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Cast Opportunities

VH1 Dating Show


Project Type: Television

Audition Location: Burbank, CA

Audition Date: 4/15/2014 - 5/14/2014 (10 am - 7 pm)

About the Project
a new dating show for VH1 Are you tired of being single?
Do you find the bar scene exhausting?
Tried every online dating site imaginable and not finding anyone worth your time?
For those who are ready to make themselves VULNERABLE and fully EXPOSE who they are, a new dating show is proving a chance to find love.
Interested males and females who are 21 and over should respond and us a little about yourself and your dating history.
What has gone wrong? What are you looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Project Filming Dates: 06/02/2014-06/14/2014

Casting Needs

Men and Women Daters

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Torriel C. Simon




TV Show Looking for an Interesting Midwestern Family


Pitch 5 Productions, a TV production company based in Los Angeles, is working with a cable network to search for an interesting Midwestern family to serve as the focus for a proposed TV series. Qualities of this family might include the following:

A family that is influential in a small or medium-size town or city;
A family full of strong, colorful personalities, as well as people who want to be on TV. 
A family running a unique, exciting small business. Pitch 5 has been warned away from farms as businesses in the past.

Anyone with questions or suggestions can email Donovan Jacobs, Vice President of Development, at donovanjacobs442@yahoo.com.


Two Rednecks and a Pharaoh


Project Type: Student Film

Audition Location: TBD

Audition Date: By Appointment

About the Project
Comedy. While camping in the woods, two rednecks come across an ancient tablet which they mistake for "one of them rare Canadian square-rocks". They come to learn that it has the power to grant wishes, but when it breaks, it releases a powerful Pharaoh who proclaims that they will suffer his wrath.

Project Filming Dates: April 18 and 19

Casting Needs

MERLE - White, male, age 30-50

CLETUS - White, male, age 30-50

PHARAOH - Any race/Ethnicity, male, age 30-50

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please email a headshot and resume if you have it to 2rednecksfilm@gmail.com


Casting Call for a Major Broadcast Network


Doron Ofir Casting is proud to introduce the official casting for a brand new docu-series on a major network, where single parents and their teens (ages 14-20) are whisked away on a summer vacation they will remember forever.

This is a perfect opportunity for single parents and their teenage kids to embark on an idyllic summertime adventure, meet new people, and make new friends that will last a lifetime.  

Spend the lazy days of summer basking in the sun, grilling, boating, splashing in the waves; sharing those warm summer nights partying, dancing, and living it up with like minded social singles and their teens.  For all you single parents, if you’re ready for that perfect summer getaway, we’re looking for you.

Summertime Share gives single parents and their teenagers the picturesque summer they’ve always wanted, even if they didn’t know it was exactly what they needed. If you’re ready for the most memorable season of your life, apply now at:www.summertimecasting.com

Get ready to experience the great bonding moments and most exciting social adventure ever, a vacation that’s sure to have everything under the summer sun: love, laugh, dance, play and live the dream under the stars.




Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: IUPUI

Audition Date: 4/9 - 4/16 (12-4 pm)

About the Project
A man awakes to find himself with no recollection of why he is in the hospital. Also, noticing he has a strange glowing tube attached to his arm. Will he find the answers he needs or will it be too late?

Project Filming Dates: 4/13, 4/20

Casting Needs

Chuck: 30 - 45 year old, caucasian male, preferably bald with glasses

Hospital Orderly workers: 2, 20 - 30 year old, male or female,

Doctors: 2, 20 - 40 year old, male or female

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Email your headshots, acting experience and/or resume (not-required)

 to: chasekitchens28@aol.com


 text/call: (317) 691-3228


FOX Television's "Utopia"


Project Type: Television

Audition Location: Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit

Audition Date: TBD

About the Project
FOX Television’s “Utopia” – NOW CASTING

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the society you're living in? Do you have what it takes to create a better one?


UTOPIA follows 15 inhabitants as they leave their everyday lives to move to an isolated and undeveloped location – for up to an entire year – where they'll create their own world. They will make every decision about how they will live, work, and what the rules and laws of UTOPIA will be.


Project Filming Dates: Fall 2014-Fall 2015

Casting Needs

We’re seeking passionate, adventurous individuals from all walks of life with the ideas, skills, and determination needed to start a new society.

Non-Union / Paid

For More Information





Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: By Appointment

Audition Date: March and April 2014

About the Project
Liberty or Death Productions has opened casting for their next short film "Chrysalis" (working title) a horror-toned story of personal liberation set in the mid 1960's. Jessica is a housewife who has developed an unhealthy fixation on her favorite soap opera, a fixation her husband tries to break her of.

Project Filming Dates: March and April 2014

Casting Needs

Roles are available for 1 female 20-40 and 1 male 20-40.

Non-Union / Paid

For More Information

For more info and to arrange an audition contact James Mannan through my facebook page or at james@libertyordeathprod.com. Get more info on our company at www.libertyordeathprod.com.




Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: First Methodist Church 9690 E 116th St Fishers, IN 46037

Audition Date: Thursday March 20th ( 7pm)

About the Project
Nick (26), a washed up med school dropout, scrapes by at his job at the local bowling alley, telling himself that someday he’ll go back to school. When he witnesses a regular customer have a fight with her fiancé, he tries to help her, but in doing so, he risks losing his job. His attempt to help her forces him to face the lies he’s told himself.

Project Filming Dates: April - TBA

Casting Needs

Lead Roles
Number: 2
Sex: One male, one female
Ages: twenties

Supporting Roles
Number: 3
Sex: one female, two males
Ages: Female between 40-60, Male between 35-45, Male between 5-9

Lead Role Bios

NICK (26)
Having studied anthropology and spent two semesters in medical school, Nick is smart, but he’s stuck. Kicked out of med school for a plagiarized paper, he’s been unable to find a good job because his degree left him without any hard skills. He works at the local bowling alley, which he doesn’t mind, but it’s not his passion. He wants to help people, and he excels at it. But he can’t help himself. Telling himself that he’ll eventually go back to school, he’s not doing anything to make it happen. He’s lost touch with his mom, despite her calls, and he lives alone in a trailer home. When he sees Natalie have a fight with her fiancé, he takes the opportunity to help her solve her problems. He doesn’t expect her to hold the mirror up in front of him.

Adept at coming off friendly and upbeat, Natalie is not the kind of person expected to have an explosive break-up. She comes from a wealthier background than Nick, but doesn’t carry the typical entitlements. Vulnerable and honest, she’s able to open up about her problems, even though she doesn’t know Nick very well. And, she’s able to tell Nick the hard truth he doesn’t want to hear. Natalie is grateful for Nick’s help, but there’s no romance here. She still considers herself in a committed relationship, and wishes to see it through the rough patches.

Supporting Roles

TERRY (40s)
The manager of the bowling alley, and Nick’s unsympathetic boss. He doesn’t see Nick trying to be kind, he sees him being nosy. Beyond wanting more work out of him, Terry is entirely indifferent to Nick’s existence.

NICK’S MOM (50s)
Never seen, Nick’s mother only speaks with him over the telephone. She calls him several times throughout, but Nick only answers once, when he’s defeated beyond caring. She’s missed him, and apologizes for how she guilted and nagged him over the medical school incident. She mentions his father, who passed away years ago.

THE BOY (5-9)
A capricious little boy with a green balloon. He interacts briefly with Nick, never speaking, only taking and destroying Nick’s gift of an origami swan.

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information



Audition Location instructions:

First Methodist Church

9690 E 116th St

Fishers, IN 46037


Located off of 116th St, head to the back parking lot. Enter through door 4, and go up the stairs, straight ahead to the back of the building to Room 203.


The Charley Hopp Show


Project Type: Television

Audition Location: Frankfort, IN

Audition Date: April 1 - April 30

About the Project
The Charley Hopp Show is a slapstick "Benny Hill" style sketch comedy show starting production in May 2014 here in north central Indiana. This is a 30 minute TV show. 26 shows (1st Season) to be shot starting in May 2014.

Project Filming Dates: May - Sept 2014

Casting Needs

Looking for female actresses ages 18-30, males actors ages 40-80. Contact us by email to arrange initial meeting. 

When contacting us please send a face photo. No acting experience needed!

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Contact us at:  charleyhopp@yahoo.com

See some of show on Youtube at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmHSd3kQhhQ


Two top bridal boutiques want to show YOU who's... BEST IN BRIDAL


Do you get told you should have your own show ALL the time?
Is the spotlight always on you?  And if not... should it be? 

If that's the case and you need a drop dead dazzlin' dress for your trip down the aisle... this could be the show for you!

Half Yard Productions (Say Yes to the Dress, Randy to the Rescue, I Found the Gown) have teamed up with a major cable/lifestyle network to help you (or someone you know) find a gorgeous gown!  Whether you’re a classic queen bee bride on the hunt for a traditional gown that packs a punch, an emotional gal who needs help getting over some bridal blues or a modern style maven looking for a dress with a twist you can’t find anywhere, we can solve your dress dilemma!

As long as your diva potential is high, then all you have to do is shop till you drop and let US put an end to the drama!

Here’s how you get started!

If you have a HUGE personality, a very opinionated entourage, are willing to travel to the greater Chicago area, and would LOVE to be on camera, then email us your contact info (full name, phone number, age, where you live etc.) and some photos ASAP to BestinBridal@gmail.com 





FOOD NETWORK and the producers behind GUY’S GROCERY GAMES are gearing up for the much anticipated 5th Season of THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE! Have you been dreaming of owning and operating your very own food truck? Well, you are in luck! Acclaimed chef and host of The Great Food Truck Race, TYLER FLORENCE, is once again giving you the opportunity to START YOUR OWN FOOD TRUCK!

YOUR DREAM. YOUR CUISINE. And YOUR cooking skills transformed into your very own mobile restaurant. 

Have you been dreaming of owning and operating your very own food truck but haven’t had the means to do it? Do you have a small mom and pop food shop that you would love to expand into a truck? Are you the hottest selling stand at your Farmer’s Market? Or, maybe you HAD a brick and mortar restaurant, but had to shut down? This could be your chance to resurrect your business and start over!

We are currently searching for passionate chefs and cooks from all walks of life - trained chefs, amateur chefs, line cooks, sous chefs, home cooks and dedicated foodies to compete for the chance to OWN and operate their very first FOOD TRUCK. 

You will choose two teammates to make up your food truck dream team. Whether it’s your best friends, your siblings, your parents, your culinary school classmates, or your kids – this team should be made up of you and the people you trust and know the very best! We provide the rest ... the truck, the supplies, and the adventure of a lifetime.

If you're selected, you and your two teammates will embark on an epic coast-to-coast culinary road trip to convince Americans that you have what it takes to make it in the food truck business! You’ll build relationships, build a brand, and hopefully out-cook the competition! The last team standing wins their very owngourmet food truck and big cash prize!

To apply, please send an email to:  foodtruckracecasting@rtvshows.com 
with the following information:

Subject Line: The Great Food Truck Race Casting

Your name, age, phone number, photo, proposed teammates (and their photos), description of your culinary background, and the idea for your truck!

**Food truck newbies ONLY, please! You must have NEVER owned/run your own food truck to be considered** 


The Paper Cup Movie


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Online

Audition Date: 2/21/14 - 4/30/14

About the Project
Local unemployment office workers get terminated without notice and must finish out their last day facing a gunman who wants his unemployment check.

"Paper Cup" is a satirical comedy/drama about the lives of a small band of local unemployment office workers who get canned themselves and have to finish out their last day locked inside the office with a gunman who wants his money. Woven into the script is a love/hate story between the office manager and his boss, Madison Drake, a.k.a., "Boss Muffin," who is the culprit behind firing his staff.

Project Filming Dates: Weekends/ July & August 2014

Casting Needs







MADISON: REGIONAL MANAGER, must transition from early 20's to 30's, White






MAC: GUNMAN, 40's, White

Extras are also needed

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements
Headshot, Prepared Monologue

For More Information

Interested parties should go to the following website http://larryecoleman.wix.com/this-script-rocks

Click the casting opportunities link, select a sample script file for the character they are auditioning for and just make a ordinary youtube video of their reading (can be made on their camcorder or camera phone) I'm more intersted in the delivery of the script and backers of the film will weigh in on who they like.

Email video link of reading, headshot and resume to larryecoleman54@gmail.com


Above the Fruited Plains


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis or Bloomington

Audition Date: TBA

About the Project
This coming of age story takes place in the heartland of America. Abe and Cammy escape from home and learn the big lessons as they navigate into a better life. A hopeful adulthood.

Project Filming Dates: June-Aug (weekends)

Casting Needs

Abe:  15. (White) A mixed up teen who seeks to man-up without the role model to show him how. An outsider who wants to play big man with another man’s drugs.

Cammy:  A reserved mixed (African-American/Caucasian) girl of 15- whose creative spark has been hidden away for so many years. 

Evie:  An overwrought, over worked, downtrodden woman - betrayed by her man and her land and disappointed with her child.

Doug:  30-40. (White) Absentee father of lead character- sees as self-disciplined but a bigot and narcissist.

Denny:  Wiry vicious sort. Controlling and calculating with terrible addictions

Thad:  A thick late 20s/early 30s gruff bearded dude with a certain charm but with a depressing practicality and lack of morals.

Librarian:  A modest practical woman- moralistic and hypocritical.

Coach:  A 38yr overweight former jock with cold blue eyes.

Teacher:  A teacher whose passion is fading as her temper is rising. 

Stoic old man:  Proud veteran forced to be with dregs and perverts unaware he is one.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please get ahold of Emma Loveland at: eklovela@gmail.com or call 812-320-9232


Sci-Fi Short Film


Audition Location: Email

About the Project
We are currently looking for actors to take part in our short film. This is a short sci-fi film about time travel.

Project Filming Dates: April - July 2014

Casting Needs

R- Male 30's Medium 30's body build, semi muscular, no piercing, or tattoos, short hair and facial hair is optional.

A- Male late 30's Large body build, full on muscular, no piercing, showing military or biker tattoos and facial hair optional.

M- Male late 20's early 30's Large body build, full on muscular, no piercing, showing military or biker tattoos and no facial hair.

E- Male 20's Medium body build, semi muscular, no piercing, or tattoos, buzzed hair and semi facial hair.

Dr. E- Male 20's Small body build, not muscular, no piercing or tattoos, semi short hair kind of longer, no facial hair.

Dr. F- Male 20's Small body build, not muscular, no piercing or tattoos, semi short hair kind of longer, no facial hair.

D- Male late 40's early 50's Large body build, full on muscular, no piercing or tattoos, and facial hair.

Z- Female late 30's early 40's Trashy close, homeless bum.

P#1- Male No specific look

P#2- Male No specific look

P#3- Male No specific look

Woman No specific look

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

If interested, please email mooreproductionz@yahoo.com with the following info:

Character wanting to play
Contact info (phone, email, etc.)
Previous acting info, if any