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Saving Historic Properties

Hicks Cemetery
Hicks Cemetery
Vermillion County, IN

So, you want to save a building, archaeological site, cemetery, or other historic site in your community?

It takes the work of the local community, using resources at the local, state, and national level to protect these historic pieces.

Local government can be a significant partner in historic preservation activities. Explore and use the tools available in your community to protect historic resources at the local level. Although the federal government is perceived as the having the power to implement preservation-friendly laws, it is actually local government that has the most authority to enact and enforce legislation to protect historic places.

Financial assistance whether in the form of grants or tax credits can help jump start the project with needed money.

Various laws in Indiana help to protect historic sites. Knowing which laws pertains to your project will assist you as you work. Indiana’s archaeology laws and cemetery laws help protect these sites, while various state mandates and federal laws will assist with structures.

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