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Cast Opportunities

When a ex-beauty queen signs her daughter up for a beauty pageant there is one slight problem – she has no hair! Inspired by a true story.


Project Type: Here is the link --> https://karmiccourage.wordpress.com/wigd-out/

Audition Location: refer to link- https://karmiccourage.wordpress.com/wigd-out/

Audition Date: refer to link https://karmiccourage.wordpress.com/wigd-out/

About the Project
When a ex-beauty queen signs her daughter up for a beauty pageant there is one slight problem – she has no hair! Inspired by a true story.

Written by Sandy Ott Rusk, Olivia Rusk, Kate Chaplin and Clair Wilcher.
Directed by Kate Chaplin.

32 Speaking Roles Available. 22 Non-Speaking Roles Available. 7 Scenes Needing Extras. Union/Non-union.
In person casting call April 25-26 from 10am-6pm at Cambria Suites, 13500 Tegler Dr, Noblesville, Indiana.

Casting Needs

Cast Breakdowns
• Lead Role – Olivia – Female, looks 16, confident, skateboarder
• Lead Role – Flora – Female, 40’s, ex-pageant queen turned salon owner, out of the box thinker.
• Supporting Role – Morgan – Female, looks 15-16, big hair, snarky, outgoing
• Supporting Role – Ben – Male, Looks 11-14, skateboarder, pesky but adorable.
• Supporting Role – Joan – Female, 30’s goth, works at the salon
• Supporting Role – Antonio – Male, latin look, 30-45, fab-u-loss-ly gay.
• Supporting Role – Maude – Female, 40’s, nail tech, sweet, a wise face.
• Supporting Role – Loralee – Female, 40’s ex-pageant queen, author and beauty coach
• Supporting Role – Sharlette – Female, looks 15-16, mean girl, pageant girl
• Supporting Role – Chad – Male, looks 15-16, assissant manager at the skate shop
• 2 Announcers – One for a pageant one for a skateboarding championship
• Chip – Male, 40-50 Game Show host look and voice, also sings.
• Ed – Male, 40-50, health inspector, handyman, sweet
• Manager Joe – Male, 35-50 runs a pizza shop
• Mason – Male, 25-40 Skateboarding champion (doesn’t skateboard in the movie)
• Mrs. Carter – 50-70 sweet lady who likes to get her hair done regularly
• Pizza Clerk – 16-25
• Young Olivia – Looks 4 years old and another girls who looks 8, preferably a young girl who has Alopecia
• 9 Pageant girls – ages 13-17. Four have featured roles with lines.
• 6 Clients getting their hair/nails done. Any age. Few with lines.
• Parents – Two of the pageant’s parents, non speaking
• Books Signing Extra’s
• Coffee Shop Extra’s
• Skateboarding Competition Crowd Extra’s
• Fundraiser Party Extra’s
• Pageant Crowd Extra’s
• High School Extra’s


Email for an appointment time officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com
Walk ins are welcome.
Video Submissions are welcome. Send a link to a comedic or dramatic monolgue officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com. Include your resume and headshot.

Not specified

Audition Requirements
Email for an appointment time officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com
Video Submissions are welcome. Send a link to a comedic or dramatic monolgue officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com. Include your resume and headshot.

For More Information

Karmic Courage Productions
Production Office


ODIUM: Vindicta


Project Type: Web Series

About the Project
The upcoming web series Odium aims to re-invent and re-invigorate the indie horror scene. It combines elements of psychological thriller, slasher cinema and Hitchcockian twists in an original story of epic scale. It will follow Saul's journey to deal with his past and his struggle to calm his troubled, damaged mind and find something resembling peace and normalcy. It will explore the disturbing actions and decisions of some of Manesville's prestigious, wealthy inhabitants, as they are being pushed to the edge by the gruesome murders that start to happen and trap the town in fear and panic. It will observe the police investigators, as they are trying to put the pieces together and understand what is happening in their town. And most of all it will draw the audience into a story where things are not what they seem and where the lines between good and evil are always blurred.

Project Filming Dates: weekends

Casting Needs

This production is a web series and most of the characters being cast are recurring. This means that we are looking for people who are dedicated and have the time and means to travel to sets in and around Indianapolis, IN on a semi-regular basis on weekends whenever required. Please only apply if you can meet this demand.

NOTE:  We have officially marked this casting call as "Unpaid" to avoid misunderstandings. However, all cast and crew work on a back pay contract, meaning if and when the project generates profit and/or gets funded, cast and crew will get paid according to the terms of the contract. We are actively seeking funding and have several interested parties.

Character BIOS:

Kali Stevens       
GENDER: female             
AGE: late 20s
Kali moved to Manesville about 3 years ago. She is a real estate agent but has not had much luck selling any properties lately, especially competing with Anthony Knight. Financial conditions and her party attitude are straining her relationship with Elle, her girlfriend. Will they work out their problems, choose to go separate ways, or will tragedy strike?

Tristan Davidson              
GENDER: male  
AGE: 28
Tristan is a business owner in the small town of Manesville and is madly in love with his wife Angela, heir of one the town’s founders. Although his family is from the other side of the tracks, he never got into trouble himself. Will Tristan learn the truth about Angela?

Nick Clemens                    
GENDER: male  
AGE: 27
Nick is best friends with Tristan Davidson; they met in college playing football together. However, he is also in love with Angela, Tristan’s wife, yet has a steady girlfriend, Shannon. Additionally, Nick does not hold back his opinions. Will this get Nick some enemies around town?

Portman Riley   
GENDER: male  
AGE: mid 40
Portman is the lead detective in Manesville. Although he appears to play by the rules, Portman has dark secrets he would like to keep hidden. Therefore, he is very standoffish about his personal life. Will his new rookie partner, Kara, break down this barrier?

Michelle Bailey
GENDER: female             
AGE: early 23
Michelle moved to Manesville with her boyfriend Seth, only to find that the relationship ends up going sour quickly. Will she stay in Manesville or decide to go back to Cincinnati?

Charles Gentry
GENDER: male  
AGE: mid 30s
Charles is a Jehovah’s Witness that is training the new kid, Gabriel, when they stumble upon a gruesome scene while going door to door in a quiet neighborhood. Will Charles lose faith in humanity?

Gabriel Kendrick              
GENDER: male
AGE: early 20s
Gabriel is trying to learn the ropes from Charles, but cannot seem to control his hormones. That is until one knock leads to a vivid memory he will never forget. Will this drive Gabriel over the edge?

Amanda Pine                    
GENDER: male  
AGE: early 20s
Amanda is a cute server at the bar in town. She cannot keep her eyes off Nick. Will Amanda’s persistence cause her trouble later?

Jim Goodman   
GENDER: male  
AGE: 40s

Nancy Goodman             
GENDER: female             
AGE: 40s
Jim and Nancy are a couple at the town bar. They give the impression that they are regulars.

Kyle Moore                       
GENDER: male  
AGE: mid 20s

Justin Finch                        
GENDER: male  
AGE: mid 20s
Friends of Jerry Dawson’s that go with him to Saul’s house, knowing Jerry is a hot head.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements
With your submission, please include:
Contact Number
Head Shot
Full Body Shot
Monologue Video Submission (Link to unlisted YouTube video acceptable)

For More Information

Company: Big Bad Loud Entertainment

Director: Shane Butler

Contact Email for BBL Entertainment: casting@bblentertainment.com



Expires 5/30/2015


Open Marriage Casting Call


Project Type: Television

Audition Date: 4/6/15 - 5/10/15

About the Project
Have you ever thought some time apart from your husband or wife might do your relationship some good? Are you considering splitting up from your spouse? If you are, we want to talk to you. We are looking for married couples who are either considering splitting up from their spouse or are considering the concept of an open marriage. We want to tell your story on a television series for a major cable network. Please submit a small bio about yourself, including your current marital situation, as well as any recent photos or videos.

Project Filming Dates: 5/18/15 - 5/31/15

Casting Needs

Spouses - can be any sexual orientation aged: 25-45.


For More Information

Please send all submissions to casting@nancyglassproductions.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

 Expires 5/10/2015


Diecast Sentai


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: via Skype

Audition Date: April 1st - 30th

About the Project
Diecast Sentai, a MagiKulu Productions short film series, is preparing casting for another installment. Searching for a variety of people to fill the spots of the heroes. Diecast Sentai is a comedy/action series inspired by Japanese children's television, trying to capture the ability to entertain all ages. Diecast Sentai has a beach theme to it, so all actors must be willing to appear shirtless, all actresses willing to appear in swimwear or something similar, with exposed stomach, etc. Exact costume details will be discussed in auditions. All roles also require a slight degree of stunt fighting, can be taught on set if willing.

Project Filming Dates: September to October, 2015, Weekends only.

Casting Needs

OX MUSTARD: Some yo-yo skill required. Age 19-24, male. Son of a military colonel, idolized him, planned to follow in his footsteps, grew up playing wargames with him, got hit in the head hard during one, lost sight in one eye, banned from joining military, has a job at Costco

VIOLET MARTIN: Age 19-24, female. The stylist cosplayer, former beauty queen in high school who discovered comics and anime in college (on her beauty queen scholarship). Fell in love with geekdom, used design major as a launching board for professional cosplay career

EPHRAIM GOLDFINCH: Age 12-24, male. Skateboard skills REQUIRED. Son of an extreme sport cyclist, loves math and accounting. Even though super talented naturally on skateboard, his father supports his dreams.

SKYE LARK SILVER: Age 12-16, female. The con-artist. Wealthy, spoiled by her mother, her father is doing time in prison on drug charges. Found her escape in smoking, which she picked up at age 9, dreams of one day rising above her life like the clouds.

COOPER FALCONE: Age 12-18, male. Grew up in Detroit, picked up rapping at age 4, just signed his first record deal.

HAWKE STEELE: Age 16-22, male. The gearhead, works part-time after school in a garage. Convinced he's a lady's man, but the girls actually think he's a bit metro. Still sits in the fancy cars and pretends he's racing them.

ROSE MINKOS: Age 18-31, female. Soccer player who tore her ACL in high school, losing her college scholarship. Works in the mall in her hometown, but volunteers to teach soccer to kids after school to find fulfillment in her life.

PIDGE WHITE: Age 18-26, female. Grew up far too rich for anyone's good, daughter of an oil tycoon, spoiled beyond belief, bored by common life. Discovered the great literature in her family's library at 15, began writing herself at 16. Has immense skill in visualization, use of metaphor and simile, but her parents would prefer she focus on a "real career" other than the arts, and have banned her from getting a degree in writing.

RAVEN KNIGHT: Age 18-24, female. Dark, brooding, quiet, but when she speaks, has cutesy, high-pitched voice.

KITTY STARK: Age 20-26, female. "The good twin." Drummer in metal band, studying to be a music teacher in college. Heart of gold, secretly a sweet southern girl underneath her hard exterior. Will require actress to wear prop armor and helmet.

ANGEL STARK: Age 20-26, male. "The bad twin." Attends all his sister's concerts, total metalhead. Arrested while a kid for boosting cars. Stabbed two guys to death outside a concert and is serving time in prison. Secretly overheard them planning to attack his sister when she exited the stage door, but never brought it up in court. Will require actor to wear prop armor and helmet.

If any questions, please contact me!

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements
Headshot, Prepared Monologue

For More Information

Contact Craig Freeman at kulu_2000@hotmail.com

Expires 5/1/2015


The Wolf is at the Door


Project Type: Short Film

About the Project
Project Description (logline)
My name is Earl Wayne Crabtree II. Currently I am preparing for my first short film, "The Wolf is at The Door." A young police detective simply tries to make it back home from a long business trip, but the odds are not in his favor. A horrifying unknown entity appears to be luring this man into darkness. Fans of Stanley Kubrick will adore this linear, yet confusing tale.

I have the scripted completed. If interested in helping make this project come to life you may email me, text me, and from their I will add you to a group that is currently active via Facebook so we can all keep in close proximity with ideas, scheduling, and questions.

Project Filming Dates: 05/2015

Casting Needs

Crew Needs CREW - anything from boom pole operators, to equipment movers, to light fixture and reflector holders, to director of photography's, and even continuity watchers.

CAST - This story has only four on screen characters. The main character has already been chosen. I still need two females preferably older than 22, and one male character at least close to 6' tall. No specific facial characteristics needed.

FOOD SERVICES - If you know of any good catering crews or you yourself have any good way of supplying food for an entire crew, you are needed.

ART DEPARTMENT - Since this is a short film, I need an art department to make my film have depth by adding in subtle details to the locations in which we shoot to add to the theme and story.

MUSIC and SOUND DESIGNERS - Not needed for initial filming, need for post production. Foley, ambience, sound effects, and score.

WARDROBE and MAKEUP ARTISTS - I need someone who has a keen eye with wardrobe to make my characters really pop out and fulfill their role. I also need someone who is really good with makeup for this film has very filthy bloody scene.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Contact Info (for more information)

You may email, call, or text me anytime. Only serious inquiries and applicants need to respond, please and thank you.



Expires 6/30/15

Family Business for Documentary Series


Project Type: Television Show

Audition Location: Philadelphia or via Skype

About the Project
This will be a docu-series about a family business focused on a family of big personalities and a fun business.

Project Filming Dates: 2015

Casting Needs

Family who thinks their business should be on TV, family business owners

Union / Paid

Audition Requirements
Contact officeassistant@nancyglassproductions.com

For More Information

Expires 5/31/15


House Flipper Renovator (New TV Show)


Project Type: Television

Audition Location: Philidelphia or Skype

About the Project

Do you flip or renovate houses? Do you have a big personality ready for television? Do people tell you should have your own TV show? If so, we want to hear from you.

Please email with the subject heading “RENOVATION CASTING” and tell us about your business, how many houses you have worked on, and abut your personality. Please include photos and/or video of yourself and the people you work with.

Project Filming Dates: 11/2/14 - 5/31/15

Casting Needs

Looking for house flippers or renovator experience

Union / Paid

For More Information

To addition reach out to officeassistant@nancyglassproductions.com 

Expires 5/31/15