Historic Cemetery Marker Directory

Ebenezer Lutheran Church CemetaryHoosiers and descendents of Hoosiers have sought to identify the final resting place of individuals buried in Indiana. While the cemetery might be visible, with everyone in town knowing it is a site, the name of the cemetery is not evident.

To address this need the Indiana Historical Bureau, who administers the Indiana Historic Marker program initiated the Cemetery Heritage Initiative. The purposes of the program is to reinforce the importance of cemeteries as a resource for the interpretation of Indiana's history; to bring attention to the existence of Indiana's remaining cemeteries with a visual reminder of their importance; to assist the many individuals and groups working to preserve and maintain Indiana's cemeteries through a heightened awareness of their existence and needs.

Collaborating with the DHPA, this program marks with signs cemeteries across the state. Use the search function below to find cemeteries with the new markers.  To see all the cemeteries in a county, leave the Cemetery Name field blank.

(Note: Many counties have no historic cemetery markers at this time. We will add more as required...please check back later.)