On My Way Pre-K Agreement Site Family Page

Background Information

The Early Education Matching Grant (EEMG) program, established by the Indiana General Assembly in 2013 was repealed in the 2017 Legislative Session. The current Early Education Matching Grant sites are now eligible On My Way Pre-K providers if:

  1. They received a matching grant before it's repeal in the state fiscal year beginning June 30, 2016, and ending before July 1, 2017.
  2. They meet the requirements of an eligible provider for On My Way Pre-K.
  3. They participate in the prekindergarten pilot program each year continuously.

Latest Updates:

5/26/2017: The Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning is pleased to announce the following former EEMG grantees (click to see participating programs) have agreed to continue offering high quality On My Way Pre-K grants to families in their communities. Families who are interested in receiving a pre-K education for their child at these locations should contact these On My Way Pre-K Agreement sites directly.

Eligibility requirements for children and families:

  1. Child must be 4 but not yet 5 years old by August 1.
  2. Child must be a resident of Indiana.
  3. Families must earn less than 127% of federal poverty level (FPL).
    Size of Family Unit Monthly Yearly
    1 $1,257.00 $15,088.00
    2 $1,695.00 $20,345.00
    3 $2,134.00 $25,603.00
    4 $2,572.00 $30,861.00
    5 $3,010.00 $36,119.00
    6 $3,448.00 $41,377.00

  4. Parents/guardians in the household must have a service need (working, going to school, attending job training).