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Manage, file and pay Indiana business taxes.

Manage, file and pay Indiana business taxes.


What is INTax?

INtax is Indiana’s free online tool to manage business tax obligations for:

  • Indiana retail sales tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Out-of-state sales tax
  • Gasoline use tax
  • Metered pump sales tax
  • Motor vehicle rental excise tax
  • Tire fees
  • Fuel tax
  • Wireless prepaid fees
  • Type II gaming fees
  • Food and beverage tax
  • County innkeeper’s tax
  • Alcohol excise tax
  • Other tobacco products excise tax
  • Heavy equipment rental tax

INtax supports the following tax forms: ST-103, ST-103MP, ST-103P, ST-103CAR, WH-1, WH-3, TF-103, SF-900, SF-401, MF-360, WPC-103, TTG-103, GT-103DR, FAB-103, CIT-103, ALC-W, ALC-FW, ALC-DWS, ALC-M, ALC-PS, (OTP) CT-19, OTPM, and OTP-PACT.

INtax enables tax professionals, also known as service providers, to file and pay taxes on behalf of their clients.

New to INtax? We can help.

INtax QuickStart Guide

INtax Taxpayer Guide

INtax Tax Professionals Guide

Need more help learning how to use INTax?

  • We offer a range of sophisticated tutorials to help you learn how to use INtax.
  • Service providers can also use INtax.
  • We have a special INtax hotline for help with INtax? You may call 317-232-2337, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST.

Find e-Mandate Business Organization Resources on INtax filing.