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Cast Opportunities

The Realist


Project Type: Short Film (20-30 minutes)

Audition Location: Online

About the Project
Static Heart Productions

Unpaid but gas costs, food, and hotel will be covered by us!

Filming in Fort Wayne and Decatur, Indiana.

Would love to have a read through with the new actor as well!

Director: Taylor Fredricks
Producer: Taylor Fredricks
Casting Director: Taylor Fredricks

"The Realist" is a film about Michael Patterson and how his family was killed in a tragic fire. Officer Vincent Shelby and his fellow officers try to figure out who this arsonist is and bring justice to Michael and his family.

Project Filming Dates: May 21-22, 2016

Casting Needs

[VINCENT SHELBY] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 40-50] The lead detective in the case, also one of the main characters, Vincent is a stern but caring detective that doesn't take crap from anyone.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please email staticheartproductions@gmail.com with your info and reel!

Expires 5/1/2016


The Library


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis

Audition Date: Early May 2016

About the Project
An elderly man with a love of books and a troubled teen with a distaste for reading form an unlikely friendship.

Project Filming Dates: June 2016

Casting Needs

OMAR:  Male, late teens / early twenties, any ethnicity, a confident, sensible, adventurous young man who spends most of his time hanging out with his friends skateboarding. ABILITY TO SKATEBOARD AND PERFORM TRICKS A PLUS (please indicate your level of skateboarding expertise).(Willing to negotiate rate for NAME TALENT) 


NAZY:  Female, 20s/30s (any ethnicity, preferably Persian), bank teller, polite. (Willing to negotiate rate for NAME TALENT)


All travel and accommodations will be provided for any non-local hires.

Union / Paid

For More Information

Interested talent please send a headshot and resume (demo reel if available) to casting@gemfilmworks.com  

All talent that matches our requirements will be notified and provided audition material and scheduled time.

Executive Producers: Johnathan Gorman, Lisa Mattasits Gorman, Bryan Patrick McCulley.

Producers: Joel Wortman, Adam Cassel.

Director: Johnathan Gorman

Expires 5/1/2016


Last Chance


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Online

About the Project
1991 was part of the golden age of hip hop. And, one up and coming group from Chicago was getting it all. They pushed the envelope of music and became increasingly popular in their circles. But on the biggest night of their career, with a major recording contract in hand, the members of the group get into a fight, onstage, in the midst of their performance. They destroyed the club, their group and their big break.

25 years later, everyone is leading different lives, and have not really spoken to each other since that night. However, one of them discovers that some of their old music has mysteriously resurfaced on the internet. And not only that, but it is gaining popularity with this new young generation. he reluctantly calls the rest of the group and they decide to get a group of younger guys to pretend to be them in a big coming out concert. This plan starts out good in rehearsal, but then fails miserably on stage and forces the group to reveal themselves as the “grandpa gangsta rappers”. Surprising even to them, they shape up and find that they can still compete with the new swag. Tours, award shows, talk shows and fame take them on a ride they never thought they would get to live out.

Of course, their meteoric 15 minutes does not come without a cost, as old demons rear their ugly heads and folds the group…again.

But at least this time, the end was not the end…

Project Filming Dates: March 19 - April 22, 2016

Casting Needs

We are accepting online submissions to fill our remaining small parts. Except for the extras, most of these parts will have some lines and screen time.  Please submit to steve@invisibleman.us or visit our site at www.invisibleman.us


Male Caucasian  - Over 50, business looking type


Male Caucasian - late 30's to mid 40's, needs to be able to play "hip hop" role, stuck in his hey day in the 90's. Very "Vanilla Ice-like".


Female Caucasian - Late 30's to Mid 40's


Female African American - 18 to 25


Need extras from ages 18 to 50, submit your indication of interest to be an extra and we will keep you posted on film dates.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Steven Lester


email to steve@invisibleman.us

Expires 4/20/2016