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Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Transition Waiver

All DMHA certified CA-PRTF Demonstration Grant service providers (as of September 30, 2012) automatically became a MFP-PRTF service provider (on October 1, 2012), without any additional documentation requirements, as long as the following criteria were met:

  • Provider was current and up-to-date with all certification requirements;
  • Provider was current and up-to-date with all DMHA-required trainings;
  • Provider was considered in “good standing” (Good standing is defined as having no open or pending investigations, incidents or complaints through FSSA or Department of Child Services); and
  • Provider status was Active, and not Suspended, Terminated or Closed.

As needed, to support this limited waiver program, additional child service agencies and providers in areas of need may continue to be recruited to become PRTF Transition Waiver service providers. Prospective service providers must complete the Provider Application and Certification processes, as defined in this section and in the PRTF Transition Waiver Provider Manual.

Provider Certification

Provider Recertification

Wraparound Practitioner Certification (WPC) Program

  • General Information (Information to be posted)
  • Certification & Training Program (Information to be posted)
  • WPC Forms (Information to be posted)

Provider Training

All providers are required to complete training based upon the type of service DMHA has authorized the provider to deliver. Refer to the Provider Manual for additional information about new provider and recertification training requirements. The provider manual is the DMHA Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Provider Manual located on the Indiana Medicaid website.

Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Training and Certification

For information about the CANS training and registration, click here. You can also receive additional information by contacting our CANS training (click here).

Billing for Services

Miscellaneous Provider Forms and Information