Tax Filing Deadlines Calendar - February 2015


Notice: If the due date shown falls on a weekend, federal or state holiday, the payment is due on the next business day.
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Date Tax Type Form Description
10 Sales ST-103P Prepaid Sales Tax on Gasoline (Second Filing)
  Alcohol C-PS Monthly Report for Primary Source Suppliers
15  Motor Carrier   International Registration Plan (IRP) Renewal is due for April staggered month
Motor Carrier   Deadline for January Renewals for Penalty
  Cigarette CIG-M Licensed Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Cigarette Tax Return (w/supporting schedules)
  Cigarette CIG-PT Cigarette Paper and Tube Tax Return for In-State Distributors
  Cigarette CT-19 Cigarette Brand Family Monthly Report
  Cigarette OTP-M Other Tobacco Products Return (w/supporting schedules)
  Gaming TTG-103 Type II Gambling Game Excise Tax
  Fuel SF-900 Special Fuel Consolidated Monthly Tax Return (First installment payment due)
20 Sales ST-103
Monthly Trust Tax Returns for January (Earlier Filers*)
*Early Filers are defined as those having greater than $1,000 average monthly tax liability for the prior calendar year.
  Fuel MF-360 Gasoline Distributor's Consolidated Monthly Tax Return
  Fuel SF-501 Terminal Operator's Monthly Return
  Fuel SF-900 Special Fuel Consolidated Monthly Tax Return (Second payment)
  Environmental FPS-103 Fireworks Public Safety Fee
  Alcohol Form 610 Cider Wholesaler’s Excise Tax Report
  Alcohol Form 710 IN Wholesalers' Excise Tax Report with schedules
  Alcohol Form 725 Indiana Small Winery Excise Tax Report
  Alcohol Form 726 Direct Wine Sellers Excise Tax Report
  Alcohol WL-4 Exempt Wine and Liquor Sold
  Gaming GCE-103 Charity Gaming Card Excise Tax Return
25 Sales ST-103P Prepaid Sales Tax on Gasoline (First Filing)
  Fuel SF-401 Special Fuel Transporter Return
28 Sales ST-103DR Recap of Prepaid Sales Tax by Distributors
  Withholding WH-3 Annual Reconciliation for State Withholding include W-2s, WH-18s and 1099s if they have IN State or County withholding.
  Motor Carrier   Indiana Base Commercial Truck and Tractor Registrations Expire
  Fuel MF-600 Petroleum Severance Tax Return
  Aircraft Form 4014 Aircraft Owner Annual Registration and Excise Tax Due