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September 16, 2004

Statewide Provider Forum Changes

The following changes are a result of provider forum participant comments:

Effective October 1, 2004, all First Steps' providers identified in Issue Clarification No. 04-0901-040 (April 1, 2002) will be required to attend one half-day Mandatory Cluster Forum (previously named Annual Provider Forum) held in their local service area between February and June and complete 4 quarterly Training Newsletters (see information below). Each cluster will be responsible for holding at least one half-day Mandatory Cluster Forum. Each Forum will contain State and program updates, a training item and local provider information. Providers are required to register through the UTS Connect Office and attend a Forum in the Cluster where they provide the greatest amount of services. If a provider is not able to attend a Forum in their Cluster, they may attend a Forum in another Cluster. If a Provider needs to change the registration, for example: attending a different Forum than what was originally indicated, the Provider will need to contact the UTS Connect Office at 1-800-887-1467 for an adjustment to their registration. Those Providers not able to attend a half-day Mandatory Cluster Forum must contact Provider Enrollment via email at: and they will be advised by CRO/Provider Enrollment how to make up the missed Cluster Forum. Providers who do not contact Provider Enrollment for make-up requirements will not receive credit for First Steps credentialing purposes and will risk termination of their provider agreement.

In addition to the half-day Mandatory Cluster Forums, a quarterly Training Newsletter will be published. The newsletter will contain state updates, issue clarifications and articles of interest to all First Steps Providers. Credentialing points will be granted for reading each Training Newsletter and completing a short Continuing Education test and evaluation. All Providers will be responsible for paying the annual training fee of $60.00. This fee will include the registration fee for the required half-day Mandatory Cluster Forum and the four quarterly Training Newsletters.

If you are a current Provider and have never attended a full-day forum please contact Provider Enrollment immediately at the email address indicated above. If you are a new provider (enrolling on or after 10-01-04) you will be required to attend the half-day Mandatory Cluster Forum in addition to the quarterly Training Newsletters.

Issue Clarification 04-904-040-A is an addendum to the First Steps Personnel Standards and removes the requirement for Providers to attend the two (2) Annual Provider Forums previously required (Issue Clarification 04-904-040).