Indiana Logger Training Database

Logger training in Indiana started in the late 1980s using the “Game of Logging Program” taught by Soren Eriksson and coordinated by Gary Gretter. Since it started, the program has been a partnership between the forest products industry and the DNR Division of Forestry. The logger training program has trained hundreds of loggers to be safer and more productive while harvesting timber, which is ranked as one of the most dangerous professions in the United States. There is training for timber cutters, skidder operators, and to teach logging crews practices to minimize their impact on soil and water quality.

Logger training has become more important as more land has been enrolled in different certification programs. On State Forests and some Classified Forests there are standards that require the logging crew have a minimum amount of industry-accredited training in order to harvest the timber. The database provides fast and accurate information on those that have taken the training and allows foresters and landowners the ability to confirm that these individuals and companies have taken the necessary training.

This database can be searched by the logger’s last name or for the company that last sent them to the training. Your query will bring up all the individuals who last trained under that company or have that last name. You can find the individual you are looking for and click on the “Details” link to see the most recent training by course and date. This database will be updated regularly by the coordinator of the training program.

If you use this database and find mistakes or have questions concerning the search engine or database, please call Duane McCoy, the logger training coordinator and administrator of the database, at (317) 232-4112 or .

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