About the Permit Manual

The goal of this permit manual is to provide assistance in completing the DNR Division of Water's Permit Application and in providing the necessary documentation. By following the procedures and requirements outlined in this manual, applicants can substantially minimize the time required for DNR review and avoid having an application returned or placed in abeyance due to incomplete information.

The Table of Contents page lists and links to every category and their subsections within the Permit Manual. It may be helpful to use this section as a starting point for viewing the permit manual. The Table of Contents is organized into 2 main parts: General Information and Application Information.

The General Information section details the process for fulfilling the public notice requirements, which must be documented and submitted along with the permit application form and other supporting information. The General Information section also details the various regulatory programs that require permits from the DNR Division of Water.

The Application Information section details the information required for the permit application form and explains the key information needed to be submitted along with the application. For example, project descriptions, location information, and plans all have key features which are identified in this section so that requirements for the permit application can be met. The Application Information section also explains the options for checking the status of current and past permit applications.