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Project Type: Short Film

About the Project
"Sarge" is a short film by award-winning writer/director Benjamin Dewhurst. It tells the tale of a veteran named Franklin Spencer, who lives in an assisted nursing facility and suffers from dementia. Despite being antagonized by fellow residents, a hateful janitor, and his own mind in the form of an old Army buddy, he acts with honor and kindness in his attempt to escape the facility for his granddaughter’s graduation.

Project Filming Dates: First Week of February 2016 (Indianapolis)

Casting Needs

SGT. FRANKLIN SPENCER – Caucasian, 80’s, male.  Once a war veteran now finds himself in a nursing home with beginning stages of dementia.  Tired face, disheveled hair, he’s seen a lot in his life.  Next to no dialogue, so must be able to use emotions and actions to tell a story.  (LEAD)

G.I. – Caucasian, 20’s, male. Handsome, but not a model. Confident. Brash. His presence demands attention. (LEAD)

NURSE MANDY, Any ethnicity, 40’s, female.  A pure heart that cares about her residents, but a no-nonsense lady who gets the job done. (SUPPORTING)

KODY – Any ethnicity, Late teens, male.  Slack jawed janitor who works at the nursing home.  Lazy, know-it-all, defiant, with a cruel side. (SUPPORTING)

MOE – Asian, 70’s, male.  Grumpy attitude because his family has put him in a nursing home. (SUPPORTING)

FLOYD – Any ethnicity, 70’s, male.  Another resident at the nursing home, who can also be a handful for the staff with his temperamental behavior. (SUPPORTING)

SUZY, Caucasian, late teens, female.  Granddaughter of Sarge, who is getting ready to graduate. Pretty.  Sweet, caring voice. (SUPPORTING)

DANETTE – Any ethnicity, 70’s, female.  A resident at the nursing home. (PRINCIPAL)

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR MARY – Any ethnicity, 40’s, female.  Upbeat and positive, but easily overwhelmed. (PRINCIPAL)

JANET – Any ethnicity, 40’s, female.  Another orderly that works on staff. (PRINCIPAL)

HEAD NURSE – Any ethnicity, 40’s/50’s, female. (PRINCIPAL)

ARMY MEDIC (Flashback) – Caucasian, 20’s/30’s, male.  (PRINCIPAL)

ARMY MEDIC ASSISTANT (Flashback) – Caucasian, 20’s/30’s, male.  (PRINCIPAL)

MALE ORDERLY EMMANUEL – African American, late 20’s, male. (PRINCIPAL)

PARAMEDIC – Any ethnicity, 20’s – 40’s, male or female.  (FEATURED)

ELAINE – Caucasian, 50’s, female.  Daughter of Sarge. (FEATURED)

OLDER G.I. – Caucasian, 80’s, male.  Should, in theory, be believable that he is the older version of the young GI. (PRINCIPAL)

EXTRAS – NURSING HOME RESIDENTS – All ethnicities, 60’s and over, male and female. (EXTRAS)

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

We will be doing preliminary casting through headshots/resumes/video.  Callbacks will be in person, date TBD.

To submit:

•Please email your headshot and resume to SargeCasting@gmail.com
•Include a link to your demo reel or any samples of your work
•Please indicate whether you are a Union or Non-Union actor

Expires 11/20/2015


Looking for a Home for an Upcoming Film

Project Description (logline):
Agent/director searching for 2 story 4 bedroom home for upcoming film in the Indy area. Must have 1 master for 2 teen girls and 1 other large bedroom for a college age guy. A backyard that's somewhat open yet has some woods. Big enough to hold at least 15-20 people at a time (cast and crew) looking for someone who will want to use this for credit on the film but if pay is a must will have to be discussed per director.

Project Filming Dates (estimated):  Dec 2015- Jan 2015

Contact info (for more information):  Cwimsatt33@gmail.com

Expires 12/1/2015


The Storyteller


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis

Audition Date: TBA

About the Project
A young girl claiming to be immortal is placed in a foster home, uniting an unlikely family as she explores a world teeming with magic to escape the traumas of a dark past.

Project Filming Dates: June 2016

Casting Needs

Carol - Female

Nurse - Female

Radiologist - Male or Female

Physician Assistant - Male or Female

Police Officer w/ Dog - Male or Female

Local Indiana Rock Band

Paid / Non-Union

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Audition time and location to be announced.  Looking at headshots, resumes, and websites at this time.  Thank you.

Please send to movieupm@gmail.com

Expires 12/25/2015