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Sales Tax Information Bulletin Number File Description Rev. Date
2 Warranties and Maintenance Contracts  03/13
4 Sales To and By the State of Indiana, Its Political Subdivisions, the United States Government and Its Agencies 12/18
7 Application of Sales Tax to Meals and Banquets 12/19
8 Application of Sales Tax to the Sale, Lease, or Use of Computer Hardware, Computer Software, and Digital Goods 12/19
9 Agricultural Production Exemptions 01/19
10 Application of Sales Tax to Nonprofit Organizations 12/18
11 Application of Sales Tax to Restaurant Owners Including Fast Food Operations and Caterers 06/19
12 Public Transportation 09/19
12A Public Transportation - School Bus Exemption 05/08
13 Application of Indiana Retail Sales Tax to Newspaper Publishers 01/12
14 Taxability of Purchases of Advertising Agencies 12/02
15 Sales Tax Exemption for Indiana Sales Tax on Special Fuels Sold Through Stationary Metered Pumps 12/19
17 Application of Indiana Sales Tax to Cable or Satellite Television or Radio Service 08/09
20 Auctions/Casual Sales Exemption Rules 10/15
21 Lawn Care Applications 05/02
24 Application of Sales Tax to Merchandise Sold Through Television and Radio Stations or Magazines and Newspaper 12/02
26 Dry Cleaning and Laundry Establishment's Rental and Non-rental Services 09/19
27 Barbers and Beauticians 09/19
28L Leases of Motor Vehicles & Trailers 11/16
28S Sales of Motor Vehicles & Trailers 06/20
28WC Indiana Sales or Use Tax on Watercraft 05/07
29 Sales of Food 06/19
30 Entertainment Products  11/11
32 Public School Corporation Purchases and Sales 06/19
33 Exemption from the Retail Sales Tax on Unitary Transactions of Seven Cents ($.07) or Less 07/14
34 Sales Tax Application to Photography 12/19
36 Water Conditioning Companies 12/02
38 Application of Sales Tax to Direct Payment Permit Holders 12/02
39 Insurance Companies 12/02
40 Prizes and Other Free Merchandise 08/91
41 Sales Tax Application to Furnishing of Accommodations 06/19
43 Nursing Homes 01/03
45 Vending Machines and Other Food Holding Units 06/19
47 Auto Rental Excise Tax, Marion County Supplemental Auto Rental Excise Tax, and Vehicle Sharing Excise Tax 09/19
48 Sales Tax Application to Medical Profession 03/18
49 Sales Tax Application to Morticians 12/97
50 Sales of Coins, Bullion, or Legal Tender 08/17
51 Public Utilities  07/07
51T Telecommunication Services 09/10
52 Wholesalers 01/12
54 Catalog, Advertising Literature, and Newspaper Advertising Supplements 08/90
55 Application of Sales Tax to Sales of utilities Used in Manufacturing or Production 05/12
56 Time Limitation for the Issuance of Assessments 09/19
57 Drop Shipments  09/11
58 Price Discounts 12/02
59 Advertising Signs and Billboards  12/02
60 Construction Contractors Tax Responsibility 11/17
61 Food Stamps 12/02
65 Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes) 09/14
66 Exemption from the Sales Tax for Purchases of Consumable Items by People Engaged in the Business of Renting Rooms, Lodgings or Accommodations 07/07
67 Exemption Available to Professional Motor Racing Teams and Two-Seater Indianapolis 500-Style Race Cars 04/12
68 State Educational Institutions 02/12
69 Commercial Printers 11/11
70 Farm Markets 05/03
72 Sales Tax Exemption for Recreational Vehicles and Cargo Trailers 06/20
74 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Aircraft Being Repaired or Remanufactured 04/16
75 Sales Tax Exemption for Research and Development Property 04/17
76 Determination of Sales Tax for Flight Instruction and for Leased Aircraft 09/09
77 Sales Tax Returns Filed Monthly if the Retail Merchant Is Remitting by Electronic Funds Transfer. 05/12
78 Application of Indiana Sales Tax to Layaway Fees 12/09
79 Application of Indiana Sales Tax to Purchases Covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid 01/10
80 Assessment of Retail Sales Tax Liability for Certain Sellers Registered Under the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) 11/14
81 Sales Tax Credits for Bulk Sales of Propane 05/14
83 Gasoline Use Tax 06/14
84 Sales Tax Collection on Sales of Motor Vehicles 08/14
86 Application of Sales and Use Tax to Demonstrator Automobiles 12/14
87 Required Product Labels 11/15
88 Application of Sales Tax to Asphalt and Concrete Manufacturers 07/18
89 Registration, Collection, and Remittance Requirements for Remote Sellers and Marketplace Facilitators 06/20
90 Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Provisions 12/19
91 Seller Registration, Methods of Remittance, Certified Service Providers, and the Taxability Matrix 12/19
92 Delivery and Installation Charges Subject to Indiana Sales and Use Tax 12/19
93 The Taxability of Products Transferred Electronically 12/19
94 Bundled and Unitary Transactions 06/20

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