We’re Cutting Coupons

July 22, 2013 – TaxTalk Blog

We all have that one friend who cuts coupons for everything. From 50 cents off an ice cream cone, $10 off a carwash, a Groupon for 60 percent off Chinese sky lanterns (yes, that is a real Groupon) and the coupon clipper always has a “deal”.

Well, starting June 2013, the department’s cutting coupons, too.

In last week’s TaxTalk blog “Final Reminder to Businesses,” we discussed the electronic filing mandate for filing and remitting sales and withholding taxes. Before the e-filing mandate, which was effective Jan. 1, 2013, businesses that were not registered to file and pay electronically received coupons (a.k.a. vouchers) to submit and pay their trust taxes. Early, monthly, four-week, and seasonal filers received these coupons every six months. Annual filers received their coupon once a year.

The Cut
Since the e-mandate was signed into law in 2012, businesses have had an ample opportunity to start filing and remitting sales and withholding taxes electronically, either by using INtax or a third-party agent.

The department began reaching out to businesses affected by this law in July 2012. This included:

  • Mailing letters to affected businesses;
  • Creating online INtax tutorials;
  • Personally reaching out to taxpayers with phone campaigns;
  • Sending reminders with the last two sets of coupons; and
  • Reaching out to chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, and others.

And, to provide businesses more time to transition into this legislative requirement, the department issued 6-month coupons to all who had not yet registered to file and pay electronically at the end of 2012.

However, beginning this June the department is no longer mailing coupons for sales and withholding taxes – effectively cutting them out of distribution. Additionally, the coupons are not available upon request. Now all businesses must report and remit sales and withholding tax electronically, or they fail to comply with the law, which will lead to billings and even penalties.

The department understands there will be businesses that simply cannot comply with the law because of religious beliefs or lack of access to the Internet or a computer. If your business falls into one of these categories, the department has an exception form you must complete as soon as possible to ensure your business receives your July coupon in time to submit your taxes timely. For more information about applying for an exception, call (317) 232-2337.

The Deal
The easiest solution to the comply with the e-filing mandate is by using INtax (www.intax.in.gov), Indiana’s free online tax filing system for many tax types including sales and withholding taxes. With INtax you can file and remit your taxes, track your payments, send secure messages to the department and more. What a deal!

But time is running out. Be sure to register for INtax or begin using a third-party agent rather than risk possible penalties.

To learn more about the e-filing mandate, get access to INtax tutorials, download the INtax QuickStart Guide and/or get started with INtax, visit www.in.gov/dor/4336.htm.

If you would like to submit a question or topic suggestions, please send them to feedback@dor.in.gov
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