Taxpayers with withholding files over 2MB in size

Step 1: Register for INtax at
Step 2: Batch upload your W-2s.

The bulk file upload is a system for uploading electronic files containing tax return data to the Department of Revenue’s system. Batch upload submitters must be pre-registered and certified to use the system. This is the department’s preferred method of electronic filing if a company has a withholding file size of more than 2MB.

To submit a file to the department’s Bulk Upload Web site, you must do all of the following:

  1. Have a valid Indiana Taxpayer Identification number (TID) for each return
  2. Be registered in INtax if you are a service provider (the clients included in the file do not have to be registered)
  3. Have a text file in the prescribed SSA EFW2 format (
  4. Use PGP encryption software to encrypt file before sending them (
       - Install PGP Software
       - Request Public Key from the department (
  5. Use the following software to connect to the secure FTP site:
       - Request User Name and Password to secure FTP site from the department (
  6. Successfully complete an upload of two test files to the FTP site listed in step E.

You can find more information about uploading a bulk file at

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