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Use the national State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) to exchange UI benefit information with IDWD electronically!  This service is FREE!

  • Receive notice of claim within 24 hrs and respond quicker online!
  • Reduce staff hours spent responding to IDWD inquiries
  • Reduce number of appeals filed
  • Reduce improper payments & employer charging
  • Reduce UI tax rates
  • Reduce paper, printing, & postage costs go GREEN
  • Nationally standardized format improves UI integrity!

* 50 states and US territories are using SIDES to exchange UI separation information with employers and TPAs.

SIDES E-Response or SIDES Web Services?

There are 2 sides to SIDES (see comparison)

SIDES E-Response is a secure website employers use to exchange UI separation information with state agencies electronically.  When a UI claim is filed, IDWD will send an email notification within 24 hours to the employer’s designated email address. Participating employers or their third party administers (TPA) submit a response to the request for UI separation information online, attach supporting documentation, and receive an immediate date-stamped confirmation of receipt. In Indiana, you also receive potential charging liability information for UI claims online

SIDES Web Services is best suited for employers and TPAs who typically deal with a large volume of UI information requests.  While SIDES requires more up-front IT integration resources and efforts, it has the potential to streamline the UI response process.  Currently, employers and TPAs use SIDES to exchange separation information with 50 states and territories in a standard format. In Indiana, you also receive potential charging liability information for UI claims through SIDES!   The NASWA SIDES Team provides resources such as the Concept of Operations and Implementation Guide, Developers’ Guide, and model software for connecting to the Central Broker. Technical staff is also available to answer questions during the integration development process.


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Contact for more information about a SIDES Web Services integration project.

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Getting started in SIDES E-Response

  1. Click here to register for SIDES E-Response.  You will need your FEIN & IDWD SUTA # (employer account number) available.
  2. Confirm the SIDES E-Response email address for your company
  3. Receive your SIDES E-Response PIN and user instructions from IDWD.

Please take action to ensure IDWD emails are not blocked or spammed by your internet service provider, email rules or settings, or other system settings.  At a minimum, each of these emails should be added to the contact list for your SIDES E-Response email address. 

Emails regarding your SIDES E-Response account will be sent from:

  • & "Indiana Department of Workforce Development

System Requirements for SIDES E-Response

  • Internet Explorer version 11 or higher
  • Chrome V44 or higher
  • Firefox V37 or higher
  • JavaScript must be turned on
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768