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Indiana Department of Revenue

DOR > Tax Library  > Information Bulletins > Suspended or Deleted Income Tax Information Bulletins Suspended or Deleted Income Tax Information Bulletins

If a bulletin is listed as Deleted, it means that the bulletin is no longer valid. If the bulletin is listed as Suspended, it indicates the bulletin is incorrect in the current form and will be rewritten. Many older bulletins state that taxpayers may call 1-800-382-4646. This number is no longer in service.

Income Tax Information Bulletin Number  Title 
2 Deleted 06/95 - Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax Treatment of Lump-Sum Distributions from Qualified Pension, Profit-Sharing, and Retirement Plans
3A Deleted 07/95 - Estimated Tax Vouchers for Individuals
4 Suspended 08/94 - Treatment of Corporate Net Operating Losses Under the Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax Act
5 Deleted 12/94 - Treatment of Jobs Credit for Indiana Adjusted and Military Retirement or Survivor's Benefit
8 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1978 Indiana Income and Savings & Loan Association Legislation
9 Deleted 06/92 - Taxability of Corporate Partnerships and Their Partners
10 Deleted 08/94 - Taxation of Savings and Loan Associations Under IC 6-5-8
20 Deleted 08/94 - Tax Credit for Those Employing the Hard Core Unemployed
22 Suspended 05/11 - Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit
23 Suspended 09/95 - Consolidated Corporation Income Tax Returns
24 Deleted 08/94 - Determination of Household Income for Purposes of the Intangibles Tax Exemption
25 Deleted 08/94 - Taxability of Interstate Transportation Carriers Under the Indiana Adjusted Gross and Gross Income Taxes
26A Deleted 08/94 - Computation of Circuit Breaker Credit for Individuals Confined to Nursing Homes
30 Suspended 09/94 - Tax Status of Small Business Corporations and Their Shareholders Under the Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax and the Indiana Gross Income Act.
31 Suspended 09/94 - Tax Status of Partnerships and Their Partners Under the Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax Act.
32A Replaced by Departmental Notice #1 
34 Deleted 08/94 - Calculation of Reimbursement to be Made from the State General Fund to County Taxing Units under IC 6-5-8, Savings and Loan Association Tax
35 Deleted 08/94 - Intangibles Tax Liabilities and Reporting Procedures for Dealers and financial Institutions
36 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1979 Indiana Income Tax Legislation
36A Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1979 Indiana Income Tax Legislation (addition to bulletin #36)
37 Deleted 08/94 - Contractor's Alternative Method of Segregating Contract Price Between Tangible Personal Property and Services
40 Deleted 06/95 - General Information Concerning the Indiana State and County Income Tax as it Applies to Individuals.
41 Suspended 09/04 - Treatment of Net Operating Losses for Individuals Under the Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax Act
44 Deleted 08/94 - Exemption of Indiana Chartered Credit Unions and The Deposits of Members of Indiana and Federally Chartered Credit Unions from the Intangibles Tax, Bank Tax, and Savings and Loan Association Tax
45 Deleted 08/94 - Reclassification of Capital Notes and Debentures and Inclusion of Contingency Portion of Reserve for Loan Losses in Undivided Profit.
46 Deleted 08/94 - Indiana Intangibles Tax Treatment of Common Trust Funds
47 Deleted 12/02 Gross Income Tax on Real Property Sales
48 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1980 Indiana Income Tax and Intangibles Tax Legislation
49 Suspended 06/95 - Withholding Nonresident Shareholders, Partners, Beneficiaries of Trusts and Estates, and Nonresidents Indiana Governmental Units to Report Construction Contracts on Form GC-22(h)
50 Deleted 11/02 Requirements for Information Returns for Indiana Income Tax Purposed
51 Deleted 9/97 - General Information Concerning the Energy Systems Credits Applied Against Indiana Income Tax
53 Deleted 08/94 - Taxability of Brokerage Accounts for Intangibles Tax Purposes
54 Suspended - Determination of Cost of Goods Sold Under the Gross Earnings Basis for a Wholesale Grocer
56 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1981 Income Tax and Intangibles Tax Legislation
57 Deleted 08/94 - Application and Reporting Procedures of the Permits Stamp, Direct Pay Method of Paying Intangibles Tax
58 Deleted 08/94 - Highlights of 1982 Indiana Income Tax Legislation
58A Deleted 08/94 - Additional Highlights of 1982 Indiana Income Tax Legislation
61 Deleted 09/94 - Indiana's Treatment of Safe Harbor Leases for Income Tax Purposes
62 Deleted 05/04 - Exemption from Gross Income Tax for Indiana Special Corporations
63 Deleted 08/01 - Tax Rates for fiscal Year Individuals and Fiduciaries
65 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1983 Income Tax and Intangibles Tax Legislation
67 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1984 Income Tax and Intangibles Legislation
68 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1985 Income Tax Legislation
69 Deleted 8/01 - Foreign Sales Corporations
71 Deleted 08/94 - Savings and Loan Association Tax Credit
73 Deleted 12/02 Indiana Gross Income Tax Exemption for Certain Conservancy Districts, Regional Water, Sewage, or solid Water Districts, and Certain Not-for-Profit Corporations
74 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1986 Income Tax Legislation
75 Deleted 09/94 - County Income Tax Information Return
77 Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1987 Indiana Income Tax Legislation
80 Suspended 07/04 - Human Services Tax Deduction
84 Deleted 09/09 - Not-for-Profit Sponsored Gambling Activities
85  Deleted 08/15 - Nominee Withholding Procedures for Small Business Corporations, Partnerships and Fiduciaries
89 Deleted 08/01 - Earned Income Deduction for Taxpayers with Dependent Children
90 Deleted 11/02 State Universities and Colleges
94 Deleted 04/08 - Rerefined Lubrication Oil Facility Tax Credit