2000 Corporate/Partnership Income Tax Forms

Name Description Size Rev
File Type
AD-19 Affidavit for Reinstatement of Domestic Corporation 18k 10/07 fill-in pdf
AD-19(2) Affidavit for Reinstatement of Foreign Corporation 21k 03/00 fill-in pdf
IT-6 Not Available. Please use E-6. n/a n/a  
Current Year Not For Profit Income Tax Booklet 135.86k 9/00 pdf
Schedule 8-D Consolidated Income Tax Schedule 38.64k 9/00 pdf
E-7 Interstate Transportation Apportionment 17.48k 9/00 pdf
IT-20 Booklet Current Year Corporate Income Tax Booklet 519.54k 9/00 pdf
Schedule 4A
Gross Income Schedule for Domestic Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company 11k 9/99 pdf
IT-20G Current Year Governmental Units/Agencies Gross Income Tax Return 24.6k 9/00 pdf
IT-20NOL Corporate Income Tax Net Operating Loss Computation 21.82k 9/00 pdf
IT-20REC Indiana Research Expense Credit 18.2k 9/00 pdf
IT-20S Booklet Current Year S Corporation Income Tax Booklet 159.56k 9/00 pdf
Current Year Special Corporation Income Tax Booklet 181.74k 9/00 pdf
IT-20X Amended Corporate Income Tax Return 40.5k 9/00 pdf
IT-65 Booklet Current Year Partnership Return Booklet 127.82k 9/00 pdf
Schedule 7A
Gross Income Schedule for Property and Casualty Insurance Company 18.98k 9/99 pdf
FIT-20 Booklet Financial Institution Franchise Tax Booklet 156.72k 9/00 pdf
IT-2220 Penalty for Underpayment of Corporate Income Taxes 20.92k 9/00 pdf
IT-20 Schedule Unitary 1 Combined Profit and Loss Statement of Indiana Unitary Group 6.21k 9/00 pdf
IT-20 Schedule Unitary 2 Converting Net Income to Combined Business Income for Indiana Unitary Group 8.12k 9/00 pdf
IT-966 Notice of Corporate Dissolution Liquidation or Withdrawal 37k 02/08 fill-in pdf