Administrator 300 Pre-Work


  • Bring completed Decision Points document and Strategic Planning post-work from Administrator Leadership 200 session.  Be prepared to discuss this plan.
  • Please review the attached materials and watch the following videos pertaining to College and Career Readiness Standards and Standards-Based Education:
  • Review attached PowerPoint-Laying the Groundwork for Standards-Based Education (SBE) (Download)
  • Video: English Language Arts (ELA) Instructional Shifts (Watch)
  • Video: Mathematical Instructional Shifts (Watch)


  • Review attached article "Three Core Shifts to Deliver on the Promise of the Common Core State Standards in Literacy and Math" By David Coleman, Susan Pimentel, and Jason Zimba (Download)
  • Review materials from the Annual Director’s Meeting (Leadership in Action: Tipping Points and Paradigm Shifts) (Download)