk, not merely content to host, also own the Miss Madison, one of the most successful hydroplanes on the circuit. In recent years, Miss Madison has emerged as the top hydroplane in the world, winning both the driver and hydroplane points standing multiple times. Roar down the Ohio with Fred Farley and Ron Harsin and revisit the long history of racing in this town and the sixty-plus years of the Madison Regatta. 



paper / 157 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-1-60649-300-4 / $19.99 $11.99
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Blood and Smoke: A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and the Birth of the Indy 500

Charles Leerhsen

Forty cars lined up for the first Indianapolis 500. We are still waiting to find out who won. The Indy 500 was created to showcase the controversial new sport of automobile racing, which was sweeping the country. Daring young men risked life and limb by driving automobiles at the astonishing speed of seventy miles per hour with no seat belts, hard helmets, or roll bars. When the Indianapolis Speedway opened in 1909, seven people were killed, some of them spectators. Oil-slicked surfaces, clouds of smoke, exploding tires, and flying grit all made driving extremely hazardous, especially with the open-cockpit, windshield-less vehicles. Most drivers rode with a mechanic, who pumped oil manually while watching out for cars attempting to pass, and drivers would sometimes throw wrenches or bolts at each other during the race. The night before an event the racers would take up a collection for the next day’s new widows. Although the 1911 Indy 500 judges declared Ray Harroun the official winner, there is reason to doubt that result, since Speedway authorities ordered the records to be destroyed. But Blood and Smoke is about more than a race. It is the story of America at the dawn of the automobile age, a country in love with speed, danger, and spectacle.

paper / 288 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 978-1439149058 / $15.00
Order No. 1537

For Gold and Glory: Charlie Wiggins and the African-American Racing Car Circuit

Todd Gould

The never-before-told story of "the Negro Speed King" and the African-American racing car circuit.

cloth / 212 pp. / 2002 / ISBN 0-253-34133-7 / $27.95
Order No. 2382

paper / $19.95
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Ghosts of Jungle Park

Tom W. Williams

History, Myth and Legend - The story of a place like no other. This is the history of Jungle Park, a resort and speedway built in the 1920's in west central Indiana at the introduction of the "speed age".

cloth / 330 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 1-891-390-49-X / $40.00
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The Kickin' Hoosiers

Kathryn L. Knapp

The Kickin’ Hoosiers covers 41 years of determination, celebration, success, and class. It profiles IU’s All-American players, the Hoosier soccer family, and the challenges that came with building the program into the powerhouse it is today. Packed with photos, memories, facts, and figures. The Kickin’ Hoosiers celebrates a winning tradition at Indiana University.

paper / 159 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 0-253-21741-5 / $19.95 $11.97
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Varsity Sports at Indiana University: A Pictorial History

Cecil K. Boyd and Ward W. Moore

Here is the first ever complete pictorial history of varsity athletics at Indiana University in Bloomington. Starting with baseball in 1883; followed by football, which became a varsity sport in 1887; up through women's track and women's soccer, this volume is a treasure.

cloth / 208 pp. / 1999 / ISBN 0-253-33578-7 / $39.95 $23.97
Order No. 2415