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Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis/Terre Haute

Audition Date: 10/14/2015 @ 12 pm

About the Project
Near the end of WWII, many cities were ransacked and destroyed in record time in Germany. These cities and towns housed completely innocent German citizens who were just simply caught up in a bad place at a really bad time. We tell the story of how an innocent life can be brutally torn to shreds by outside forces he has nothing to do with. This is the story of how evil can prey on the innocent.

Project Filming Dates: 10/28/2015

Casting Needs

Erich - main character's caretaker/butler 20-40 male


Near Dead Nazi Germany soldier - younger male, can perform the Deutsch lines


American Soldier - between 20 - 35 darker hair


Also looking for loyal cast members to help with this.

I need of some WWII gear from both parties, and really need some country flags from that time period. 

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Please send me a resume and or photo and your skills list to nwp.filmss@gmail.com

In person auditions are not mandatory for the position.

If you love history, and short films, this is for you.

Expires 10/28/2015




Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Video Audition

Audition Date: Anytime

About the Project
A girl who runs away after she kills her abusive father and her mother is out to get revenge on her and kill her boyfriend because she was like dangerously in love with her abusive husband.

Project Filming Dates: Fall - Winter

Casting Needs

Demetri: 22, tall with facial hair, thin but muscular, loner.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

if interested please email tacheproductions@yahoo.com

Expires 10/17/2015


The Storyteller


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis

Audition Date: TBA

About the Project
A young girl claiming to be immortal is placed in a foster home, uniting an unlikely family as she explores a world teeming with magic to escape the traumas of a dark past.

Project Filming Dates: June 2016

Casting Needs

Carol - Female

Nurse - Female

Radiologist - Male or Female

Physician Assistant - Male or Female

Police Officer w/ Dog - Male or Female

Local Indiana Rock Band

Paid / Non-Union

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Audition time and location to be announced.  Looking at headshots, resumes, and websites at this time.  Thank you.

Please send to movieupm@gmail.com

Expires 12/25/2015


Lungs Less Than Heart


Project Type: Feature Film

About the Project
This fall we will be shooting a film called “Lungs Less Than Heart”. It is a romantic comedy that involves thematic elements of identity. It's a love story between Leo Morris and Virginia Burnett, and it questions what it means to be cool.

We are searching for anyone with a passion for acting. Given that the script is around 83 pages long, we want to start casting as soon as possible. For more information, and details about the characters, feel free to email or call us and we can set up a meeting.

Project Filming Dates: September-October 2015

Casting Needs

Female Actor - Virginia Burnett - Lead - She should look like she's in high school, hip, popular, no preference for hair/eye color, race, etc.

Male Actor - Davey "The Dickkicker" McDaniels - Supporting - He should look around high-school age, a little older, deeper voice, cool, calm, a badass, taller than 5'11'', shorter than 6'2'', no preference for hair/eye color, race, etc.

4 Parents - Supporting - two moms, two dads, look 40-50 years old, no preference for anything else

Male Actor - The Fighter - Supporting - roughly 6'2'', burley, big, no preference for anything else

Female Actor - Jenny Fischer - Supporting - looks roughly high-school aged, no preference for anything else

Male Actor - Zac Caprous - Supporting - younger, looks roughly 16, no preference for anything else

Female Actor - Jamie Dawsen - Supporting - younger, looks roughly 16, no preference for anything else

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Email - huhuddle@umail.iu.edu

Call or Text - (219)-241-3416

Expires 10/31/2015


Sparks Fly


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: 111 E 16th Street, Indianapolis

Audition Date: Wednesday, September 2 ­­ 6:00PM ­­ 9:00PM / Tuesday, September 8 ­­ 6:00PM ­­ 9:00PM

About the Project
Synopsis: Michael is in relationship with his girlfriend (Heather) for over a year. He has begun to feel exhausted and uninterested in the relationship because of constant disagreements.

After Heather and Michael break up, Michael moves out of the apartment with the help of his friend, Nate.

As they are moving out, they see a woman named Amy who Michael had seen before around town and at the coffee shop they frequent.

And, a few days later Michael goes out with Amy. As Amy and Michael’s relationship progresses, and they move in together, Michael begins to have some odd feelings about how Amy never has an opinion of her own, always agreeing with him, and is giving off this ‘stepford wife’ vibe, but slightly more awkward. Michael begins to ask himself why is she always happy, exhaustingly interested in him, and hyper excited all the time.

After an unusual and shocking situation between Michael and Amy, Michael realizes something about his relationship with Heather and in the end we see them back together.

Project Filming Dates: Monday, September 21, 2015

Casting Needs

Character BIOS:

Michael, a young professional, a well-­rounded man, attractive, has been dating Heather for a little over a year. They have hit a rough patch in their relationship and Michael feels he’s had enough. Trying to find someone, Michael meets Amy and they begin dating.

[HEATHER][GENDER: FEMALE][AGE:  27 - 29] Heather is a fun cute woman in her later 20s. She is a young professional. Down to earth. She begins to be too comfortable in her relationship with Michael. She loves Michael, but, some hurtful things are said and they split up.

[AMY][GENDER:  FEMALE][AGE:  27 - 29]
Amy is a slender­-framed, delicate woman. She is beautiful, with a unique and maybe slightly ethereal look to her. She has a pleasant and alluring disposition. She seems to always have a kind smile.

[NATE][GENDER:  MALE][AGE:  29 - 34]
Nate, Michael’s best friend. He’s similar to Michael but maybe a bit more down to earth. Relaxed, stylish,  and has a good head on his shoulders.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements
Please provide headshot and acting experience in email. This is an open casting call.

Call Backs:
You will be notified by email with the offer of the role.

For More Information

Casting Director:  Amelia Tyson

Email:  amelia.tyson@gmail.com

Phone:  256.457.8713

Expires 10/11/2015



Are you a young women and men considering a DRASTIC life change? 

An all new television series is seeking men & women ages 18-32 who are preparing for a HUGE life change. If you are considering a quitting your career, your educational path, or another major aspect of your life to pursue something drastically different, Screaming Flea Production in conjunction with a major television network wants to hear your story. 

Maybe you are dropping out of law school to pursue your passion of becoming a singer...

Perhaps you're moving away from the your family's farm to be a entrepreneur in the big city 

Or maybe you are trading in your party girl or guy lifestyle to become a religious missionary

Whatever you're individual situation maybe, if you are considering leaving behind your current life and embarking on a completely new journey, we want to hear from you. 

Please apply @ https://pitmancastinginc.formstack.com/forms/i_quit_application