Identify the Jobs Your Skills Fit

Step  2: Identify JobsOnce you have an idea of your skills, you can start to create a list of potential jobs or employers. You can find potential jobs or employers at your local WorkOne or through DWD's online Job Matching System,

Even if you already have a company in mind, look around. You may be surprised to find companies you didn't know about in your area.

The first thing you can do is look in the phone book under the business category. That will give you an idea of local employers. You can also use online directories and search engines.

Two other public facilities will help you fill your list. Your nearest WorkOne Center and the public library will offer additional directories and listings of employers. Try to collect not only the company name, address and phone numbers, but also the names addresses and phone numbers of contact personnel (managers, human resources staff, etc.).

Once you have your list in tact, the next step is focusing on your resume.

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