Coming Soon: Extension of Time to File Deadline

Oct. 11, 2011 – TaxTalk Blog

Fall has arrived in Indiana.

This time of year is ripe with hopes of a fruitful harvest. Farmers are jockeying combines through corn fields, orchards are anticipating a good apple cider season, and thoughts turn to planting tulips in hopes of a short winter. Also, just around the corner for many is a civic responsibility to honor the extension-for-time-to file deadline.

If you were not quite ready to file your income taxes when April 18 came around you may have filed for an extension of time to file your federal and state taxes. In fact, if you filed for the federal extension, the federal filing deadline is Oct. 15, 2011, and the state’s absolutely last date to file is Nov. 18 – that’s right, Indiana gives you 30+ days beyond the Oct. 15 federal extension filing date.

And, there is more good news.

You may still file electronically by taking advantage of Indiana’s free electronic filing service,
I-File. This program will ask you questions and enter the answers in the appropriate places, do the math, and even give you confirmation that your return has been received.

So, while you are preparing for Fall festivities (bobbing for apples, hayrides and cookouts come to mind), be sure to remember the extension-for-time-to-file deadline of Nov. 18, 2011.

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